19+ Free DIY Wine Rack Plans

Wine- one of the greatest drinks out there. Getting out a glass or two after a tough day at work is every adult’s favorite way of calming their nerves. In addition, studies have shown that having a glass per day is good for your heart health, which is critical as you get older. So, there’s nothing wrong with having several bottles at home that serve other purposes than to be opened during holidays or celebrations.

But if you have a smaller home, it might be more difficult to find somewhere to store the bottles. If you’ve been looking for some good organization tips, you’ve come to the right place. Who doesn’t want a chic place for storing their favorite drinks?

Wine racks are a popular way for you to store wine in a manner that allows you to see what you have while maintaining a form of organization at home. If you can’t exactly afford a wine cellar, this is a great alternative. While you can certainly buy one, it’s never a bad idea to have a nice DIY. They tend to be easy to make, but they also require some power tools.

In this article, we have compiled a list of different DIY wine racks for you to take on that would make organizing all your wine so much easier. On your next day off, any of these cool ideas would surely get you in the wine-tasting spirit!

19+ Free DIY Wine Rack Plans

1. The Classic

Wine Rack

A classic wooden rack is a way for you to add a rustic vibe to your home while keeping all your drinks organized. For this particular project, you will need yew wood, oak wood, screws, glue, a table saw, router, drill and drill bits, and clamps. Ideally, this rack will be able to store twelve bottles, and is great for putting in a glass cupboard. The traditional layout is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to go outside of the box.


2. A Pallet Option

The Pallet Wine Rack

If you happen to have wood pallets lying around, this is the right way to reuse them! Even if you don’t like wine, this could make the perfect gift for anyone in your life who does. You can easily scale the model to accommodate the number of bottles you are looking to store. This particular version is for four bottles or eight bottles. The bottom even offers a place to store glasses.


3. Tower Design

Wine Rack Tower

For those with much more room in their homes, the tower design might just be ideal. It would enable those who have a taste for the finest of alcoholic drinks to store as many bottles as they need. It’s large and can fit in a home bar. You can also adjust the size of the holes to accommodate different sized bottles. You’ll need materials such as pine boards, screws, a table saw, miter saw, electric drill, and hole saw to complete this project.


4. Modern and Stylish

Modern Wine Rack

And for those with smaller homes, this would be a great option because it was designed to fit right on your countertop. Perfect for entertaining guests, you will have all of your fancy drinks right in front of you whenever you need them. For this one, you will also need to use saws, so take it easy if that’s not your strong suit- or find someone who knows how to use them to help you.


5. Barrel to Rack

Wine Barrel Into a Wine Rack

Recycling old materials is the best way to conduct a DIY project. Not only will you be doing good for the environment, but you also won’t have to spend as much money on the necessary tools to complete the DIY. In this particular example, the author had purchased a 25 gallon wine barrel for only $10, saving them a lot of money.


6. Rustic Theme

Rustic Wine Rack

People who enjoy a more rustic vibe will surely enjoy this next example. As the author mentioned, they made this as a birthday present for someone, which you can also do if you’re stuck on some great ideas. The tools you will need include three plants, screws, glue, wood stain, a cordless drill, chop saw, table saw, brush, old cloth, and sanding paper.


7. Vertical Wall Rack

Vertical Wine Rack

If you don’t have much space in your home, consider making this wine rack that is meant to hang on your wall. The person who created the instructions guide recommended using oak as the main material due to the fact that it’s stronger, which won’t leave you scrambling to pick up broken pieces of glass.


8. A-Frame Version

A-Frame Wine Rack

This unique option comes as an A-Frame, which is common in many wineries. The set is rather easy to assemble, but it’s important that you follow the instructions to make sure that you get the dimensions right. In the end, you should have enough holes and spaces to store around 60 bottles.


9. Solenoid Innovation

Solenoid Wine Rack

This is definitely a much more difficult project to implement, so if you aren’t quite familiar with using certain types of equipment, you may want to have someone else help you out. The solenoids strike the wine bottles. You also can incorporate LEDs, switches, and pressure sensors.


10. Use Plastic Materials

Plastic Wine Rack

When in doubt, use plastic. To make this, you will need to get two plastic racks that hold 2-liter soda bottles. You will also need wire cutters, screws, a powered drill, plywood board, and if you’d like, plastic pain. This shouldn’t be too difficult to make due to the materials being used.


11. Do It Yourself Project

DIY Wine Rack

Here is a chic example that is sure to look great in any home. It offers a small rack for around four wine bottles that are held in place by an iron road, as well as a place underneath to store your glasses. It’s rather simple to build, and will look great in any space- or even the perfect gift for anyone in your family or friend group.


12. Hanging Design

Hanging Wine Rack

This stunning yet simple version is excellent for those who love a more minimalistic approach. We all love to pop open a bottle every once in a while to celebrate events or to just have a relaxing night to ourselves. That also means not all of us have tons of alcohol lying around at home. If this applies to you, then it might be worth making a smaller organizer. Once again, this approach would make a great gift for anyone on your list if you’re the handier type. It’s also easier than some of the others in the sense that you won’t need to use as many power tools.


13. Recycled Barrel Example

Wine Barrel Rack

If you have an outdoor patio where you enjoy entertaining the guests, perhaps creating a rack to enjoy outside in the warmer months would be the perfect way to escape from the stresses of your everyday life. With this example, the author simply found a half barrel, which you can get at a hardware and gardening store for as little as $15. The tools you will need include a marker, wood glue, all-purpose adhesive, pliers, jigsaw, drill, drill bit, wood panels, heavy duty handles, screws, and an insert.


14. Dig Out the Cardboard Box

Cardboard Wine Rack

We’re all in favor of using recycled materials here to do some do-it-yourself projects. If you have tons of cardboard boxes simply lying around, then there’s an easy way to put them to good use without throwing them away or saving them for when you move. Creating wine racks is a great way to get started. The cardboard boxes will generally be strong enough to hold at least nine bottles, which is what it is designed to do in this example. Keep in mind that you will need to use sharp tools in order to make this, but the instructions are generally easier. Thick cardboard, string, rule and cutter, scissors and awl, a pencil or marker, glue, packing tape, and a cutting mat are all that you will need to make this unique and eco-friendly organizer.


15. Chic Leather Design

Leather Wine Rack

What better way to end this list than with a special and out-of-this-world idea? It’s definitely not going to be something that you’ve thought of before. For this project, you will be using English Bridle leather to make the rack, which will give your home and bar a Western-style vibe. Cutting a pattern, mark, cut, and edge on the leather. Draw your pattern beforehand so that you have a better idea of what you want to make. This is meant to be a different way of storing your wine bottles than the other options on this list, so you will certainly have a wine rack that your guests won’t be able to forget.


Wine Rack DIY Tips

DIY wine rack to fill space next to fridge from DIY

After a long day at work, there’s no better way to relax than enjoying a glass of wine. But when you aren’t savoring this drink, you need to have a safe place where you can safely store it away. You can choose to either buy a wine rack, but if you’re into DIY projects, the idea of building one on your own is something you undoubtedly will enjoy.

But if you don’t know where to start or the steps to follow, worry not. These tips will help you learn how to build a wine rack- remember to check the pdfs we link to above for even more details.

DIY Wooden Wine Rack from DIY

Step 1: Consider Your Needs

Individuals have different needs when it comes to deciding which is the type of wine racks to make. Therefore, the first thing you should do is assess your needs and determine the kind of wine rack you want to build. The options include a hanging wine rack or a kitchen wine rack. In addition to this, make sure to consider the number of bottles you’re looking to store. This means you should consider your wine purchases you’re planning to make in the future.

Step 2: Measure Your Space

Once you decide the type of wine rack to build, the next thing is evaluating the space available. You should ideally choose a space in your home that can fit all your wine bottles comfortably. If you’re starting, a small wine rack will be more than enough. However, lots of space would be needed if you intend to start a wine collection.

After choosing the exact location to place the wine rack, take the measurements. This includes the width and height.

Step 3: Build The Wine Rack’s Face Frame

Reclaimed wine rack from DIY

Get a table saw and cut a poplar to a thickness of 1-1/2” and consequently cut the pieces according to the measurements. After doing this, fasten together the frame pieces using a pocket jig.

Step 4: Build The Body

Cut four plywood pieces according to the face frame’s measurements and then reduce the overall body size by 1/8 inch. You should secure these pieces together using a clamp and glue and ensure everything is screwed correctly in place. Fasten the body to the face frame with a pocket jig.

Step 5: Build Shelves

Use the wine bottle base and work from the center outwards while marking openings on the 1 x 4 poplar. Get a hole saw which is relatively bigger than the wine bottle’s base and drill out holes and repeat this process once. Follow this exact procedure this time with the wine bottle’s neck when marking the 1×4 poplar board. Use a smaller bit when drilling these holes and repeat this once.

Using a table saw, cut the poplar board. Consequently, get a 1/2-inch roundover bit to rout the shelf openings edges.

Step 6: Assemble The Pieces

When attaching the shelves, you need to push the wood screws through the unit’s sides and inside the shelves. As you do this, confirm the shelves are positioned uniformly while the shelf’s front is higher than the backside. On the back of the unit, nail a thin plywood piece and proceed to stain or paint the unit. Using the wood screws, fix your wine rack onto the nails in the wall.

Building a wine rack is relatively easy and straightforward. If you had no idea how to build a wine rack, this in-depth article has offered you useful insights to help you when building one. Therefore, follow these steps one by one, and you’ll have a functional wine rack for storing your bottles of wine.