The DIY Butcher Block Pine Desk Design

If you’re looking to build a DIY desk– you’re in luck. We’ve assembled a mega-list of 132 desk building plans from around the internet below.

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer that wants an extreme computer station or someone that wants a lime-green secretary desk, we’ve got you covered. Builders from all over the internet have provided project plans and blueprints for functional home furniture. We’ve culled this list down to our favorites.

Many novice and professional woodworkers will take inspiration from different designs and blend it into their own unique interpretation. So, scroll through and check out all the different styles- we hope they inspire you to build something functionally fantastic.

Some of our favorites include a pallet wood option with drawers, one made entirely from pennies, one from a recycled pinball machine, a wall-attached fold-down option, an extra-long computer desk, a variety of treadmill desks and a bunch of standing desk options. If you’re building a desk, you might want to supplement with a DIY bookshelf for added office storage space. 

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132 DIY Desk Plans

132 DIY Desk Plans

1. The Recycled Sawhorse DIY Desk Design

A homemade desk is an excellent option for those of you that love to work with their hands and don’t want to spend a fortune on a new desk.

To make it, you need two sawhorses, a 24” x 72” x 1 ½” tabletop, wood glue, and paint.

To secure the top to the sawhorses, the builder advises you to predrill the holes and use 2 1/2″ screws. What’s more, you can move this simple sawhorse easily because you can unscrew the table top anytime you want.


2. The Scrap Wood Lap Desk Design

If you have some scrap wood left from another project, you can use it to make a lap desk for your kid’s room or living room.

It measures 24″ x 14″ x 14″, and you have to use 2 3/4″ screws and 2” nails for the assembly.

What’s unusual about this lap desk is that it has a lift top with hinges. Inside there are three compartments – one big and two small ones for storing instruments or book inside. Moreover, there is also an additional side compartment if you run out of space.


3. The White Modular Office Small Desktop Design

Are you wondering how to make a stylish but simple office desk for your living room?

Then this wooden desktop design will come in handy. It features a 52″ long desktop, which fits on a narrow open file base cabinet (the plans for the cabinets are available on You can modify the size to suit your needs, and you need only glue and nails to assemble the legs.

This is a project suitable even for those with no prior experience in woodworking.



4. The Side Cubby Bookcase Office Desk Build

You don’t have to worry about finding space for your books if you choose this design.

It’s a combination of a cubby bookcase and a craft table top. So, you’ll kill two birds with one stone – you’ll have plenty of room to work on your project and a storage space for your books. If that’s not enough, you should know that the shelves are removable for convenience.

Keep in mind that the material list is only for one bookshelf, measuring 36″ x 36″ x 12″.


5. The Green DIY Secretary Design

Your friends will be green with envy when they see this work desk.

It features a desk hutch which opens and functions as a working top, three storage compartments and a cabinet base. It measures 56″ x 41″ x 17″, and you can add doors to the compartments if you wish.

However, keep in mind that the plan is only for the secretary hutch, but you the plans for building the base are available on the site.


6. The Desktop Bridge Vintage Blueprint

If you have two bookshelves lying around, you can use this plan to turn them into a modern desk.

You need some scrap wood, 1 1/4″ screws, 2″ nails, 1 1/4″ finish nails, glue, and paint.

The desktop measures 28″ x 24″ x 2 1/4″ so you’ll have plenty of space to work on. The builder recommends that you pre-drill the holes and use 1 1/4″ screws to fasten the top to the bookshelves. If you don’t have file cabinets, you can build them from scratch.


7. The Cheap Computer Cubby Plan

An office desk is a necessity if you work from home. However, finding a place for your computer might be an issue.

Then this home PC desk (3/4″ x 15 1/4″ x 21″) will be a perfect solution for you.

The design also features a drawer and a compartment with two shelves. However, this plan is a little more advanced, and it’s more suitable for builders with some woodworking experience.


8. The Corner Office Cheap Project

A corner office desk is an ideal solution if you want to make the best of your living room space.

This cheap office desk plan will help you turn two base file cabinets into a full corner desk system. You just need one sheet of ¾”MDF (an A1 plywood will also work), four 1×2 boards, and one 1×3 board.

To attach the back support leg, you have to use 3″ screws while 2″ screws are necessary to connect the tabletop to the base file units.


9. The Picnic Table Plan

This plan for a stylish modern table is so easy that even an inexperienced woodworker will manage.

What’s great about this design is that you can use this X-table both indoors and outdoors.

The builder advises that you use 2 1/2″ screws to attach a stretcher between the table legs to keep them from spreading apart. A more experienced carpenter can use cross braces instead. If this is going to be an outside table, the builder recommends paintable silicone.


10. The White Minimalist ‘Apple’ Plan

This small office desk will be a nice choice if you are running low on space in your living room.

It features a keyboard tray in the top portion, which you can close when you’re not using the computer and masked storage compartments in the legs.

You can even put your computer case there, but you’ll have to make the legs wider than the presented model. You can use MDF and cut it according to the provided dimensions.


11. The Floating Executive Table Design

To make this simple modern desk, you need a cheap hollow core door measuring 32″ x 80″, four 1×3, 8’ in length and four 4 – 1×4, 8’ in length for the legs.

To attach the door to the table frame, use 2″ screws. The finished table measures 32″ x 80″ x 30″ so it’s big enough for multiple applications.

If you use a hollow door with a different size, you’ll have to modify the cut list accordingly.


12. The Barn-Style Brookstone Idea

A simple desk with drawers is nothing that a DIY fan can’t make with some help and well-thought design.

This elegant desk features two drawers with dividers, and a cross bracing on the back side that gives it this unique barn-style look. What’s more, the plans are available in PDF format for your convenience so that you can keep them at arm’s length while building this amazing desk.


13. The Modern Arts & Crafts Design

This impressive modern craft table might seem like a complicated project, but that’s not true.

In reality, it’s just a tabletop supported by bookshelves which provide plenty of storage space for all your odds and ends. To make it, you’ll need a sheet of ¾”plywood or MDF. If you wish, you can use 1/2 sheet, but then the table top will be narrower.


14. The Parson Tower Frame Design

This modern white desk will be a beautiful addition to any living room. And you can have it ready in just a couple of hours even with minimal woodworking experience.

It features two open base cabinets for storage and a large table top.

What’s more, you can modify the design to suit your height by adding or removing inches from the legs and adjusting the shelf. But make sure that you don’t make it too narrow or your knees won’t fit.


15. The Folding Arm Sewing Build

A sewing table doesn’t have to take much space. Thanks to these useful plans you can build one with extendable wings and foldable legs.

Moreover, thanks to the rubber wheels you can roll it anywhere you want without breaking a sweat. However, keep in mind that if you wish to put the sewing machine on the table, you should install lockout hardware on the folding legs.


16. The Tall Cubby and Hutch Design

If you love cubicle furniture and you’ve tried the Cubby Collection design from, you can use this plan to build a cubby desk with a hutch as a finishing touch.

Or you might just use it as an office desk. To make it, you’ll need 3/4″ wood for the desktop and Euro-style slides for the drawer. Just remember that you have to leave 1/2″ gap on either side of the drawer for the slide allowances.


17. The Children’s Play Vanity Idea

This toy vanity/makeup table is an excellent choice for a small kid. It features two separate cabinets connected with a desktop.

What’s great about this is that you can use these cabinets as nightstands for toddlers or a small desk for your little boy/ girl. The building process is not very complicated, but you will need somebody to help you with the assembly.


18. The Y Leg Table Oak Blueprint

Are you looking for a modern dining table for your house? Well, then this unique table design is just for you.

This large table has Y-legs with extra support in the center. It measures 66” long x 36” wide x 30” high, but you can make it shorter (up to 36″ in length) if you want. However, the builder warns that you shouldn’t extend the length beyond 66 inches or the construction might be unstable.


19. The Ikea Upcycled DIY Design

This big table is modeled after the Ikea Besta desk. It measures 70 7/8″ x 15 3/4″ x 25 1/8″ so there is enough room for you to work comfortably or use it as a dining table. The hardest part of the project is building the drawer, but there are enough instructions to see you through so don’t worry.

The builder recommends that you sand and pre-finish the wood before you start building this DIY desk.


20. The Ice Cream Truck Play Project

There are a few things cuter than a table that looks just like an ice-cream truck. Now thanks to these detailed plans and diagrams you can build such table to impress your family and friends. The height of this adorable table is standard so that you can use chairs or table height stools.

To make the wheels, you’ll have to cut them from a 1×10 square with a jigsaw. You can decorate it as you see fit.


21. The Eco PureBond Plywood Design

This impressive desk is made of PureBond plywood, and it has some impressive features.

It has an open base cabinet where you can store paper, files or your computer, a drawer cabinet for folders, and a centered bookshelf with enough space for a printer. What’s excellent about this wooden desk is that two people can use it without bothering each other or fighting for space.


22. The Flipdown Kid’s Design

Do you want to build a small desk for your child where she can paint and play? Then you have to see this kid’s desk design.

This one folds into a chalkboard when you don’t use it. How cool is that?

And since you will mount it on the wall, this small table for kids won’t take any floor space. Moreover, there is enough storage space on the inside so that your little one keep her art supplies in one place. Just make sure that you build it at a height suitable for your child.


23. The Cheap X Design With Drawer Build

A cheap desk that suits your needs might be hard to find, so it’s better to make one by yourself.

This one has X-legs and a big drawer with numerous compartments so that you can store a pile of stuff on the inside.

It’s not a very complicated construction, but you have to pay special attention to the legs and follow the instructions to the letter. If you think that the drawer is beyond your skills, you can focus only on the table.


24. The Craft Space Executive Design

A stylish and elegant craft table is a dream for many, but now thanks to these free table plans you can have one in your living room.

This beautiful wooden desk measures 31″ x 55″ x 28″, and it has two big drawers for storing supplies There are detailed instructions, including a shopping list and a cutting list so that it won’t be too hard to build. To attach the table top, you’ll need 2″ finishing nails and glue.


25. The Vintage Channing Idea

A vintage desk like this one will look magnificent in your living room. You can make it out of plywood, MDF, or particle board.

The desk has a drawer and a shelf cabinet, but if you want extra space, you might not add the shelf. Even though detailed instructions and pictures are showing you what you have to do, this is a project more suitable for a builder with some experience.


26. The Library Catalog Play Table Design

If you want a sturdy desk that will add character to your living room, this fancy table is just for you.

It looks like this wooden desk has six drawers but the truth is that the drawers are only two. The fake drawer faces create the illusion of a library catalog desk with cute colors so don’t forget to leave gaps when you’re installing them. To make it, you’ll need solid wood boards, ¼” plywood for drawer bottoms, and six drawer pulls with labels.


27. The 1 x 3 Sawhorse Blueprint

You can build this sawhorse desk table using standard 24″ x 48″ project panel. However, if you have 3/4″ plywood, it will work too.

Since it’s essential that you make nice beveled cuts, the builder recommends a miter saw. Such cuts might be more challenging for a novice woodworker so make sure that you follow the provided instructions carefully. To attach the bottom supports you can use a Kreg Jig or screws and glue.


28. The Under $100 X Desk Build

A fancy desk doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, thanks to these easy plans you can make one for less than $100 in a couple of hours.

The stylish X-legs and cross bracings give this table its unique look. The builder advises that you use cork pads under the desk if it wobbles. You’ll also need 2 1/2″ screws for countersinking and 2 1/2″ PH screws.


29. The Basic Small Trestle Design

This small, simple desk is a nice option if you want something easy to make. You just need 2x4s, 2x6s, and 2 1/2″ PH screws, and you’re ready to go. You can use a pre-made top as a tabletop or a piece of acrylic for a smooth writing surface.

There are step-by-step instructions and a cut list that will help you finish this DIY desk in a couple of hours.


30. The Casual Vintage 2 x 4 Plan

You can build this beautiful vintage desk using only 2x4s and some basic tools like saw and drill. Nothing special or fancy.

It’s a sturdy table with a large working surface suitable for different DIY projects, and it will cost you less than $50. It measures 60″ wide x 30″ tall x 21″ deep, and it will be a nice addition to your home office or workshop.


31. The Children’s Cubby Storage Leg Project

Children just like adults need their own desks to play and study. Now thanks to these amazing free plans for a DIY desk you can build one quickly for your child.

It’s a simple project because you’ll be using a pre-made project panel as a desktop and two bookshelves for legs.

What’s more, the bookshelves are the right size for magazines and books, and there is ample storage space for the needs of every child or an adult. Since the table has a regular height, you can also use it as a craft table.


32. The Kid’s Leaning Oak Plan

This kid’s learning desk will delight any girl or boy. It’s made of 1x3s and 2x2s, and a piece of plywood measuring 27″ x 32 for the top.

If you wish, you can also use MDF or a pre-made project panel to make the desktop. The builder recommends 1 1/4″ pocket hole screws, 1 1/4″ nails for building the frame, and 3″ screws for attaching the desk to the wall.


33. The Schoolhouse Project Study Build

This sturdy schoolhouse desk is a nice option for those of you that lack the space for an ordinary table.

This one features a cabinet drawer base with a closed drawer and four storage boxes. What’s great about this design is that you can remove the divider section if you suddenly need extra room. For the top, you can use a pre-made tabletop 24″x 48″ in size.


34. The White & Pink Folding Lap Idea

A lap desk can have many applications especially for a small child, or it could be a unique Christmas gift.

This lap table folds away neatly when you don’t need it, and it has a handle so that you can carry it with you. What’s more, you can attach this small lap desk on the wall. If you want, you can use a chalkboard for the top to make it even more interesting for your child.


35. The Henry Executive Workbench Plan

Do you want a desk that has a distinctive workbench look? Then you have to try these free plans for a table/workbench.

The builder achieves this unusual design by adding pipe lines and wooden dowels. There is no drawer in the finished model because it will be only 1 1/2″ deep, but you can put one if you like.

To make this extraordinary executive desk, you’ll need 2×6 and 1x whitewood boards.


36. The Under $80 We Lived Happily Ever After! Design

This large table desk is perfect for those that want something cheap and easy to build. It requires only basic tools like a saw, a drill, a hammer, screws, and nails. The desk offers plenty of space for two people to work and there are three shelves if you need a place for storage.

The builder provides plenty of instructions and diagrams to help you. And the great thing is that it will cost you less than $80.


37. The Pottery Barn Printer Idea

If you look at this magnificent desk, you can hardly tell that it’s homemade not bought from the shop.

Now thanks to these plans you can try and build one for your house. This Pottery Barn inspired desk has multiple drawers and turned legs that give it this amazing look. However, this is a complicated project that requires skills, so it’s suitable for advanced DIY or professional woodworkers.


38. The Minimalist Desktop With Storage Compartments Build

What’s great about his table design is that you can customize it to suit your desires and make as many storage compartments as you want.

The top is just a 24″ x 48″ plywood panel cut into three parts, and the storage boxes are made of 1×3 screwed together.

The bottom panel is again a 24″ x 48″ plywood sheet. It’s so easy to follow the plan that anyone could make this desk with storage compartments with no experience whatsoever.


39. The DIY Sicily Writing Design

This writing desk immediately catches the eye with the unique leg design. And it’s not that hard to build because you need a pocket hole jig, a drill, and a miter saw.

There are three storage compartments under the desktop that you can use for books or writing materials. What’s more, there are plans how to build a beautiful stool to fit this reading desk.


40. The 2 x 2 Executive Plan

This execute desk is cute and easy to make. In contrast to the previous similar model the Minimalist desktop, this one doesn’t have sawhorses as legs.

Instead, the builder chooses a simple modern base that adds a professional look to the desk. The top is again made of 24″ x 48″ plywood sheet which you’ll have to cut into three pieces.


41. The DIY Work Bench Build

This DIY desk has a large surface measuring seven feet by two feet so that you can use it as a work table or a computer desk.

It’s the mix between wood and industrial hardware that gives it a unique look. The shelves below the table are large enough to hold a printer or storage baskets. There are step-by-step instructions to help you along and a list of the necessary materials and how to cut the wood.


42. The DIY Farmhouse Writing Idea

A writing desk is a necessity if you don’t want the children to spread their homework books on the dining table.

Moreover, it will cost you less than $50 to build this beauty, and it so elegant that it will suit any furniture.

You just need four spindles for the legs, 1x3s, and 1x4s and you’re ready to begin. Since you don’t need any special tools, even a beginner will manage.


43. The Leaning Wall Ladder Project

Are you looking for something more than the usual wood desk? Then you can try to build a ladder desk.

Yes, such a thing exists, and it’s convenient because you have work area big enough for your monitor, keyboard and mouse, and shelves for storage. This leaning wall DIY desk doesn’t take much room, and it’s easy to build. The shelves are made of 1x boards, so you won’t have to rip the plywood.


44. The Fold Down Storage Murphy Design

This folding down desk is so adorable that you can’t resist building it.

What’s so great about the design is that you’ll save tons of space since you’ll be mounting it on the wall and your children can use it for storing pens, pencil, paint, etc.

And there are even plans how to make cute stools to match this small desk. You’ll need a piano hinge to connect the desktop to the frame and eye hooks with a chain on both sides.


45. The Formica-Topped Writing Design

This office desk with a drawer is an excellent choice for anyone that wants a stylish table for his home or office.

It measures 30” tall, 29” wide and 16” deep, and the drawer is big enough for office supplies. The writing desk (base and drawers) is made of 2×2 and 1×4 pine, while for the top the builder uses 3/4″ walnut to add character and style. But if you don’t have walnut, 1x pine will also work.


46. The Modern White Cheap Build

Are you looking for a modern white cheap desk for your home office? Then you can easily build one if you follow these plans provided by

The builder uses 1×3 and 1×4 for the frame and the legs and an Ikea desktop with metal brackets. However, if you don’t want to buy a top for the desk, plans are available that show you how to make one. Moreover, to build this elegant modern white desk, you only need a miter saw and a Kreg jig.


47. The Breakfast Bar Oak Design

You might find it hard to believe, but for $40 you can build a solid breakfast table for your kitchen. And you’ll need some basic tools – a Kreg jig, a miter saw, and a table saw – to make it.

However, keep in mind that this dining table is built for specific chair height and that it will not be suitable for standard stools. That’s why you have to modify the cut list according to your needs.


48. The Distressed X Frame Desk Idea

This X-frame desk has an elegant, stylish design that will suit any furniture you have.

The most distinctive features of this sturdy desk are the bottom shelf that provides additional room for storage and the large drawer. It’s the perfect desk for small spaces in the house, and there are free digital plans available for download for your convenience.


49. The Kitchen Block Home Office Build

This simple office desk with two storage cubicles is ideal if you want something cheap but functional.

What’s great about this design is that you have free titular at your disposal that shows you in details and pictures how to build this DIY desk. You’ll also need Kreg screws for the construction- so make sure that you have 1-1/4″ and 2-1/2″ ones. But first, take a look at the material and cut list.


50. The File Cubby Base Design

This cool desk for home offices will also work great as a school desk for your children. You have two drawers, and a file storage for all your books or folders. Moreover, the elegant design will match any furniture you have. The builder advises you to build two pedestrians if you have space so that you can have a larger desktop. However, this project requires some skills that a novice builder might lack and it’s more suitable for advanced woodworkers.


51. The Flip Top Trapdoor Vanity Blueprint

A beautiful vanity desk is something that every woman wants. Now you don’t have to buy an expensive table, but you can build one easily by following these detailed plans. What’s great about this vanity table is that it features a top trap door/ mirror and drawers where you can keep your cosmetics. What’s more, you can use this astonishing vanity table as a fully functional desk when you flip the trap door.


52. The X Leg Desk Drawered Build

An X-leg desk adds character and style to any room, and the sleek design and farmhouse look of this one makes it irresistible. It features three large drawers and ample work surface so that you can use it as an office desk or a school desk. Just check the dimension to make sure that it will fit. The trickiest part of the project is building the X-leg so make sure that you follow the instructions and the cut lists carefully.


53. The Hidden Apothecary Cabinet Design

At first glance, this cabinet looks completely ordinary. The truth is that it’s desk in disguise with hidden stools. It’s big enough for two people, and you have several drawers big enough to keep laptops inside. Isn’t this amazing? It’s made of plywood with 2×2 legs. However, it’s a complicated construction due to the hidden chairs, so it’s an excellent choice for an experienced woodworker.


54. The Cheap Converted Table Plan

If you need a table and a desk for your house, you don’t have to buy both. Instead, use these free designs to build this fantastic desk/table. You’ll have two functional desks during the day with drawers for storage and a place to eat dinner or breakfast. You just need to add hinges to the back legs so that you can combine the two desks.


55. The L shaped Double X Build

Are you bored of all those identical desks you see at the store? Then take matters into your own hands and try this L-shaped double desk. You can use it as a reading/writing desk or computer desk. Moreover, it fits into the corner perfectly and the modern, rustic design will add character to any room. To build it, you need a miter saw, a drill, a Kreg Jig, and Bessey clamps.


56. The Playroom X Plan

This X-desk is perfect if you want something easy and light to move around. The desktop is made of edge glued panel cut to 40″ in length, and 1×6 and 2×2 for the frame. The X-legs are the most challenging part of the project so be careful when you attach them. Moreover, the builder provides plans for building a hanging file stand.


57. The $12 Desk Project

The $12 Desk Project

If you want a cheap desk for under $20, you can try this plan and make a small, sturdy desk for your house in a couple of hours. And the only tools you’ll need are a screwdriver and a drill. To protect the MDF, you can apply a coat of polyurethane. As a finishing touch, you can paint a logo on the desktop. However, the instructions are not very detailed, and you might have to improvise.


58. The $70 DIY Blueprint

This DIY desk can be built for under $70. It was conceived as an aesthetic complement to a dining table that the builder also created. The construction process walks you through how to build the planked top, drilling pocket holes into the 2 x 4s, finishing the frame, attaching the legs, and using a wood stain to create the dark and rustic look.


59. The 2 x 4 Casual Design provides comprehensive instruction guidelines for creating this 2 x 4 casual desk. The builder lists out the lumber you’ll need, the tools that are required, and a complete cut list so that you can build the legs, side supports, the front and back supports, top supports and the tabletop. In the end, you’ll have a table that measures 60 inches wide by 30 inches tall and 21 inches deep.

Diving into the nitty-gritty of the construction process, you’ll be guided through how to build the side sections, how to connect the end sections, how to assemble the tabletop supports, and how to finish it complete with sanding tips and bright coat painting.

As well, the woodworker includes pictures from other people that have completed the table, one of them is a pink and purple celebrity vanity stand, another is a small eating area that looks almost Japanese-inspired, and another has pleaded an L-shaped computer desk.


60. The Super Simple Wooden Design

The Super Simple Wooden Desk Design

This basic wooden desk is assembled using glue and L brackets.


61. The Wall-Mounted Standing Design

The Wall-Mounted Standing Desk Design

This wall-mounted standing desk is a fun, space-saving solution. In addition, probably to spare himself the aggravation of a repetitive stress injury, there are two mouse pads with two vertical mice so that the computer user can alternate hands. The builder used walnut hardwood for this design. One consideration was to eliminate worksurface space so that he wouldn’t have the urge to collect unnecessary clutter on its surface.


62. The 60 Minute Treadmill Project

The 60 Minute Treadmill Desk Project

If you’re looking for a super simple way to convert your exercise treadmill into a treadmill desk, check out this easy hack. Basically the builder has created a laptop platform using some raw materials he had lying around his workshop. You’ll end up with a small platform for your laptop to sit as you take strides on your treadmill, burning calories as you get work done.


63. The DIY Treadmill Plan

The DIY Treadmill Desk Plan

Another treadmill desk, the builder says that in their experience they can walk 1 mph without messing up their computer or phone use. They were motivated to create this exercise station to help increase blood flow throughout their bodies during the 9 to 5 as well as to experience cognitive enhancements.

He was able to buy 2 treadmills off of Craigslist for $250, And experimented with different ways of creating it by attaching the desk and keyboard platform to the treadmill and attaching one or both of them to the wall. He advises that you should customize it so that your forearms remain horizontal when you type and so that your computer monitor is elevated so that when you’re looking at it in a horizontal line you’re gazing at the top of the monitor.

One of the primary benefits to creating an ergonomic treadmill desk is that, in their experience, they don’t suffer the 2 PM workday doldrums of fatigue. By exercising throughout the workday they’ve gone a long way towards eliminating corporate stagnation.


64. The Piano Desk Idea

The Piano Desk Idea

This pink piano desk sits on one leg somewhat like a flamingo with the upper part attached to wall.


65. The Hammock Build

The Hammock Desk Build

A fun experimental design, this desk is essentially a PVC and plywood platform that sits in front of a indoor suspended hammock.

The builder was motivated to construct this as he was assembling some standing desks for he and his girlfriend. He wanted another option besides standing all day and wanted to figure out how they could lay down at their desk and get work done. In celebration of Hammock Day, a national holiday, he created this build using a pipe building system called “lean pipe”. This piping is heavily customizable so you can always assemble and disassemble to create different constructive systems depending on your particular needs.

The builder recommends getting a foot rest to place beneath the desktop and adjusting the desks height to discover the best ergonomic position for your workday.


66. The Faux Metal Design

The Faux Metal Desk Design

This faux metal desk was created so that it would attach to the wall, would have a floating effect, be designed for effective cable management, and have the appearance of metal. The desk table sits on a black distressed file cabinet for one of the support legs. For the paint, he utilized a base coat of gray porch paint, white spray paint shadow lines, some red-rust spray painting, and then some sanding to get a distressed look.


67. The 15-Minute Hanging Design

The 15-Minute Hanging Desk Design

This 15-minute hanging desk is suspended by white porch swing chains and accommodates a pair of computer monitors. It’s actually built into a loft bed using a high school desk.


68. The Wire Frame Shelf Design

The Wire Frame Shelf Desk Design

This basic 20 minute DIY desk uses wire basket storage organizers as legs. It’s actually just a temporary solution since the builder was in the middle of moving and needed a temporary set up to get work done until the move was completed. He bought a pair of $18 wireframe shelves, some 26-inch long plywood, some corner brackets and then built the whole thing in under half an hour.


69. The 2 Sheet Plywood Design

The 2 Sheet Plywood Desk Design

Another basic plywood desk, this one has six drawers and includes lights and power outlets. The woodworker’s motivation was to create something that looked minimalistic and contemporary, especially since purchasing options from Home Depot, Wayfair or even more high-end furniture stores was prohibitively expensive. The desktop is made from linoleum that is screwed on. The blueprints here created a desk that measures 5′ x 2.5′, though you can easily adapt the blueprints to scale it up or down.


70. The Affordable Stand Up Build

The Affordable Stand Up Desk Build

This affordable standup desk was built by a woodworker who was fed up of sitting down all day. While his corporate office was progressive enough to provide treadmill desks, he wasn’t looking to exercise as he worked, merely to stand up. Before building, measurements are crucial to figure out the ergonomics so that you can adapt the project guidelines to your height and specific computer use.


71. The Ikea Desk Design

The Ikea Desk Hack Design

This hacked IKEA desk was built for a craft room.

The builder says she wanted to purchase a prefabricated desk online and then adapt it using inspiration from Pinterest into a design to fit the decor of the home.

As you can see, the desk has a kind of aquamarine or mint color with brass-hued legs. She used vinyl wraps that are traditionally used for cars to find the color and style she liked- the vinyl ended up measuring 5′ x 3′.

The instruction guidelines will help you assemble the desk, hide the legs using an X-Acto knife, employ connecting rods, assemble and then apply the fun vinyl color.


72. The Cheap Outdoor Project Blueprint

The Cheap Outdoor Project Desk Blueprint

This cheap outdoor project desk was created during a California wildfire that prevented the woodworker from going into work. It was assembled to sit outside on a back patio and costs under $35 to build. The woodworker says that since they live near Home Depot, it’s incredibly convenient to buy wood and get the pieces precut.


73. The Antique Door Pine Build

The Antique Door Pine Desk Build

This antique door desk can easily function as a miniature office computer workstation. It was inspired after they saw a vintage converted table desk at a local coffee shop. They decided to go to a local antique flea market and purchase a door they could upcycle into a cheap computer table. The fun mint green and zigzag paint job gives it a decorative appearance. It’s described as a Chevron pattern that was traced onto the inner panels. It has a plexiglass top secured with trim strips.


74. The Long Computer Gaming Plan

The Long Computer Gaming Desk Plan

This DIY desktop PC workstation can easily accommodate three monitors and a pair of small speakers. So if you are a gamer, this might be the best build for you. This is a pretty involved blueprint and will require some tools like an impact driver, random orbit sander, professional cabinet saw, compound sliding miter saw and a biscuit joiner.

The woodworker provides SketchUp models that he advises you carefully scrutinize before starting. One of the especially cool things about this desk is that the interior console lifts up so that all the computer components sit inside of it. If you are especially finicky about cable management, this means your computer won’t have any unsightly, tangled wires cluttering up its minimalist appearance.

The builder installed the hinged door using piano hinges and barrel bolts.


75. The Campaign Writing Table Project

The Campaign Writing Table Desk Project

This executive campaign desk was conceived as a throwback design to the military officers of the British Empire in the 19th century. The woodworker says that these British officers commonly outfitted their tents with mahogany or teak desks, cots and chests.

To be historically accurate, this campaign desk mimics the simplicity and portability of historically accurate campaign furniture with an adherence to its genuine structural strategy. Describing it, the woodworker says that it is a sleek and expansive command center with enough space for an extra large computer monitor and other medium-sized computing appliances.

The instruction list will walk you through how to perform desktop cuts, sawhorse cuts and how to assemble the whole thing together.


76. The 4 Monitor Corner Plan

The 4 Monitor Corner Desk Plan

This rounded DIY computer desk table accommodates four monitors, a pair of clamping lamps, fans and a pair of CPU units beneath the table. It’s built from a piece of 8 foot oak veneer plywood. For a more atmospheric effect, LED lighting was installed to give it an alien green and ethereal blue look. Since the builder does a lot of electrical repair work, it was important to have a lot of lighting sources, he does say he wishes that he had added more storage drawers.


77. The Custom Gaming Desk For 3 Monitors Build

The Custom Gaming Desk For 3 Monitors Build

This custom-designed gaming desk is spacious enough to house three connected monitors. The woodworker says that when he went looking to buy a prefabricated computer station, none of them would fit the dimensions of his workroom, and none of them had the appearance he was looking for. This executive home office computer desk is built using steel threaded pipe and red oak plywood. The pipe legs are engineered to offer a minimalist aesthetic while supplying strong structural support.


78. The Scrap Laminate Work Table Idea

The Scrap Laminate Work Table Idea

This small DIY study desk has a bare-bones appearance and is complemented by an affordable rolling computer chair. It’s constructed from two by fours and has a scrap laminate top, designed to sit in an arts and crafts room. It measures 8 feet long by 24 inches deep and sits 30 inches tall. One commenter says they finished it with walnut planks.


79. The DIY Butcher Block Pine Design

The DIY Butcher Block Pine Desk Design

This handsome DIY butcher block desk blueprint comes with an assembly video to complement the written instructions. The woodworker says he was inspired to create this modern, skinny desk because he wanted something that would look sleek and minimalistic as well as employ butcher block.

A Danish oil finish is used to soak into the wood, providing an attractive color that still lets you feel the woodgrain. One bit of advice, the builder says he would have used a planer if he had one at the time to ensure the table was perfectly flat.


80. The Modern & Simple Design

The Modern & Simple Desk Design

This simple modern desk is built from plywood with painted legs and a stained top. It’s designed to be easily disassembled, really lightweight and especially inexpensive to construct. The woodworker suggests that it be used in a children’s bedroom as a compact study space, inside of a corporate office that requires a little bit of extra work surface or just generally around the home for an added work area.

Even though the top is made from one piece of wood, the builder decided to make it appear as though they are separate boards by alternating the stain color on the surface. It’s finished with wax polish and steel wool to smooth the surface.


81. The DIY Treadmill Plan

The DIY Treadmill Desk Plan_2

Another DIY treadmill desk hack, the builder constructed it for his wife so she could get the blood flowing during the workday. It will cost you under $50 to build. The desk surface has a pan lip on it, which is handy to prevent writing utensils and even the laptop from sliding off if it gets jostled during aerobic exercise.


82. The Long Drafting Table Craft Project

The Long Drafting Table Craft Desk Project

This craft desk is one of this woodworkers first furniture builds and they say the first time they’ve use wood other than construction-grade lumber. It has a lifting top, is outfitted with a cutting guide, includes a whiteboard and a floating shelf.

The builder’s motivation was that his crafty girlfriend never had an indoor space to ply her arts and crafts. Because she loves quilting, sewing, drawing, cross stitching, painting and framing, it only made sense to construct a dedicated craft desk to indulge her artistic copy. The woodworker does say that building the lift mechanism took a long time.

Another bit of advice, he says that because the design will likely change when you build it for yourself, the best thing to do is to get all of those modifications out of the way before you make the first cut. The desk surface is made from 3 Edged American Sycamore wood.


83. The Cheap Edge Plywood Plan

The Cheap Edge Plywood Desk Plan

This mid-century modern-looking plywood desk was built to provide more study space for the woodworker. Before embarking on the project, the builder listed out some requirements that included elevated computer monitors, room to slide the keyboard out of the way, an elevated area for the computer tower, ease of disassembly, attractive cable management, durability, and only minimal use of tools.

Having completed it, and looking back on it, the woodworker says that he would probably have constructed a scale model using foamboard to identify some of the design and construction challenges ahead of time.


84. The Electric Height Adjustable Design

The Electric Height Adjustable Desk Design

This electric-powered height adjustable desk was built for around $200. The way it works, you simply need to press a button and it converts into a standing desk, taking about one minute in order to raise up, though there are actually faster linear actuators you can buy for a bit more money to increase the speed.

In terms of materials, you can find linear actuators on eBay, buy some premium pine from Home Depot, and search your local junk store for a 12 V power supply. Looking back on the project, the builder reflects that it might have made sense to buy more powerful and fast linear actuators.

In addition, with some Raspberry Pi programming, he could program in height positions so that should only have to press the button once, instead of having to hold it down to achieve the desired height.


85. The Extreme Office Black Gaming Build

The Extreme Office Black Gaming Desk Build

This extreme office gaming desk has a polished black look to it and provides a tremendous amount of surface area. The builder says that it provides superior cable management, cool hidden compartments, drawers with a false bottom, acrylic LED lighting and a genuinely gargantuan workspace.

One of the best things about it, because the drawers are so massive and cavernous you can chuck a lot of junk into them and clean up the surrounding area of intrusive knickknacks.


86. The 3-Level Ikea Treadmill Idea

The 3-Level Ikea Treadmill Desk Idea

This IKEA treadmill desk was the first one we’ve seen with multiple levels. It’s completely integrated into the treadmill itself. The builder was looking for something a bit more attractive than some of the scrap plywood treadmill desks that are slapped together and look somewhat unsightly.

One of the benefits of walking during the workday is a dramatic improvement in health as well as increased energy levels which the builder attributes to freakish mitochondrial mutation. The way it integrates, the front panel of the treadmill actually sits on a pullout keyboard shelf.


87. The DIY Floating Pine Plan

The DIY Floating Pine Desk Plan

This folding desk workstation is a great space saver when you don’t have a lot of room but still need a desk. The desk is screwed into the wall and some decorative Minions are added- the whole thing cost only $30.


88. The Floating Storage Project

The Floating Storage Desk Project

Another floating storage desk, this one has a storage compartment and is actually created from a recycled traditional desk. The builder hails from Fairbanks, Arkansas, living in a small cabin, therefore he really required a floating and space-saving desk to get work done.


89. The Attached Folding Shelf Design

The Attached Folding Shelf Desk Design

Yet another folding shelf desk, this one was built to add some extra workspace in a small apartment. They wanted to economize space and using a floating desk means there weren’t any cumbersome table legs to clutter the condominium’s cramped dimensions. The desk is 24 inches wide with tapered edges and a 6-inch deep shelf.


90. The Hamster Wheel Standing Build

The Hamster Wheel Standing Desk Build

This hamster wheel standing desk might be the most innovative build we’ve seen so far. The woodworker obviously has a lot of engineering know-how. He writes that in traditional 9-to-5 corporate offices you get stuck sitting in uncomfortable chairs that create pain in your body and distract you from getting your work done.

Probably more of a concept than a truly functional solution for most woodworkers, the carpenters do provide comprehensive instructions if you want to embark on this daunting hamster wheel standing desk. The wheel itself is 80 inches in diameter and has a 24-inch wide base, using skateboard wheels the wheel itself sits on.

The woodworker says that the pieces were the most difficult to create- it requires very precise cuts to ensure that the wheel runs smoothly. In their case, they had a waterjet cutter controlled by a computer that is capable of cutting through metal, stone, glass, and wood. One commentator created the wheel on his own and went even further by connecting it to a bicycle wheel that uses a dynamo to generate energy to charge the phone.

As well, the wheel is connected to an app that measures the calories you burn as you run on it with a leaderboard showing the top performers.


91. The Bicycled Handlebar Design

The Bicycled Handlebar Desk Design

Another innovative solution, this bicycle handlebar desk can be re-created in 20 minutes. The builder says that while he likes walking and standing desks, because his ankle is injured, he preferred the lower stress potential of peddling- so he created this rising desk. Basically, a PVC reducer is cut in half and attached to the bars and then the desk is mounted to flanges.


92. The Heavy Duty Modular Idea

The Heavy Duty Modular Desk Idea

This heavy duty desk is a sturdy construction created for an IT worker. It’s also modular so it’s easy to assemble and disassemble. The final creation is 40 inches tall by 30 inches deep by 72 inches wide. While pretty heavy and durable, you can disassemble it by removing the 16 carriage bolts and tapping the shelves with a mallet until they’re able to be removed from the leg posts.


93. The Collapsing DIY Build

The Collapsing DIY Desk Build

This folding hide and use desk is a minimalistic option that takes up very little space. It’s built using long and short wood boards, a chain, some screws, hooks, bolts, and washers. The way the builder uses it, he sits up in bed and the desk portion sits in front of him over his lap and chained to the wood boards behind him.


94. The Glass-Topped DIY Design

The Glass-Topped DIY Desk Design

A glass topped, hanging, upcycled pallet desk, This one does require a scroll saw and the builder says took about three hours to get done. It’s secured to the wall and the woodworker cautions you to measure the desk height exactingly to ensure it’s the best autonomic position for your day-to-day work life.


95. The DIY iMac Build

The DIY iMac Desk Build

You have an iMac, but you don’t have a place for it? Then you can use these plans to build a stylish, modern desk for your computer. This sleek desk features a surface big enough for your monitor, keyboard, and mouse pad. To make it, you’ll need pine beams, an acrylic sheet, and teak veneer. However, keep in mind that this is an expensive project and not a good choice if you’re on a tight budget.


96. The Iron Pipe Standing Design

The Iron Pipe Standing Desk Design

This pipe desk is an excellent choice if you want a convertible standing desk. For the top, the builder uses a pre-made grain timber bought from Home Depot or Lowe’s, but you can also make one on your own if you don’t have the budget. Another fantastic feature of this sturdy desk is that you can lower or raise the height quickly. What’s also great is that you can change the top if it gets damaged.


97. The Children’s Fold-Up Plan

The Children's Fold-Up Desk Plan

Following this design, you can make an easy fold-up desk for your kids. And since this folding desk is mounted on the wall, it won’t take any space. What’s more, it’s a big chalkboard desk, so your children won’t run out of room to paint and write. You’ll need chalk paint for the boards, hinges, and a gate lock. However, the instructions are not very detailed so the plan might be too complicated for a novice.


98. The Rare Earth Magnets Knock Down Project

The Rare Earth Magnets Knock Down Desk Project

If you are looking for a unique desk that won’t cost you a fortune, you might try this design. It’s made from Douglas fir, and you won’t need any tools to assemble it. You will use rare earth magnets and washers to connect the top and bed hardware to assemble the base. However, there are no step-by-step instructions or pictures to illustrate the building process.


99. The Lap Desk for Laptop Plan

The Lap Desk for Laptop Plan

In just nine steps, you can build a lap desk for your laptop and work comfortably while laying on the bed. The instructions are easy to follow, but keep in mind that this laptop desk doesn’t have ventilation so that it won’t be suitable for a hot summer day. And be careful when you’re drilling for the legs, or you might have to start from the beginning.


100. The LED Frosted Glass Plan

The LED Frosted Glass Desk Plan

This plan will help you build a desk with a frosted glass top that will make all your friends green with envy. The most impressive feature of this table is that you can set it up to receive visual notifications. There is an explanatory video for your convenience and some instructions and list of necessary materials. However, this is a project suitable for someone experienced in electronics.


101. The Upcycled Milk Carton Design

The Upcycled Milk Carton Desk Design

If you think that milk cartons are useless once empty, think again. In fact, you can use milk cartons to make a desk thanks to this unusual design. You’ll need 36 milk containers, newspapers, gummed tape, a knife, cloths, and corrugated cardboard. The builder provides plenty of pictures to illustrate his step-by-step instructions, so it will be a piece of cake to make this small desk that will cost you almost nothing.


102. The Live Edge Wooden Slab Build

The Live Edge Wooden Slab Desk Build

This beautiful desk looks so well-made that you can hardly believe that it’s not bought from the store. It features a live edge wooden slab and homemade steel hairpins for legs. You’ll need epoxy to prevent cracking and to keep the structure rigid. However, there aren’t detailed instructions, so this is more suitable for experienced builder ready to improvise.


103. The Recycled Old Wooden Crate Idea

The Recycled Old Wooden Crate Idea

If you have some old lumber and wooden crates you can try to build this sturdy desk even if you have almost no woodworking experience. The builder uses 1x12s and 2x2s red cedar for the desk frame and two pieces of tempered glass for the top. To make the drawers easily you can use wood crates or boxes and just add the handles. You can experiment with the position of the boxes until you find the right one for you.


104. The Minimalistic Recycled Door Project

The Minimalistic Recycled Door Desk Project

This minimalistic desk is perfect for those that want something elegant but cheap for their house. The builder uses pallets from an Ikea bed to make the workhorses and a hollow door panel for the top. Keep in mind that you need seven pallets for each sawhorse. You also need to get machine screws, bolts, washers, and drywall screws. The builder also recommends using wine cork and double side tape as a cheap way to paddle the furniture.


105. The Mobile Alder Wood Design

The Mobile Alder Wood Desk Design

Are you looking for a way to build a desk for your laptop? Then this design will be perfect for you. It features a slot for a mouse pad, an iPad slot, and holes for ventilation. This mini desk measures 22.5” x 11.5” x ¾”, and you can use a pre-made panel. And don’t forget to get contact cement because you’ll need it to glue the pad. But be careful to position the pad correctly or you wouldn’t be able to remove it afterward.


106. The Modified Ikea Galant Design

The Modified Ikea Galant Desk Design

If you plan on buying an Ikea Galant desk for your computer system, you can use this design to modify it so that no cables are lying on the ground. The builder uses zip ties to attach the two 2×4 pegboards to the metal frame. You can even add a USB hub in the front for plugging extra equipment. But the important thing is to attach the pegboards before you assemble the legs.


107. The African Zebrano Hardwood Build

The African Zebrano Hardwood Desk Build

The design of this desk immediately catches the eye of the viewer with its unusual constructions and book-like drawers that will make any book nerd jealous. And what’s great is that you can have drawers on both sides if you want. However, there are no detail explanations regarding the building process. It’s a complicated and tricky desk plan suitable for experienced woodworkers.


108. The Upcycled Old School Design

The Upcycled Old School Desk Design

Do you have an old school desk lying forgotten somewhere? Then don’t throw it away, but use this design to turn it into a beautiful desk for your home office. You just need to scrub the rusty frame and refinish it with a Rust-oleum spray paint. It’s slightly more complicated to achieve the striped look because you’ll have to wait for every layer to dry off before you can continue.


109. The Infinite Imagination Plywood Build

The Infinite Imagination Plywood Desk Build

Are you interested in CNC desks? Then this design for a plywood table will come in handy. The great thing is that it’s made of a single plywood sheet measuring 4′ x 8′ plywood and that it doesn’t look like a CNC table at all due to the hidden joints. You’ll need also need a CAM software that a 4′ x 8′ CNC router, wood glue and some basic woodworking tools.


110. The Africa-Themed Oryx Design

The Africa-Themed Oryx Desk Design

If you are a fan of the wild savanna, this Africa-inspired desk will be an excellent addition to your house. To build it, you’ll need a 15 mm MDF, three pine slats, wood glue, nails, and screws. The legs are the most challenging part of the construction, but the builder provides enough instructions. If this narrow computer desk is not wide enough for your needs, you can make an additional armrest/mouse pad.


111. The Pack Flat Plywood Blueprint

The Pack Flat Plywood Desk Blueprint

This simple plywood desk is perfect if you want something functional and easy to build. It’s nothing fancy build out of 4’x8’x3/4″ plywood sheet, but it provides an ample working surface with three storage compartments. What’s also great about is that you can disassemble it, pack it flat and take it wherever you go. And you don’t need special, expensive tools – just a screwdriver, a circular saw, a coping saw, and some clamps.


112. The Pallet Computer Build

The Pallet Computer Desk Build

To make this home computer workstation, you need nothing more than some old pallets and a box of assorted wood screws. What’s more, the top, the back, and the legs are separate pieces so that you can take it apart very easily if you have to move it somewhere. The builder warns that you should be careful when disassembling the pallets to prevent the board from cracking.


113. The Pine Pallet Crate Writing Design

The Pine Pallet Crate Writing Desk Design

This writing desk has legs made of pallet crates. What’s great about this unusual look is that you can assemble and disassemble the desk with minimal efforts and load it in your trunk. And even though the instructions are not very well-written this is a simple construction that shouldn’t be difficult even for a novice.


114. The Pallet & Ikea Hybrid Plan

The Pallet & Ikea Hybrid Desk Plan

In just four steps you can build a small, sturdy desk using pallets and Ikea Vika legs. You’ll need a 120×80 pallet, some plywood, and wood floor board. However, you can use a pallet with a different size and pick the floor board according to its size. And there is ample storage place between the top and bottom shelf of the desktop. As a little extra, you can make a hiding spot for treasures if you use a floor board with an interlock.


115. The Pallet Desk With Drawers Project

The Pallet Desk With Drawers Project

Are looking for a desk to delight your girlfriend? Then this pallet desk with large drawers will do the trick. The top is made of slats glued together that give the table this stylish look. There is a well-made list of all the necessary materials and tools that you’re going to need. But keep in mind that this project will take a lot of time because you’ll have to cut and combine the slats.


116. The Varnished Pallet Plan

The Varnished Pallet Desk Plan

This PC pallet desk is perfect for those that are searching for a table with a cabinet for their computer. You just have to decide on the dimensions of your desk before you start building and dismantling the pallet. Another great thing is that you’ll only need one pallet and some basic tools to make this large and sturdy desk. Isn’t that perfect for a novice builder?


117. The Pallet Wood Basic Plan

The Pallet Wood Basic Desk Plan

Thanks to these free plans you can build a stylish desk for your living room even if you have a tight budget and limited tools. You just need to find some old pallets and break them apart using a crowbar and a hammer. Then you have to decide how big the desk will be and cut the pallet boards accordingly. To achieve this beautiful color, the builder uses cherry desk stain.


118. The Penny Coated Design

The Penny Coated Desk Design

If you are in an adventurous mood an up for a challenge, you can try to make this pretty desk. As you may have noticed, the top of this extraordinary desk is covered with pennies and sealed with bar top epoxy. How many coins you will need depends on how big you build the desk so plan carefully. The wrapped edges are the most difficult part of the process, but you can skip them if you want. The desk will still look amazing.


119. The Converted Pinball Machine Build

The Converted Pinball Machine Desk Build

You have an old pinball machine, and you don’t want to throw it away? Then use this plan to turn it into a cool desk with a drawer. There are no step-by-step instructions on how to do it, but the builder provides a video for you. So check it out.


120. The Library Reception Plan

The Library Reception Desk Plan

This plan will help you build a large library reception desk that will fit six people comfortably. The design features double storage cabinets, a self-scan desk, and room for storing books and DVDs. Everything is made of rubber wood panels due to its durability and low cost. This is not an easy build and not a desk that you can fit in your home but it will be great if you ever decide to lend a hand to your local library.


121. The Reclaimed Pallet Project

The Reclaimed Pallet Desk Project

You can make this large desk from leftover pallet wood. It measures 200 cm in length and 75 cm width. But if you don’t have enough space in your home for such a large desk, don’t worry. Just modify the design to match your needs. However, the builder recommends that you look for heat-treated pallets to avoid the ones treated with toxic chemicals.


122. The Zero Dollar Recycled Design

The Zero Dollar Recycled Desk Design

Building a desk is not an expensive endeavor when you have enough scrap material left from other project and a good plan to follow. For this design, you’ll need some pallet wood, 2x4s, ½” slats and a square of ¾” plywood. The desktop measures 24” x 48”, but you can change the size according to the wood you have. To ensure the stability and sturdiness of this long desk, you can use angle iron and install it running underneath the whole table.


123. The Retro Reception Design

The Retro Reception Desk Design

If you want to build an impressive retro reception desk for your shop, then you can take a look at this plan. It features a place for a built-in TV and displays, and the whole thing is made of MDF. However, this is a complicated construction, and it’s more suitable for professional builders.


124. The DIY Rolltop Build

The DIY Rolltop Desk Build

This fascinating roll top desk is a thing of beauty that will make your friends green with envy. Everything is made of red oak wood – you’ll need around 100bf. Another great thing besides the cool roll top is that there are two pull out surfaces on each side in case you need extra space. Keep in mind that the desk is heavy and it will be hard to move it once completed. It’s not an easy to build, but I think you’ll agree that it’s worth the efforts.


125. The School Chalkboard Art Design

The School Chalkboard Art Desk Design

Do your kids need a small work desk to keep their art supplies and school books? This school desk will be perfect for such a purpose, and it’s easy to make if you have some headboards with shelves, a footboard from an old bed, and two old chairs which will function as legs for your new desk. The builder provides you with detailed instructions how to assemble the desk so it shouldn’t be hard for someone with little experience.


126. The Seamstress Build

The Seamstress Desk Build

Thanks to these plans you can transform a vintage sewing machine desk into a seamstress table or a computer desk. You’ll have to remove the sewing machine for starters and acquire 12” x 6” x .75” planks of poplar. Then you have to decide on the size of the desk and whether you’ll want a shelf for your keyboard. It’s not a very easy construction, but you’ll have a desk that has multiple applications.


127. The Simple Plywood Build

The Simple Plywood Desk Build

What’s great about his large wooden desk is that it’s built out of a single plywood sheet (4’ x 8’). Another great thing is that you can decide how high, deep, and long you want your desk to be and change the plan accordingly. It’s a good idea to make it as high as your computer so that you can store it underneath the table. There are well-written instructions but no picture for illustration.


128. The Sitting to Standing Design

The Sitting to Standing Desk Design

Have you heard that standing desks are gaining popularity? Do you want to try and see if such a desk will be a nice fit for you? Then this design will help you turn your boring sitting desk into a standing one. The important thing is that the height of the table should be at the height of your elbows or slightly below. The builder provides instructions on how to do the calculations. Keep in mind that you’ll need someone to help you lift the desk to attach the “Desk Boots”.


129. The Prank Plan

The Prank Desk Plan

Do you want to play a cool trick on your co-worker? Then you can use this plan to install a LinkIT ONE, and the small office desk will play a music file when someone bangs on it. Sounds cool, right? Besides the LinkIT, you’ll need vibration sensors, 1 Mega ohm resistor, and computer speakers. You can load several musical files on the LinkIT as long as they are small enough. There are detailed instructions how to do the coding, but this is more suitable for someone experienced in electronics.


130. The DIY Standing and Treadmill Project

The DIY Standing and Treadmill Desk Project

Have you thought about a standing desk/ treadmill? In this way, you’ll be working and exercising at the same time. It’s not very hard to modify the mill and the desk, just make sure that the height is suitable for you. The builder advises that you get a treadmill with hand rails bolted so that it will be easy for you to remove them. You’ll also need an adjustable desk.


131. The Engineers’ Standing Work Plan

The Engineers' Standing Work Desk Plan

This standing table has some pretty amazing features that make it the perfect choice for someone who wants a large workstation desk. It has enough room for five monitors, a built-in power outlet, a fully enclosed back and ample storage space. What’s more, you don’t need a lot of tools to build it – just a circular saw, a cordless drill, a router and a tape measure. The builder uses hardwood veneer plywood for the whole construction.


132. The Super Simple Work Plan

The Super Simple Work Desk Plan

In just three steps you can build a simple office table that will cost you less than $30. And it’s very easy to assemble it when you have all the necessary parts. You can use 1x2s attached to the legs as supports to prevent the desk from wobbling.


Considerations for designing your own desk

1. Space: How much space do you have to work with? Make sure to measure the dimensions of your room and take into account any obstacles like doors or windows.

2. Storage: What kind of storage do you need? Would drawers be helpful for storing office supplies or files?

3. Budget: How much money do you want to spend on your desk? Keep in mind that custom-built desks can be expensive, so be sure to set a budget before you start shopping.

4. Materials: What kind of materials do you want your desk to be made from? Wood is a popular choice for desks, but there are also options like metal or glass.

5. Style: What style of desk do you want? A traditional desk with four legs and a rectangular surface may be what you’re looking for, or you may prefer a more modern design with a sleek metal frame.

6. Functionality: What do you need your desk to do? If you’re going to be using a computer, make sure there’s enough space for a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. You may also want to consider adding a desk lamp or other task lighting.

7. Ergonomics: How do you want to arrange your desk to optimize comfort and productivity? Make sure to consider things like the height of your chair and the placement of your computer monitor.

8. Accessories: What other accessories do you want to add to your desk? A calendar or bulletin board can be helpful for staying organized, and a plant can add a touch of life to your workspace.

Once you’ve considered all of these factors, you’re ready to start shopping for desks! If you’re looking for a custom-built desk, be sure to work with a reputable furniture builder who can help you create the perfect desk for your needs.

Final Thoughts

That’s the list! If you’ve scrolled all the way through the project plans we hope you’ve found some inspiration. Many woodworkers will take design elements from different builds and transform them into their own custom designs. Whatever the case, let us know in the comments section below if you’ve built one of these and we’ll feature it on the page!