If you’re looking to build a treehouse, we’ve got you covered. We’ve assembled a mega-list of 38 different DIY tree house plans from around the internet.

There are a variety of different styles to choose from: tree forts with rock climbing walls, hanging tree bars, futuristic builds with spiral staircases, hanging cocoons, and minimalist hideaways.

Scroll through our list and see if you are inspired to construct one of these fun backyard wood projects. They’re definitely one of our favorite, larger DIY things to do when bored.

38  DIY Tree House Plans & Ideas

38 DIY Treehouse Plans

1. The Modern Magic Kids Treehouse Idea

Building a backyard tree house for your children can be both engaging and educational thanks to these free plans. And this is not your run-of-the-mills tree house.

It stands on a set of wooden stilts, and it’s just a plywood framed-box. This means that it’s both easy to make or disassemble if there is a need for that.

For stability and safety, the builder recommends off-the-shelf steel anchors, and you can use standard beams, sheets, and board to build this children’s tree house.


2. The Treeless Team Blueprint

If you want to build a nice tree house but you lack the perfect tree, these free tree house plans will come in handy.

Your first step is picking the right spot to build this treeless house.

Instead of an ordinary tree, you’ll need a substitute – a small pole measuring 20 feet in length and 8 inches in diameter which you can buy at a lumber yard. There are detailed explanations and diagrams to help you along so don’t worry even if it’s your first DIY project. Just find some suitable trees!


3. The Wellness Mama Treefort Build

This cool tree house will not only be a spot for your children to play but it will also serve as a place for climbing and exercise.

The tree house has a climbing wall with a rope and an enclosed clubhouse area. However, this is a lengthy project, and you’ll need several hands on deck to help you build it.

You also should know that some aspect of the construction might be considered risky so read everything carefully before you start building the house. This is a great structure to add to your backyard to tire your kids out!


4. The Apartment Therapy DIY Treehouse Design

This concept is a delight for any child, but it might seem like an impossible task to build one for an amateur.

But now you have this amazing treehouse design suitable for people with minimal skills.

Thanks to it, you can build a simple treehouse in a day with some scrap wood and branches. Just don’t place it high on the tree because it’s an open construction.

And choose your tree very carefully – it must have strong branches starting high up. It’s definitely a simple design- we hope you have a sturdy tree trunk in your yard! Many types of cypress trees can work for this.


5. The Kid’s Slide And Swing Idea

If you are looking for an outdoor plan for younger children, this is the design for you.

This amazing tree house is a simple self-supporting platform, which is built around the tree not in it, unlike traditional tree houses.

It features stairs with handrails to make it easier for kids to climb inside, a slide, and a set of swings. For older children, you can tweak the design and swap the stairs with a ladder.


6. The Cool Hanging Treehouse Bar Blueprint

Are you looking for a unique and fun plan? Then you have to see this design. It features a house with rounded walls, which hang from the tree.

Moreover, it has a transparent roof to let natural sunlight, and there is enough room to lie comfortably inside. It’s essential that you follow the instructions to the letter because if you don’t reinforce the carrying beams properly, the construction might fall.


7. The Easy Treehouse Cottage Build

To build this backyard design, you need a tree with a canopy larger than the floor of your tree house.

The plans are for an 8 x 8 ft tree house, but you can change them if you have a larger or a smaller tree.

Moreover, there are detailed instructions with pictures available in a PDF file and a list of materials that you can print and go shopping.


8. The Backyard Kids Treehouse Design

The Backyard Kids Treehouse Design

This cool option will be an excellent addition to any backyard and will delight children of all ages.

It’s a slightly complicated construction so read the instructions carefully and get someone to help you with the heavy lifting.

Make the ladder with steps spaced at 10” to make it easy for small children to climb inside and add a 36” high railing for safety.


9. The Three Tree Crook Idea

The Three Tree Crook Treehouse Idea

An outdoor house like this one requires two or three branches in proximity (2-3 small trees will also work) and a couple of weekends to finish.

The builder uses pressure-treated wood for the floor and the support and an old fence for the sides.

What’s good about this plan is that you’re not going to build a roof. Instead, you’re going to use a camouflage-pattern tarp to keep the insides of the tree house dry.


10. The Pirate Hideout Project

The Pirate Hideout Treehouse Project

Boys always dream to be pirates, and now you can build them a pirate tree house in just nine steps.

Keep in mind, though, that this won’t be a cheap tree house and it will take you around 100 hours to finish it.

Moreover, there are not many pictures to illustrate the building process, and the builder doesn’t mention all the hardware he uses so this plan is more suitable for someone with experience.


11. The Ultimate Kid’s Plan

The Ultimate Kid's Treehouse Plan

The minute you see this family tree house, you’ll fall in love with it.

It has everything a child can dream of – slides, stairs, several decks at different levels, a sandbox, and a mulched play area. What’s more, beneath the much area there are 2” thick foam mats to soften any fall.

The roof is made of asphalt shingles to keep the rain out, and pressure-treated lumber is used for the exterior of this tree house fort. If you’re going to build out something that looks like a lofted tiny house, consider adding some DIY kitchen cabinets to really take it to the next level!


12. The Redwood Big Blueprint

The Redwood Big Treehouse Blueprint

If you happen to have a large tree stump in your garden surrounded by big trees, you can build yourself one which will be the talk of the neighborhood.

You’re going to use the surrounding trees as a support for the framing, copper pipes for the railings, and some old bedpost to add character to your construction.

Unfortunately, the builder doesn’t go into many details regarding the building process.


13. The Lumber Tree Platform Build

If you want a tree house that will add character to your backyard, this is the plan for you.

This beautiful tree house is built around the tree with a ladder that leads to the deck.

Moreover, there are three trap doors and corner seat benches for the children. You’ll need a lot of help to build this tree house so make sure that you gather all your family and friends.


14. The Mother Earth Treehouse Project

Are you looking for some useful advice for building a tree house? Then you’ve found the right place.

There are tips how to choose the right material and the perfect the tree and how to build the platform, floors, roofs, deck, and railings.

To access the tree house, you can either make steps or use a wooden/ rope ladder. Just don’t forget to check with your local authorities whether you need a builder’s permit.


15. The A-Frame Treehouse Plan

To build this tree house, you have two options. You can use one tree, and two posts or you have to use four posts as support.

Another thing you’ll need is plywood sheets measuring 4×8. There is a list of all the necessary materials and step-by-step instructions to make thing easier. If you wish to add more character to your tree house, you can use asphalt shingles for the roof.


16. The World Class Treehouse Design

This play tree house is an excellent choice if you want something modern and durable. This tree house has a rustic cabin with a porch and a ladder.

The most important thing you should do if you want to minimize the damage to the tree is to build a sturdy platform that could bear the weight of the cabin.

In this way, the cabin is not attached to the tree. However, this is a complicated project that requires skills and abilities, so it’s not suitable for a novice builder.


17. The Outdoor Tree Fort Plan

If you wish to share a treehouse with your neighbors, you can try this tree house plan.

The tree house uses one tree as a support post while the rest of the constructions straddle the wall between you and your neighbor. What’s so great about this tree house design is that there are videos that illustrate every step. And the tree house will last for years with no damage to the tree.


18. The Deluxe Treehouse Design

This free standing tree house is perfect if you want something safe and sturdy which won’t hurt your tree in the long run.

The unusual triangular framework makes sure that your construction is stable and you won’t even have to sink the post into the ground.

The builder provides you with a complete list of the necessary materials to build this tree house including a cut to dimensions. Also, there are diagrams and pictures to guide you through. However, this is not a simple project so read the instructions carefully.


19. The Simple Treehouse Build

Building a treehouse for your children doesn’t have to take months to complete.

This design features a tree house with an 8×8 platform which stands six feet from the ground, and you can have it ready in a week.

There is no ladder because the children can use the side supports to climb inside, but you can add one if you want. The builder warns that this is not a project for people who don’t have experience working with power tools. He also recommends that you check your local code before starting the tree house.


20. The Backyard Treehouse Design

Don’t worry if you don’t have a tree thick enough to support a tree house. Take a look at this plan which will help you build a tree house between two trees.

What’s also great is that the builder provides you with tons of instructions and pictures to illustrate his actions.

However, the boards are lag bolted to the trees which will damage them to some extent. Be careful that you don’t accidentally kill your trees or there will be no tree house.


21. The 2 Story Hamma Hamma Plan

This unique tree house looks so magnificent that you can hardly resist its charms.

It features two stories, full-length windows to provide plenty of natural light, and a place for two lounge chairs on the bottom level.

The whole construction measures 200 square feet so make sure that you have enough space to build it. And the good thing is that the plans come with an instruction guide to help you. This one is especially fancy- imagine adding a DIY wine rack inside. It’d be a cozy place to sip some Cabarnet and watching a snowy sunset.


22. The Bonbibi Build

When you look at this cute tree house, you can’t but admire the design.

Built between two trees the tree house has a spiraling staircase leading to a covered deck and a room fit for a queen.

However, keep in mind that this plan requires two custom fabricated pieces of hardware, which are expensive. But if you are going for something impressive to add character to your backyard or garden this tree house will do the trick.


23. The Sahale Treehouse Idea

This tree house blows the mind with an impressive castle-like design. It features a solid covered deck with plenty of room for play and railings for safety, two stories, and a ladder to climb inside.

Keep in mind that this is not a simple construction due to the cylindrical walls and that it’s suitable for someone with experience in woodworking. And don’t worry. You can tweak the design to suit the available space in your backyard.


24. The Single Story Plan

If a cute tree house is what you have in mind for your children, take a look at these plans.

The house is spacious with its nearly 200 square feet so that your kids will have room for all kinds of games.

Moreover, the plans allow you to add two bunk beds, a toilet, and even a love seat. It could also be a perfect love nest if you are looking for some solitude.


25. The Fall City Treehouse Build

This impressive home tree house is big enough to fit two or three people comfortably.

It measures slightly over 110 square feet without the deck, so there is enough room for some furniture like a lounge chair and a love seat. The tree house also has a porch with railings, a ladder for access, and big windows to let the sunlight. Sounds comfy, right?


26. The Marblemount Platform Hut Idea

There always comes a time when you can’t bear to be stuck between four walls. Then this treehouse platform might come in handy.

It measures 160 square feet, and there is plenty of space for chairs or a comfy sofa. And you can modify the plan easily to suit your needs.


27. The Big Window Omak Plan

If you think about building a little hideaway in the backyard for the times when you need solitude, this treehouse might be just the thing.

It’s big enough to fit a queen bed, two chairs, and a table – and what else could you want? What’s more, the tree house has a full-sized window so that you won’t be staying in the dark and a beautiful porch with a staircase.


28. The Small Windowed Treehouse Build

When you take a look at this tiny treehouse in a tree, you might immediately fall in love with it.

It’s just like a real small house big enough for a queen bed and two lounge chairs. And the separate entrance to the deck makes it perfect when you need some me time.


29. The Stehekin Large Treehouse Idea

If you are looking for plans for a cool tree house, this one will definitely catch your eye.

It has a window wall which is perfect for birdwatching or just observing the landscape. This big tree house measures 325 square feet with enough space for a two to sleep comfortably in the loft. However, building such a tree house might not be easy for a novice.


30. The Stehekin Small Treehouse Project

This is a smaller version of the previous tree house, and an excellent choice for those of you that don’t have space for a big, luxurious tree house.

The Stehekin small tree house measures less than 100 square feet. In other words, it’s big enough for a small bed or two lounging chairs. It’s not much, but it’s perfect if you want a place to spend the afternoon.


31. The Multi-Level Oso Treehouse Blueprint

Even though tree houses are regarded as a hideaway for kids, they can work for adults too.

And this one – with its multi-levels and beautiful design might be the perfect backyard tree house for you. It measures almost 215 square feet, and you can fit inside a lounge chair or a four-person table for playing board games or housing parties. Another gorgeous option, if you want to keep it clean, consider adding a DIY shoe rack so your fort floor doesn’t get too dirty!


32. The Climbing Wall Treehouse Idea

The Climbing Wall Treehouse Idea

Are you searching for cool tree house ideas? Then you can combine a tree house and a climbing wall.

The design features a house with a porch, a ladder, and a climbing wall. The builder uses pressure treated pine for the construction and various power tools. He advises that you read everything carefully and that you check with your local authorities. To build this unique tree house, you must have some knowledge of construction and engineering.


33. The Cocoon Treehouse Project

The Cocoon Treehouse Project

Don’t want to bother with complicated construction and you want an easy to make tree house?

Then this cocoon might be perfect if you up for some adventure. You just need an Ikea hanging seat, an Ikea air element, a braided rope, and two Ikea rope ladders, plus screws and washer. And you can put everything together in one day.


34. The High Up Treehouse Plan

The High Up Treehouse Plan

If you happen to have a tree with long branches, you can try to build a treehouse in the tree.

The builder advises that you use high-quality lumber to ensure the stability and safety of the tree house and that you consult an expert if you are not confident in what you’re doing. Also, if the tree house is placed too high up the tree, it could be dangerous for a child to use it.


35. The Rope Bridge Treehouse Idea

The Rope Bridge Treehouse Idea

Every tree house has some obligatory elements, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment, right? Well, this design will help you to build an impressive tree house that will delight both children and adults. And that’s not all.

There are instructions on how to make a suspension bridge to complete the picture.


36. The DIY Tree Forts Blueprint

Does your kid love to play in a fort? Then he will love to have his own tree fort in your backyard. And now thanks to these free plans you can build one of the best tree forts with multiple accesses points, a ladder, a water balloon launcher, rock climbing grips, and more.

To protect your trees from damage, read the instructions carefully and take the necessary precautions. And keep in mind that this is not a cheap project and it might cost you up to $1.300.


37. The Treetop Hideaway Idea

If you are looking for an easy to build a tree house, this A-frame tree house might just be the thing for you.

The important thing is that the floor shouldn’t be more than six feet above the ground for safety and you can add built-ins if you wish. There are diagrams to help you during the building process.


38. South Carolina Treehouse Blueprint

To build this simple tree house, you’ll need a ratchet drill, a ratchet set, multiple bits, a miter saw, and a reciprocating saw.

What’s great about the plan is that there are instructions which explain the building process in details. And the finishing tree house platform looks fantastic.


Tree House Building Tips

Check out our roundup tree house plan video above- it’s a handy way to get an overview of the available styles!

Since we compiled so many different outdoor plans it only made sense to examine some general best practices when it comes to constructing them. One of the great benefits of owning a large property is the potential for erecting one of these adventurous structures. It’s frequently a right of passage for parents and their children.

Over at outsideonline.com they have some specific advice for prospective builders. The first thing they say is that since trees, obviously, grow and move, your treehouse will need to allow for that. They recommend that if your treehouse connects to more than a single tree it’s best to bolt it to the largest tree and use floating brackets for every other connection.

The second bit of advice they offered is to keep the number of holes you put in the tree as low as possible. The more holes you drill the likelier a tree can be infected with fungus or pathogens.

All of the penetrations should be spaced at least 18 inches from each other and should never form a straight line because that can cause a large gaping wound to open in the tree that could be deadly to it.

The third bit of advice is that you shouldn’t place wood against the tree because the wood will gather water causing the beams to rot. You can use an attachment bolt to ensure that your wooden planks and beams have a 3 or 4-inch distance from the tree bark itself.

Another interesting consideration is to project how far into the future you imagine you’ll still be using your treehouse. They advise making it large enough to accommodate adults or at least teenagers because it’s likely the treehouse will get some use even after your children have grown up.

Or imagine that your kids are going off to college and you’ve still got it in the backyard. You don’t want it to be a juvenile eyesore in your suburban neighborhood, so build it to last for a lifetime or make it easy to disassemble. Before you rush out into the backyard with your tape measure and hammer, take some time to peruse the different plans online to get a sense of all the different features you can add to make the treehouse splendorous.

For example, you can outfit it with long slides, zip lines, portholes, even rockclimbing walls. There are also some fun themes you can incorporate- making it a princesses palace, spaceship or a pirate theme- anything you can imagine and sketch out for yourself. If you’re trimming down the tree consider recycling some of those limbs and branches into the treehouse’s woodwork- perhaps constructing a rustic railing that overlooks the backyard lawns of your suburban neighbors.