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Nothing is more rewarding than building out your backyard with some of our outdoor project plans. These free DIY projects are great if you are trying to build a comfortable, upcycled porch swing, or something even more ambitious like a gazebo. Scroll through the list and find something that works for your woodworking experience level. Granted some of these projects can be a little bit ambitious, but there are also some simple DIY outdoor options that you can choose to work on leveling up your abilities.

Floating Deck Plans

11+ Free Floating Deck Plans [Free]

Have you grown tired of looking at the same backyard every day? Do you just want to do something to make it look better, but you don’t know how? How can...
9 DIY Carpenter Bee Trap Plans [Free List]

9 DIY Carpenter Bee Trap Plans [Free List]

If you're noticing carpenter bees nearby your garage or deck rails, a DIY carpenter bee trap can be an effective deterrent. We assembled a list of 9 DIY carpenter bee traps below....
The Redwood Big Treehouse Blueprint

38+ Brilliant DIY Tree House Plans [Free]

If you're looking to build a treehouse, we've got you covered. We've assembled a mega-list of 38 different DIY tree house plans from around the internet. There are a variety of different...
The Heavy Duty Porch Swing Idea

56 DIY Porch Swing Plans [Free Blueprints]

DIY Porch swings provide a relaxing space to enjoy an outdoor view of your lawn and garden. There's nothing quite as picturesque as a married couple engaged in quiet conversation on...
diy shooting bench plans

7+ Free DIY Shooting Bench Plans [Free]

If you just got into shooting, you might be wondering what a shooting bench is. Thankfully, it’s nothing too complicated or dangerous, and it is exactly what it sounds like: it’s...
16 DIY solar panel plan blueprints

16+ Clever DIY Solar Panel Plans [Free Blueprints]

If you've ever wanted to create your own solar panel, you're in a small but sizable minority. Below, we collected a hodgepodge of DIY solar panel plans. Some of them hack together solar...
Birdfeeder Plans

39+ DIY Birdfeeder Plans [Free]

Bringing beautiful birds to your yard is one of the best ways to feel energized and positive. With a bird feeder, you will be able to provide food to birds, some...
diy birdhouse plan

14+ DIY Birdhouse Plans | Free Designs With Pics

Are you someone who loves birds and has always dreamed of having them in your backyard? Then maybe you should consider making your own birdhouse for your yard as a fun Sunday...
The Octagonal Homemade Greenhouse Design

118+ DIY Greenhouse Plans [Free]

Greenhouses, also known as hothouses or glasshouses, are generally transparent structures designed to cultivate plants that require regulated climactic conditions to grow. They range in style from massive, industrial buildings, to upcycled...
Wood duck (Aix sponsa) standing near two daffodils

12+ DIY Wood Duck Box House Plans [Free]

For animal and nature lovers, making a cute animal feel safe and cozy in its environment is an awesome DIY idea. Wood duck boxes are, essentially, what they sound like they...

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