A purple-themed bedroom is worth considering if you’re painting or refurbishing your bedroom. You can have purple curtains, bedding, accessories, or even paint your bedroom walls mauve.

There are many variants of purple color you can use, from deep purple, lilac, lavender, and so on. A bedroom customized with matching purple color will radiate a cozy, stylish, and home-sweet-home look.

It can be mixed with other colors like white, red, blue, or yellow to enhance the taste of your purple bedroom.  

Read on to discover some purple bedroom hacks you can use for your bedroom. 

21+ Stunning Purple Bedroom Ideas & Pictures

Simple Purple Bedroom

If you find having a variety of purple colors overwhelming, you can just resort to having a plain and simple purple-colored bedroom.

Simply have the walls painted purple and have the rest of your room remain as plain and brief as possible. For instance, in the picture, it’s just a bed and a nice accompaniment of a chest of drawers with a warm night lamp to enhance it.

Simple Purple-themed Multipurpose Bedroom

Some if not most bedrooms in our homes also happen to be study rooms. This means apart from your bed and bedroom furniture, you also have a chair and a desk.

You can try matching your entire room with a complete set of purple furniture and accessories. This creates a home-sweet-home atmosphere while doing your work- maybe even incorporate a murphy bed into the closet space for when unexpected guests come over!

A complete Bedroom set with Purple-colored Cupboards and Cabinets

It’s amazing to have a room equipped with cabinets and wall units all painted in your favorite color – purple.

That means that all your drawers, shelves, table, desk, and the nice fluffy carpet are all purple.

Sweet Lilac Bedroom For Toddlers


Toddlers sometimes can be too restless, crying loudly all the time. How about decorating their rooms with lovely lilac mini cribs, toys, and room accessories? This will make them calmer, smile more, and cry less. 

You can decorate their entire bedroom with bright white walls, soft-purple colored curtains, and small colorful wall patterns.

Hotel Room Chic

purple hotel room look

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All Purple Bedroom

Having an entirely purple bedroom may seem shady but if you take a closer look, it’s awesome. Check out this room where everything including room accessories, curtains, flowers, even the wall picture has colorful flowers.

It can also blend in well with some shade of green decor.

Purple-lit Bedroom

How about having a bedroom simply lit with purple lights? Perhaps if you’d like to maintain the original color of your room, maybe white or peach, you can complement the entire room with appropriate lighting.

Your room will feel warm and the dim lights will enhance your sleep or make you fall asleep faster.

Purply Accent-Walled Bedroom

It does no harm to add bits of patterns and shapes to your bedroom wall. You can go the extra mile and paint your wall with various defined shapes that will give your room a unique look.

From the picture, you can see that the purple color has been laced in between thick defined white lines that transform the look of the bedroom wall.

A Mix of Light and Dark Purply Bedroom


You don’t need to entirely depend on one purple color to enhance the purple taste. You can mix in different shades of purple color to enhance the look in your bedroom.

For example, your curtains can be light lavender contrasting with dark purply walls and accessories.

Purple Girly Bedroom

If you have a young daughter, maybe about six or seven years of age, you can choose to decorate her room with floral patterns on the wall and a princessy platform bed.

Let your daughter feel like a princess when she is in her bedroom.

Deep Purple Bedroom For Young women

If you are a young woman probably in your early twenties, you may not like a “noisy” patterned room like you did while you were a teenager.

You can furnish your wall with dark paint and use a nice mix of purple and dark blue bedding. Try adding some taste to the simple purple decor with shiny and golden room accessories.

A Dark Purple Bedroom For Teenagers


We all know how much teenagers love spending more of their time in their bedrooms. Try giving them a brighter look for their bedroom to brighten up their days with an elegant headboard.

Even better, to brighten up their moods and psyche to help you around the house. 

Purple and Pink-themed Bedroom For Girls

If you have two girls about the same age or even twin girls, it would be nice to have their room decorated in both pink and purple.

Let one bed have pink-colored bedding and the other purple. You can also have the two colors side by side painted on the wall as shown in the picture to enhance the theme of their bedding.

Maybe experiment with bunk beds?

Purple-themed Luxury Master Bedroom

A luxury master bedroom is the dream of every couple and purple color is what creates the warmth in the room.

Enhance the entire back wall of your bed with color appropriate cushions and light your cozy bedroom with a magnificent purple-lit chandelier. 

Fluffy Girly Purple & Pink Bedroom

Perhaps your daughter loves royalty. This is the perfect idea for a royal-themed bedroom taking into account your girl’s favorite colors, purple, pink, blue, and all manner of bright colors. 

Flourish her room with fluffy furniture, cushions, pillows, and a nice vintage foot pouf.

Bedroom laced with Purple Hues


Complementing your bedroom with purple hues can add a special taste to your room.

As illustrated, you simply paint your walls with straight-lined patterns and allow the lighting path of your bedroom to follow the linings.

You can also spice up your ceiling with purples and white gypsum.

Purple-decor children’s room


Perhaps you have children aged three to four years who need their bedroom. Give them a nice taste of kindergarten by adding, for instance, a tree pattern on the wall as seen in the picture.

Let them enjoy some “outdoor” experience within their room.

Add Some Warmth with Lavender

Lavender is all about warmth and comfort. Let your room emanate some warmth even during the winter season.

You can also grace your lavender-themed bedroom with indoor plants to give a more lavish garden feeling in the room.

Mauve-Taste Bedroom

Maybe you prefer a pale-purplish, near violet or pink color. A mauve bedroom will give you the perfect idea of how to decorate or brighten your purple room.

The mauve color adds a good degree of brightness and creates a sense of liveliness in the room.

Start with a dark color at the top and finish with bright colors at the bottom.


You can do the opposite of what most people do. Have a darker roof and let the color transition from its darker tones to lighter as you progress towards the floor.

The illustration above can help you visualize how to do this. The chandelier and the wall units create a sharp contrast for the purple shades enhancing its splendor.

Purple bedding

Maybe you prefer to maintain the white color of your bedroom but still want to complement it with some mauve colorations.

Simply go buy some purple bedding, then spread it on your bed.

Add some Taste of Royalty

You may not have an idea of how the royal families’ bedrooms look like, but this picture can give you an idea of how one might look like.

Just get a custom-made bed shaped like kingly crowns, add some heavy blanket bedding, then increase some golden royal twist by making most of your accessories gold-coated.

Your bed can also have a mix of gold-coated frames to increase its royal look.