The 10 Gardening Tools You Need For A Healthy Yard

gardening tools

For me, gardening is a way to escape the pressures of work for a while. What better way to spend a Saturday than to go out into the garden and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere? As I grow older, it’s gotten more and more important to me to keep my garden perfectly manicured. I’ve been known to dig up a bunch of weeds just to make sure there are no thistles creeping up through my rosemary, for instance. So it helps to have a supply of high-quality gardening tools that keep your yard looking exceptional. Your tools are your garden, so you really need to pick and choose them wisely!

Some Indispensable Gardening Tools

A Trowel

For those of you into gardening and landscaping, a trowel is a tool used to spread soil; it’s one of the most basic tools that a gardener or landscaper needs to have on hand. A shovel is good for digging in, but not for spreading out the soil because that dig can damage the roots. It’s very light, easy to use, and it will keep your hands clean when you’re working in the garden. 

Garden Gloves

Gardening gloves

People that engage in gardening have been shown to benefit from it. It creates a lot of fun and pleasant feelings. It is important to have the right set of gardening gloves in order to work with the rich earth. 

Working during the cold season or in damp soil without garden gloves can be risky. Garden gloves essentially provide extra protection to your hands and fingernails and allow you to keep them clean and dry. Besides helping you avoid getting blisters in your hands, gloves protect your existing cuts from potential infections.

A Spade

best garden spade

If you have a large backyard or garden, chances are that you own a gardening spade. Designed with a rectangular metal blade and a long handle, it is commonly used to move and turn the soil in the garden when adding fertilizer or organic matter. Being designed as a digging tool, a spade allows deep penetration in order to remove plants from the ground for transplanting. In addition, creating and maintaining edges in your garden to give it an elegant look is made easier with a spade.

A String Trimmer

string trimmers

Weed wacking string trimmers are a type of gardening tool that doesn’t use fuel, cords or electricity. They are used to trim and cut away plants, grasses and weeds in the garden.

A weed wacking string trimmer is a piece of gardening equipment that is used for cutting grasses, weeds and other types of vegetation in the garden. Weed whacking string trimmers operate on their own power source, which means that they don’t need fuel or electricity to work.

A Bow Rake

A bow rake is a valuable tool with 14-16 curved or vertical tines arranged in a straight line with a long wooden or metallic handle. With a bow rake, removing excess leaves and pulling away dead turf from your garden is quite easy. Moving heavy items, such as spreading soil or mulching your garden is a much better use for a bow rake.

A Hand rake

If you have a garden bed, buying a hand rake is a basic requirement. It is designed like a bow rake, but it smaller in size with a shorter handle. With stiff and strong tines, it is especially good for digging to turn the soil or till your garden. Having smaller tines allows it to pick tough weeds and smaller debris out of the garden bed.

A Hoe

A hoe is a versatile and important hand tool for any serious gardener. It is long-handled fitted with a thin curved metal blade. Besides the traditional roles of shaping the soil, removing weeds, clearing the soil, a hoe has many other uses. For example, its curved shape allows it to harvest any root crops within your garden. If you need to dig shallow trenches to plant bulbs or seeds in your garden, a hoe will be the most ideal tool for you.

A Weed puller

If you are looking for a tool that will let you weed without having to get your hands knees to do it manually, then a weed puller is the right choice. It is designed with a split-tip and a long handle. A curved metal is fitted within the handle which is placed on the ground when the tip is digging. A weed puller helps you to remove weeds, particularly those with long roots extending deep into the ground.

A Dandelion digger

As a gardener, you probably want to remove dandelions and other robust weeds with minimal disturbance to the soil or without causing harm to other plants in your garden. If that is the case, then a dandelion digger will be the right tool for you. It is designed like a screwdriver, but with a wooden handle and a digging end that looks like a fishtail.

Pruning or garden shears

If there are smaller stems and branches in your garden that require to be trimmed, a pair of pruning or garden shears is the perfect tool. Like a pair of scissors, a typical garden shear is designed with two sharp steel blades with a curved end for cutting thicker stems.


Designed with long handles, loppers allow you to comfortably reach twigs and branches in your garden for pruning. Loppers are pretty much like loppers, but with long handles letting you cut thinner stems, branches, and deadhead plants with a lot of ease.