If you just got into shooting, you might be wondering what a shooting bench is. Thankfully, it’s nothing too complicated or dangerous, and it is exactly what it sounds like: it’s a bench that you can shoot from.

The main purpose is for this bench to help you stay stable while you shoot so that you could have better aim. It’s best for people who are just getting into shooting and want to be able to do their best, even with a little bit of aid.

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It’s a flat table that has cutout sections for either left or right-handed people to shoot. You can, of course, purchase one for yourself, or you can customize one to suit your needs for a lot cheaper. Read on to find some ideas on how to create your own shooting bench- click the links for full details and pdfs. Don’t forget, we’ve got tons of other DIY projects to try!

7 DIY Shooting Bench Plans

1. A Simple DIY Project

I made a shooting bench. Thought I’d share from DIYGuns

Here is a very standard and simple option- a great woodworking project. It doesn’t have any fancy features and is simply made out of regular wood. It also has the added feature of having two cutouts on either side.

If you’re going to be the only one using your creation, then you don’t necessarily have to do this since the main purpose of these cutouts is to accommodate people who are either right and left-handed. It has a sturdy bench to sit on and the table itself is large enough to accommodate any rifle that you want to set on it.


2. Standard Layout

224 Valkyrie, silencerco hybrid, new shooting bench I just built from ar15

This shooting platform features the standard layout that includes two cutouts on either side. Since you don’t know automatically if the person who will be using the table is right or left-handed, most shooting benches feature cutouts on either side. You can add a more comfortable bench seat if you’d like.

It also has a long bench that will be suitable for anyone sitting on either side. Most people who commented on this option said that it’s evident that this was made with the best quality materials and that it has a sturdy build. When you go into making your own, it’s important that you use the best materials you can find, even if it means that you may have to spend some extra money.

This is something that you will be putting a gun on, so you want to make sure that it’s as sturdy as possible.


3. Lightweight Option

Plans for a take down portable shooting bench. from canadaguns

Here is a great choice for you if you were looking for something that is lightweight- a mobile bench. Upon first glance, you might think that this table is not going to hold up well, but people who have used it and made it said that the opposite is true.

In the comments under this design, there are people suggesting that you seal the wood down after it’s complete since the main tool that will be used is plywood. Plywood is notorious for rotting when there is a lot of moisture in the air, so you will end up with a table that lasts you a lot longer with this method.

The only main tool that is needed for creating this bench is a jigsaw, although the original poster said that you should also look to sanding the edges to make sure that everything is clean and smooth. Otherwise, the lightweight design of this portable bench makes it a highly attractive option for people who might want to take their bench outside of their backyard. All it takes to build is some basic tools and screws. 


4. A Cheap and Portable DIY

My $40 portable shooting bench! from canadaguns

This shooting platform only cost the person who created it $40, so it’s excellent for if you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend too much. Even with that being said, the table was still sturdy enough to handle a rifle.

This option is also portable, which means that you can take it wherever you want to- to your friend’s backyard, to the shooting range, to hunting grounds, and anywhere else where you are authorized to go shooting. It doesn’t get much better than a DIY project that is cheap and portable- the guide has all the ideal measurements to create this base of operations for your target practice.


5. Easy and Neat Blueprint

Found some simple plans online. $100 and Saturday later, I have a new shooting bench. [OC] from guns

The person who posted this idea said that it took them all of one day to complete and cost only $100. So, if you’re someone who might not have a lot of time to dedicate to doing an intensive construction project, then this is definitely an option you will want to look into. Plus, the person said that they don’t have much experience with woodworking and simply followed all the instructions from a template they found.

Make sure that the wood you’re using is clean and neat and that all of your cuts are made with high-quality materials. Another thing to keep in mind is to measure the table according to how large the weapon you intend to use with it is so you make a safe spot for its usage. You can even add some cushioning to make it a more comfortable seat.


6. Small and Sturdy

Take-down shooting bench I made. from Firearms

Upon looking at this simple design, you might wonder if it has what it takes to withstand anything that you put it through. But the person who made it said that the table is “surprisingly sturdy” and they had no issues when they went to use the table for its intended purpose.

It is definitely meant for someone who has a smaller rifle or even a handgun, so if this is you, then this is an option that you may want to consider. The biggest part is making sure that all the parts are cut correctly and that you use high-quality wood for this. Break out your gun collection, equipment and get shooting- and add a coat of paint to make it even more stylish.


7. Easy to Access

New shooting bench. from woodworking

The hobby shooter who made this one made it for their father-in-law, who has trouble lifting his legs over benches. So, if you’re someone with leg issues or if you’re living with someone who can’t lift their legs either, then you may want to consider this option.

It allows you to simply walk in sideways to sit down, much like you would if you’re at a movie theater and need to walk across a row. Besides that, it’s made out of clean lumber and is large enough to suit any rifle that you intend to go shooting with. This is a great option overall for people who might not have the most physical abilities but are still in a condition to use guns. Just break out your drill and screws with some plywood sheeting. Great for target shooters!


8. Mobile Platform

Guns have a rich history. It all began in the 12th century with hand cannons, which were very slow and not that powerful. And then the matchlock guns were invented and they contributed to a dramatic change in military tactics. Guns became faster and more accurate than ever before, which led to their widespread use in wars. The invention of the revolver changed things once again. It was much faster than any other gun at the time and it’s still popular today for self-defense because of its reliability and power. Now more than ever they are used for sport- and these shooting platforms are a great way to participate!