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In this post, we provide 20+ DIY fidget spinner templates- great if you’re trying to figure out how to make your own! Fidget spinners have been all the craze lately, and it’s pretty likely that you’ve gotten addicted to them at some point or another.

If you don’t know what this is, it’s a small handheld object that you, essentially, spin. It’s fun to see which one spins the longest and which ones are the best quality.

And, if you’ve got younger kids, your entire house is probably filled with them. We have some great news- you can make your kids or friends just as excited by creating your own spinners! Here are tons of craft ideas for you to make your own.

20+ DIY Fidget Spinner Plans

1. Cool Fusion 360 Software

This is a fun way to incorporate technology into your final result. It might seem difficult for you if you are not too technologically savvy, but it is a nice way to make a modern, 3D print. Don’t know how to use the software? All you need to do is follow the basic instructions followed by visuals in the example.


2. Awesome Wrench Design

If you’ve got a friend or a little one who is into tools, you can make them a spinner that looks like wrenches. This is a unique design that you are not likely to be able to find in any store near you. It’s also something cute and special for someone you love dearly.


3. Stress Reliever Homemade Spinner

The main purpose that the company had in making fidget spinners was to help people to relieve their stress. And it surely did work, at least, that’s what the popularity of this toy can claim.


4. Classic Dark Basic Instructions

You really only need a few basic materials to make this, and you likely already have a lot of them at home. The important step is getting the stencil to be exactly how you want it. Once that’s done, you simply need to follow the rest of the instructions for your final product. If you read the directions and what is needed, you might automatically assume that you will be doing something that is nearly impossible. But it’s actually a lot easier than you might think.

How To Make The Fidget Spinner


5. Dandy Custom Rainbow

Making a colorful spinner is bound to make anyone’s day brighter. This custom design can not only give your gadget a new look, but it also can help out anyone you know who might have been feeling down lately.


6. Cute Simple Toy

Having a cute little toy to give to your kids, or to anyone who is younger in your life, is always a great idea. And what better than a fidget spinner that you made on your own? Sure, they might already have a ton, but they’re better than noisy toys that give you headaches! Skate bearings will also be your friend for this project along with some hot glue. While we’re on the topic of fun DIY projects, check out these DIY bath bombs– they’re another cool craft to try on a lazy weekend. 


7. Add an Animation

This is definitely a bit trickier, and something you will need the right technology for, but it’s a fun 3D project that you will yet again need Fusion 360 for. You can create your own animation disk so that your gadget will show a series of images every time you spin it. We’re sure that no one else has done something like this before- make sure you’ve got some strong glue on hand. 


8. Fun Star Designs

And once again, you will need to have special software technology for this one. But the good news is, this will allow you to create any design that you or someone else wants to have. Get creative and make a spinner from scratch.


9. Brushless Motor

Here is the perfect idea for those who love science experiments and projects. It involves creating your own brushless motor with your spinner that will allow you to see how fast your toy really spins. How cool!


10. POV Arduino

This is a little more difficult to understand and to create, but it basically involves installing a vision device onto a basic gadget. You will need to understand programming to do this, but if that’s your niche, then here’s a great project for you.


11. Lab Centrifuge

If you’re a science teacher- a physics teacher, to be specific- you’ll love this idea. It can help you to teach your students a lot more about centrifuges and what they mean. This is much more intended for those who are into physics and force.


12. Motor Sample

And now, you will be able to put a motor inside your very own spinning toy! This is a great idea for those who love engineering or anyone in your life who is an engineering major. They will enjoy the thoughtful gift.


13. Spiral Art

What else is a better idea than to set up and create your own circle stencil so that you can have the exact design you want? This one specifically features something that looks like spirals when spun, which is a mesmerizing view for anyone who is interested.


14. Use Paper

For this one, you needed to have the Silhouette paper cutter and Cameo, but if you’re not into that, you could definitely just use regular paper as an alternative. These are mostly so that you can have a special stencil that might not be so possible to make without regular materials.


15. Industrial Style

The industrial version looks a lot more rugged than the others. The design allows you to see all the components that went into creating the final product. It is, certainly, different in comparison to something that you would find in the store.


16. Acrylic Materials

If you have a CNC Mill that you want to put to use, now you can. You will also need to have some kind of special software on your computer that will allow you to come up with any design you’d like.


17. LED Instructions

Here is the perfect option for you if you don’t have the latest technology, or simply don’t feel like putting too much effort into your project. You won’t need much to make this, and while it might seem daunting, it really isn’t.


18. Longest Spin

The person who made this example said that the piston spinners were the ones that spun for the longest. So, if you are entering a competition against friends to see which one goes the longest, you should definitely be making this to win!


19. Glow in the Dark

You’ve probably seen something similar sold in craft stores, but anyone of any age likes things that will glow in the dark. It’s a fun way to add something different to a simple toy. Get your glue stick ready!


20. Thor Toy

Do you or your kids like the Avengers? Is Thor one of your favorite characters? You can create something that looks a lot like his divine hammer thanks to technology! This is a great gift for anyone who is into the series.


More Interesting Stuff


Edible fidget spinners are a fun fidget toy you can eat. Check out the above video for a Starburst version! They are a great treat to fidget with if you’re bored or stressed.

Edible fidget spinners are a food product. A fidget spinner is a toy that consists of a bearing in the center of a three-lobed flat structure.

1. Fidget Spinner Tricks

Fidget Spinners have become some of the most famous gadgets in the toy industry. They were designed for people who are diagnosed with ADHD and other conditions to help them concentrate and relieve stress. But now they are used for entertainment among many people. They consist of three blades with a bearing at the center. Fidget Spinners can be used by both children and adults. To learn, how to use Fidget Spinner, there are several tricks that you need to know. They include;

Finger balance

The first trick as demonstrated on YouTube is to learn how to balance the Fidget Spinner on your fingers. You should also learn how to balance the Fidget Spinner on your fingertips. When you learn to balance it, it will be easy to use it well and prevent it from falling.

Hand Transfer

The next trick is to know how to transfer the Fidget Spinner from one hand to the other hand. When transferring, you should make sure that you maintain contact throughout. You should be very fast and careful in this trick.

Finger Transfer Trick

In this trick, you should first know how to balance Fidget Spinner with one finger. Then switch your fingers quickly, and the toy should not stop spinning as you transfer from one finger to another. Once you learn this trick, you will be able to switch your fingers every time; hence, creating more fun.

Spinner Switch

In this trick, you will need two spinner gadgets. You should start by spinning the two spinners on each hand. You should toss the spinners from one hand to another. Make sure that there is a distance between your hands for this trick to be effective.

Fidget Spinner Inventor

The Fidget Spinner was invented by Catherine Hettinger who was a chemical engineer by training. The gadgets were first invented around 1990s, but they gained popularity over the last few years. The invention aimed to help people suffering from ADHD, depression, and anxiety relieves stress and improves their concentration. Today, fidget spinner is being used almost everywhere. From schools as a game challenge to office. The device is used especially by workers who feel exhausted and wants to take a quick break by engaging both their mind and body in a fun activity.

Fidget Spinner Templates

Easy Fidget Spinner DIY (Free Template) – Science Fair Project Idea

Fidget Spinner Games

The Fidget Spinner has become a famous gadget around the world. If you are new to Fidget Spinner, you can find tons of these spinning games online. Some people prefer to play online while others will use the online videos to play with their own Fidget Spinners. Some of the main Fidget Spinner games are;

Hand Spinner IO 3D

It is one of the most played spinning online games. In this game; you should eliminate other players by kicking their Fidget Spinner out of the ring.

Non-Stop Fidget Spinner

In this game, you should spin 8 spinning gadgets at the same time. You are required to move the entire 8 Fidget Spinner at the same. The game continues until you stop spinning.

Fidget Spinner High Score

In this game, you spin the gadget to win. You need to master momentum to win this game. The game allows one to set their scores that they want to reach.

Superspin IO

In this game, you will have a wide variety of toys to choose from. You will be required to compete against other players and knock them out to emerge the winner. The game allows one to customize the features you want.

Fidget Spinner Stimulator

The game is easy to play, and it is ideal for beginners. It is fun when you are playing with your friends. However, it can be very satisfying and addictive; hence you should not play for long hours.

Best Fidget Spinners in 2021

The Chunk Fidget Spinners

The spinner gives players about 5 minutes to spin for each game. It has a silent operation. It is well designed with a stainless steel finish and smooth ball bearings. It comes with a padded case for storage.

Metal Cog Fidget Spinner

The gadget has a unique cog design that makes it very attractive with premium bearings. It is made of stainless steel material which makes it long-lasting. It is available in different sizes and colors.

Trianium BrandBlack

The spinner is simple to use, spin and perform some tricks with it. It is small in size and can fit in your pockets. It has a black and red design which makes it ideal for both children and adults.

FIGROL Fidget Spinner

It has a multi-color design that makes it very attractive. It is small making it portable, and you can use it anywhere. It has a sturdy design with high-quality materials that makes it long-lasting.

Infinity Carbon Fidget Spinner

The gadget has an ergonomic and compact design that is comfortable and easy to carry around in your pockets. It can perform a silent operation which means that you can use it anywhere at any time.

Fidget Spinner Songs

When spinning your Fidget Spinner, there are several songs that you can listen to help you concentrate. Additionally, the songs help players not to slow down when spinning and enhance your spinning experience. There are various songs and albums that you can find online. When choosing, you should consider the type of music you like and if you want to listen to audios or watch music videos as you spin.