My garden is full of roses. You can see them in my yard, in my sister-in-law’s yard, and at the springtime events I have planned for this year. They truly are in my heart. I love them because they are delightful flowers that grow beautifully in my backyard. 

I’m always trying to create a garden that will be a welcome sanctuary for my family. The flowers, the plants, and the trees. There are so many beautiful gardens in the world that I’m constantly looking for inspiration and learning from other people’s gardens. This post will look at some of my favorite types of roses.

rose garden

I’ve got you covered with some amazing pictures of common varieties (scroll down a bit). Plus we cover some care tips and even the meaning of different colors.

Having a garden full of grown roses can be very refreshing and beautiful. The fragrances, plus their attractiveness to birds and honey bees can be a satisfying scene to enjoy as well. Roses bring great aromas in the air, which can calm your nerves and help relieve stress.

Roses are very ancient flowers. They are said to have originated from Asia but the first one in America was seen in Colorado, United States. In the Egyptian pyramids, images have been seen, proving common garden roses are ancient flowers.

In the early 1800s, roses started spreading from Asia to Europe. Ever since, the Rosa species spread all over Europe, down to Northern Africa and later the rest of the world. Today, it is estimated there are over 140 species of rose varieties all over the world.

This type of flower has also played significant roles in History. The War of Roses in England happened between the Lancaster and the Yolks’. A red rose was used to symbolize the Lancaster while a white rose was used to signify the York. These two houses competed in ruling England.

On the other hand, the great writer of the book ‘Romeo and Juliet’, William Shakespeare, used these flowers in this particular book.

Colors & Meaning

These shrubs are categorized into three types. Old, New or Modern roses and species roses. They’re also important symbols of romance, love, and other significant theories. For example:

  • Red symbolize romance and love
  • White symbolizes purity
  • Orange symbolizes passion
  • Pink symbolizes gratitude and admiration
  • Yellow symbolizes appreciation of friendships

With romance, several messages can be passed with these flowers. For instance;

  • One is love at first sight
  • Two means deep romance and affection
  • Three-point love towards the receiver
  • Six express desire to be someone’s
  • Seven say infatuation
  • Nine portray unending love
  • Ten means you are irreplaceable

Species Rosa is not only used to send messages like love and romance but also has other uses like making fragrances and perfumes and beauty products. The rosewaters also have properties that relax irritation and hydrate the skin. Rose fruits contain vitamin C which is good for your body too.


When you choose to grow roses in your garden, there are a lot of ways to care for these shrubs as they will need it to grow and blossom well.

A good drainage system is a plus, this means good soil with good drainage is key when planting them. They also love sunlight. They can withstand a lot of sun though too much sunlight can wither the flowers. This does not mean the plant itself will be affected. Adequate natural sunlight is key when planting these flowers.

You could add fertilizer to spring things up. Fertilizer helps them grow well and quite fast. We recommend great quality fertilizer like down-to-earth organic rose and flower fertilizer and Bayer flower care fertilizer. After planting, make sure to water them thrice a week to keep the soil moist, especially during summer.

Pruning is key to help remove withered petals and unhealthy stalks. This also enhances the look of the plant itself and the garden in general.

It is important to keep a close look at the shrubs to ensure weeds do not manifest on them. Mites too can invade them and, for this reason, it is essential to spray your flowers with pesticide once a month. This will regulate the mites and help the flowers grow well.

For those who wish to plant them inside their houses, it is essential to plant them near direct sunlight and openings like windows. This will ensure they do not easily wither due to the heat in the house. They do not mind shades as long as they get adequate sunlight.

It is also important to ensure if you have them planted in pots, holes should be created on the pots to ensure excess water during rainfall is disposed of. These plants are not to be submerged in water as they will stress, wither and probably die.

17 Stunning Varieties Of Rose

There are different types of roses grown all over the world. We have listed 17 kinds of these plants here.

Climbing Rose (Rosa Setigera Michx)

Climbing Rose (Rosa Setigera Michx)

These types tend to produce big colored flowers that blossom almost all year round. Considered an ancient rose, many people train those on fences since they can grow well once planted. They mostly grow well if planted perpendicularly since it will be able to follow the fencing or wall to cover.

They can be very bushy and it is essential to prune and mulch. A rose with a climbing habit can be subdivided into other categories like:

Mermaid climbing rose with white petals.

  1. Blush Noissete 
  2. Rosa Canina
  3. Rugosa Hansa
  4. Ballerina shrub
  5. Marie Pavie
  6. Sally Holmes climbing
  7. Wild
  8. Zephirine Drouhin
  9. Antique Moss
  10. Rosa Mutabilis
  11. Sombreuil climbing
  12. Lady Banks climbing

All these subcategories have different characteristics like a small petal for the Lady Banks rose, which has a climbing growth habit. The long petals for the Rosa Mutabilis and different variety of colors for all like the dark shades of the Portland rose and attractive pink of the Antique Moss.

Shrub Roses

Shrub Roses

Regarded as a combination of old and modern shrubs, they grow really fast. They grow to an average of 6 feet high and require less care as they are less dependent. They are bushy and the flowers blossom largely with white roses which are easy to spot.

Due to their height, they are a good kind to plant in houses and balconies. They come in different colors like red, pink and white. There are other varieties of shrub roses. These include;

  1. Famous William Shakespeare
  2. Fair Bianca
  3. Darlows
  4. Henry Hudson
  5. Champlain
  6. Carefree Wonder
  7. Bonica
  8. Ballerina
  9. Penelope
  10. Carefree
  11. Cuthbert Grant
  12. John Cabot
  13. Modern Blush

It is also important to note that shrubs fight mites and other adverse conditions well.

Miniature Roses

Miniature Roses

This kind is favorable in houses and even house corridors. They grow to only 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide hence the other name mini roses. They can also be done on hanging pots and baskets. They produce fewer flowers that are yellowish and cream in color.

The plant itself offers a nice serene green environment. Other types of miniature varieties are;

  1. Cinnamon girl
  2. Childs play
  3. Sun sprinkles
  4. Sorcerer
  5. Twinkling lights
  6. Hot tamale
  7. Innocence which is famously used for fragrances

Grandiflora Rose

Grandiflora rose

Grows to a maximum of 5 feet tall, the Grandiflora rose brings out red, pink, orange and yellow roses. The flowers can either form clusters or blossom individually. It is also referred to as the Queen Elizabeth rose due to its beauty.

They do exceedingly well during summertime but still sprout during other times. This type is used also to make perfumes because of its nice aroma.

Hybrid Tea Rose

Hybrid Tea Rose

Growing up to 8 feet tall, this kind produces many roses of up to 40 petals. Hybrid tea roses catch diseases quite often making many gardeners pessimistic of planting them. They come in colors like pink, yellow, green, purple, white, orange and red.

Varieties of hybrid tea rose include;

  1. Black Magic
  2. Chrysler Imperial
  3. Olympiad
  4. Peace
  5. Touch of Class
  6. Double Delight
  7. First Prize
  8. Fragrant Cloud

Polyantha Rose

Polyantha Rose

Growing up to 3 feet tall and also known as baby roses, they are great for pots and containers in houses due to their height. They blossom well despite all climatic conditions. They come in different colors like red, pink, white, and dull pink.

This kind does not require a lot of care since they can thrive alone. Other common kinds of polyantha include;

  1. Doc
  2. Bashful
  3. Fairy
  4. China Doll
  5. Grumpy
  6. Happy
  7. Sneezy

Floribunda Rose

Floribunda Rose

This kind produces large flowers with several clusters and grows up to 4 feet tall. They are good for gardens and are regarded as an all-around producer of flowers and comes in colors like pink and red. They can grow bushy meaning pruning for them is compulsory. They also have less fragrance from the flowers and fall under the modern roses.

Popular types of floribunda include;

  1. Burgundy Ice
  2. Mardi Gras
  3. Tuscan Sun
  4. Betty Bopp

Rambler Or The Rambling Rose

Rambler Or The Rambling Rose

Considered a modern rose, this kind blooms only once or twice a year. They are good for fences as they can follow any kind of fence, from walls to barbed wires. They produce white attractive colored flowers with a serene green surrounding of the stalks and leaves.

A single stem could hold up to 15 flowering buds. These flowers require less maintenance but pruning is key since they can grow rapidly and form bushes.

Some varieties are;

  1. Kiftsgate,
  2. Snow Goose
  3. Phyllis Bide
  4. Wedding Day
  5. American pillar
  6. Malvern Hills

English Roses (Epithet)

English Roses Epithet

Another type of modern rose, this kind is quite disease hardy with great fragrance. They come in colors like yellow, purple, orange, pink and white. They are good in gardens since they can grow up to 6 feet tall. This kind is also used to produce fragrances and perfumes.

Moss Rose (Andrewsii)

Moss Rose Andrewsii
Moss Rose Andrewsii

Sometimes referred to as the Andrewsii plant, these colorful flowers can grow a lot of roses. Coming in many different colors like red, pink, yellow, magenta, dark orange, and white, they flourish in warm climates and cannot stand harsh sunlight or heat. They are slow-growing flowers and this makes them great for both gardens and in-house planting. They grow to 2 feet tall.

This type only flowers once a year. Some kinds of Moss roses include;

  1. Crested Moss
  2. Happy Hour
  3. Sundial Fuchsia
  4. Delight
  5. Margarita
  6. Calypso
  7. Duet
  8. Fairy Tale
  9. Sundance
  10. The Tequila
  11. Yubi Summer

Alba Rose (Rosa Alba)

Alba Rose

Growing to an average height of 8 feet, this kind produces colors like white, pink and pale blue. They are good for in-house planting despite their height because they can do well in shades too. Little sunlight often though is a plus to them.

Varieties of this kind are;

  1. Semi plena
  2. Maiden’s Blush
  3. Blush Hip
  4. Celestial
  5. Félicité Parmentier
  6. Maiden’s Blush
  7. Queen Of Denmark
  8. Amelia, Belle Amour

Gallica Rose (Rosa Gallica)

Gallica Rose

They grow up to 5 feet tall and produce attractive colors like purple, pink, red and maroon with huge blooms. They are considered by many for in-house planting since they are disease resistant. They produce great fragrances too. Some varieties include;

  1. Tuscany Superb
  2. Anaïs Ségalas
  3. Assemblage Des Beautés
  4. Cramoisi Picoté
  5. Charles de Mills
  6. Rosa Mundi

Centifolia Roses

Centifolia Roses

These ones grow up to 7 feet tall. They are good for garden planting and produce nice aromas too with a graceful bloom. They produce mainly white and pink flowers.

Hybrid Perpetual Rose

Hybrid Perpetual Rose

This kind is very cool with fragrances, nice aromas, and a larger bloom size. They grow up to 6 feet and preferred by many growers. They produce flowers in colors like red, white, purple, and pink. They are mainly used for fragrance manufacture because of their strong nice smell.

Noisette Rose

Noisette Rose

These mainly white and yellow flowers can grow up to 12 feet tall with fragrant blooms. They are great choices for gardens and still grow on their own in bushes. They are a great attraction for bees and other floral insects. Due to their height, they can grow up fences and make your home a haven for these gorgeous flowers.

Generally, there a wide variety of these colorful plants all over the world. Other types like the Bourbon, Landscape which are mainly red and purple and damask are also common in various parts of the world.