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diy snowglobe plans

16 Glorious DIY Snow Globes [Free Plans]

    We’ve collected a glorious list of 16 DIY snowglobe plans. These globes are fun crafts projects. Whether you’re creating a Christmas scene from a marmalade jar, or something spookier for Halloween- there’s a lot of different options. A weird one is #4. It’s a ‘personalized’ snow globe containing a lifelike figure that also plays a […]

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    diy guinea pig cage designs

    13 Cozy DIY Guinea Pig Cages [List]

      If you have a guinea pig you understandably want them to live in splendor. If you can’t find one for sale that meets your needs, it’s actually not that hard to build your own. We’ve assembled an eclectic list of DIY cage plans. Some designs include a massive, L-shaped two-story design (#13); an outdoor structure […]

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      do it yourself arcade cabinet plans

      18 Fantastic DIY Arcade Cabinet Plans [List]

        I grew up in the 90s and loved nothing more than jamming quarters into NBA On Showtime: NBA on NBC. To my mind, the best arcade game ever.I’d pay a small fortune to get the video-game emulation working (apparently no one has gotten it to work). But I digress. It shouldn’t surprise you that there […]

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        The Gravity-Powered Go-Kart Design

        32 [Awesome] DIY Go Kart Plans

          If you’re looking to build a DIY go kart, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve assembled a mega-list of 32 go kart project blueprints. Scroll through the list, gather inspiration, and click the green View Plans button to view the source blueprints. These open-wheel cars come in a variety of shapes and styles. Some […]

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          The Extra Large Play House Plan

          75 Dazzling DIY Playhouse Plans [Free]

            Children’s playhouses are fun indoor & outdoor spaces for kids to entertain themselves. The list below collects 75 playhouse design plans that you can build yourself. Scroll through and check out the diverse project plans. There are a variety of styles. Whether you want a minimalist, square playhouse for the corner of your backyard, or […]

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