toy boy diy plans & projects

14 Splendid DIY Toy Box Plans [Free]

If your kid’s toys are scattered all over the house- you know you need some sort of organizing solution.  You’re in luck- we’ve collected a a list of toy box blueprints. This way you can stylishly organize your children’s playthings. There are some pretty cool plans & pdfs on this list: #8 is bin built to look […]

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diy snowglobe plans

16 Glorious DIY Snow Globes [Free Plans]

We’ve collected a glorious list of 16 DIY snowglobe plans.  These globes are fun crafts projects. Whether you’re creating a Christmas scene from a marmalade jar, or something spookier for Halloween- there’s a lot of different options. A weird one is #4. It’s a ‘personalized’ snow globe containing a lifelike figure that also plays a custom audio […]

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diy guinea pig cage designs

13 Cozy DIY Guinea Pig Cages [List]

If you have a guinea pig you understandably want them to live in splendor. If you can’t find one for sale that meets your needs, it’s actually not that hard to build your own. We’ve assembled an eclectic list of DIY cage plans. Some designs include a massive, L-shaped two-story design (#13); an outdoor structure (#12) and even […]

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screen door diy project

15 Shabby Chic DIY Screendoors [List]

If you want to cultivate a delightful summer cross-breeze without the nuisance of outdoor pests invading your home, it might be time to build yourself a screen door. We assembled 15 DIY screendoor projects to inspire your inner carpenter.  There are some interesting options on this list- #15 is a classic, grilled look; #3 is made from […]

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do it yourself arcade cabinet plans

18 Fantastic DIY Arcade Cabinet Plans [List]

I grew up in the 90s and loved nothing more than jamming quarters into NBA On Showtime: NBA on NBC.To my mind, the best arcade game ever.I’d pay a small fortune to get the video-game emulation working (apparently no one has gotten it to work). But I digress. It shouldn’t surprise you that there are some amazing […]

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diy firewood rack plans

15 Dumb-Simple DIY Firewood Rack Plans [2018 List]

If you’ve got firewood lying around in a moldy heap somewhere- it’s time to chalk off a weekend and build yourself a DIY solution.  Below, we assembled 15 free DIY firewood rack plans.  There are some interesting styles on this list- #2 is a handsome, indoor vertical rack; #12 is an outdoor shanty for solid […]

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DIY Router Table Plans

49 DIY Router Table Plans [Ranked]

In this post, we assembled 49 free DIY router table plans. Scroll through the list below to check out the different designs. Click the ‘View Plans’ button to access the design blueprints- many are downloadable PDFs. There are some interesting project plans here- a foldaway design (#36); a handsome, hand-painted rolling router (#12); an upcycled desk router […]

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DIY entertainment center unit

40 DIY Entertainment Center Plans [Ranked]

Below, we’ve assembled a huge list of free entertainment center plans. They range from simple plywood jobs for your Xbox to elegant designs that could become the centerpiece of your living room.  There’s a remarkable range of designs available to choose from. If you want something cheap- you can upcycle some spare plywood, or even an […]

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Floating Shelves

31 Floating Shelf Plans [Ranked]

Floating shelves earn their name because they appear to ‘float’ without visible supports. If you’re looking to add some minimalist shelving to your living space, scroll through our list below of 31 floating shelf blueprints.  There are a bunch of different types you can build: reinforced kitchen storage shelves, computer tech shelves, entertainment area book shelves, and […]

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DIY Couch Plans

42 DIY Sofa Plans [Free Instructions]

We’ve compiled a list of 42 DIY couch sofa plans. Scroll through our list and click the ‘View The Plans’ button to check out the instructions.  There are a variety of different couch styles you can build- armless wood pallet sofas, casual outdoor loungers, guest bed sectional couches, plywood patio outdoor furniture and fold out couch […]

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