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Red Hydrangea Varieties

Red Hydrangea Varieties | Pictures + Care

    Hydrangeas are certainly among the most popular plants in gardens all over the world! Moreover, they have been called the America’s favorite flowering shrub and you’ll find them on most top lists of flowering shrubs, like this one on Dengarden. They come in various colors, ranging from white to dark purple. However, hydrangeas with crimson […]

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    types of hostas

    Hosta Varieties List (With Pics) | Plus Plant Care Tips

      When you don’t get much sunlight in your garden, it can be hard to find plants that will grow in your garden. Maybe your backyard is surrounded by houses that throw shade on your garden most of the day, maybe there are just too many trees in your neighborhood. In any case, gardening in shade […]

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      snowball bush

      The Snowball Bush | Types, Planting & Care Tips

        Do you love unique plants? Are you looking for something new to plant in your backyard? If so, the snowball bush is the perfect plant for you. There are different types of snowball bushes, so be sure to find out more about each one so you can decide which one you would like. These very […]

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        weeping cherry tree guide

        Weeping Cherry Tree Guide | Types, Care & Pruning

          Weeping cherry trees are certainly among the most beautiful and stunning decorative trees. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a perfect spring landscape without a weeping cherry tree. When thinking about a weeping cherry, you might be imagining a Japanese garden. However, these trees actually come in wide a range of sizes which makes them […]

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          fiddle leaf fig care tips

          Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees | Care & Pruning Tips

            Looking for a new addition to your houseplant collection? Maybe you are just wondering which plant will fit nicely into your office? Well, fiddle leaf figs are definitely among the coolest kids in town. Almost every hip blog has recently featured this plant. Open any to home décor or interior design magazine and there’s a […]

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