Sometimes living in a small space can prove to be a bit challenging for your privacy. Installing a permanent door or an ugly solid wall is not always the available or the most desirable option. However, you can jazz up the feng shui of your small (tiny house?) or even large living space with the help of room dividers.

Room dividers might not be the best possible solution for achieving complete privacy, but they work extremely well in limited space situations.

Apart from being makeshift in nature, the texture and beauty that comes with room dividers are quite rustic and unique.

So, If you are looking for a way to jazz up your space, here are some great room divider ideas that you can DIY or buy.

15+ Cool Decorative Room Divider Ideas

1. Printed folding decorative screens

Folding screens were a total hit in the rooms of royalties. That is the reason why every folding screen of room divider has an antique and royal look to it. They not only serve the purpose of dividing the room, but they also add a hint of ancient beauty to it- even temporarily. When not being used as a divider, these folding screens blend well perfectly as a decorative item in one corner.


2. Extra-large extra high partitioning curtains

Instead of installing a huge and expensive screen, why not use some beautiful extra high curtains to divide the space. It is very easy to make a divider screen using curtains. The best part about this setup is that you are not stuck with one design forever. Whenever you stop feeling it, go and buy a different pair of curtains, and your room is set for a new look.


Video: Ikea Room Divider Hacks

3. A tall wooden bookshelf wall

A big fancy bookshelf will not just give you a beautiful and elegant room screen, it will also provide you with additional decoration space to add some panache to your room décor. You can align your books in a fancy pattern, use some shelves for elegant showpieces, vase with fresh flowers, and voila, you got yourself a beautiful and highly useful room divider.


4. Old school wooden partitioning slats

Wooden slats are quite a common choice when it comes to room dividers. These screens are not fully covering as they have a lot of slits in between. But they offer a look that is quite geometric and symmetrical in appearance. These types of room dividers are commonly used to separate small portions from larger areas in the house.


5. Fancy hanging glass wall partition

One of the most classy and sensual ways of dividing your room space is by putting a glass wall with sliding doors. A glass wall adds an unexpected grace and finesse to the setup of the room that will bring an instant smile to your face. You can use tinted glasses for adding more privacy to the setup, or you can leave it transparent to have a modern outlook.


6. Modern sliding doors

Sliding doors are a great option for adding a division in the room. Sliding doors can be styled in numerous possible ways. You can opt for wooden finished doors, screen doors, glass doors, textured fiber sheets, frosted glasses, or some other fancy pattern that goes well with your room setup.

7. Wooden frame with glass rods

Sometimes a divider is used only for demarcating living room spaces and adding a bit of style to the room décor. In that case, why go for a bulky setup when you can get a light and airy look. Using a wooden frame with thin glass rods can give a very graceful look to your entire setup. It will help separate out the two areas you desire and also act as an elegant piece of decoration.

8. An intricately designed wall

Don’t you just adore those amazing Mughal artistry with intricate, complex carvings? You can bring this look to your room by choosing a room divider with a similar design. It will act as a fancy partial screen the divides the room as well as add some beauty to it as well. These screens are a perfect match for people looking for minimalistic décor.

9. Small partition wall for a hint of privacy

You might not be in search of a room divider that blocks the entire view. Sometimes all you need a small space separator that adds a hint of privacy. In that case, you can go for a small screen that creates a partial block between two portions of the house. This separation will be temporary and won’t add a lot of bulk to the room.

10. Fancy & beautiful painting on high screens

If you love art, you would love to add some beautiful textures to your room divider as well. Folding room dividers can come in amazing patterns with beautiful landscapes. This creates a lovely and lively temporary wall in your room. It also acts like a fancy folded painting, sitting in the corner of your house, adding some grace and elegance effortlessly.

11. Cool mosaic hanging art wall

At times two rooms in your house might have a big pillar in between them, giving it an odd look. You cannot remove the pillar as your house stands on it, but you can change it into a beautiful room divider. You can hang some mosaic art on strings or glass rods and give it a beautiful divider screen look. It will help in separating two spaces as well as turn that big ugly pillar into something sweet and nice.

12. Unique wall with movable metallic tiles

This setup has a very urban look to it. If you live in a city, your home decor will have a reflection of the same. In that case, if you are looking for a room divider setup, you can get an elaborate metallic grid made as a divider and install some rotating tiles in between. These rotating tiles will provide partial as well as complete privacy whenever needed.

13. A bohemian tapestry curtain idea

If you live in a shared space and you love adding an artistic touch to your living space, this is the type of room divider you are looking for. Using a beautiful tapestry made with crochet or multicolor fabrics can add a lively touch to your room. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on this setup. In fact, if you are into sewing and crochet, you can make a beautiful tapestry as a room divider on your own.

14. An abstract wooden frame

Who said your room divider has to be a lonely standing wall with no purpose at all! Instead, you can install a room divider that has a lot of useful elements to it. You can add shelves, a folding desk for study and work purposes, and some other elements that can house fancy decoration pieces.

15. A ‘Living’ room separator

Many people often go for a wooden frame with some basic design as a room separator. Instead, why not create a vertical garden and add some greenery to your urban rooms. You can place wooden planters on your room divider and plant some fancy ornamentals in them. You can also add some air-purifying plants to create your own natural fresh air system inside the house.