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There is a saying, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Perhaps the same holds true about furniture. What someone may see as outdated or something they no longer need due to downsizing or redecorating, someone else could consider a great find.

Perhaps we’re looking to replace a piece of furniture in our home or maybe we want to find a rare treasure such as an antique piece of furniture. Some of us may want to look for a unique rare vintage piece that could cost quite a bit in an antique store. That is why used furniture stores have always been popular.

However, these days it can be difficult to come across used furniture stores in our own neighborhoods that are near you, especially ones that deal in the vintage antique type furniture which is why online used furniture stores are now becoming quite popular.

So popular that there seems like too many to choose from. Well, we have taken the time to help take the guesswork out of where to go shopping for the best quality deals on used furniture.

The Best Second Hand Furniture Stores


The Best Used Furniture Stores Online

Yes, the mega online marketplace Amazon is actually a great place to go for used and even new furniture. You can filter the furniture category by “Used” to see their secondhand offers (click to view).

The thing that sets Amazon apart as a used furniture seller is that they tend to deal with not just private sellers bu licensed businesses as well.

They also have an option to have products insured for safe delivery as well as discount incentives as well. The important thing to remember though when shopping for used furniture on Amazon is to read the description of the product carefully. If you still have questions don’t hesitate to ask them to the seller, if they really want to sell the product they will get back with a pertinent answer.

Another thing that puts Amazon at the top of the list is that they are a place to find unique, and rare pieces of furniture at economical prices, there is a reason this is one of the top market places online, it is the place to find just about anything at a great price.


chairish app for second hand furniture

A wonderful app for those looking to buy or sell unique high-end pieces of furniture such as antiques. The app is ideal for use by interior decorators looking for a specific piece for their overall room design or have a client wanting a certain piece of furniture. Another nice thing about the app is that is is so easy to use.

Buyers can easily upload their items and buyers can find the pieces easily and have up to two days to return the product upon receiving if not satisfied. Keep in mind though, Chairish is about home curated pieces and tends to be a bit higher in price, this isn’t exactly the place for those looking for a great bargain, but it is a place to find quality antique and unique one of kind pieces.


apct deco for second hand furniture

For those residing in New York, this is a familiar name, after all, this second-hand furniture storefront is quite popular there. But it is starting to gain popularity in other areas of the United States as well with good reason.

AptDeco offers vintage, antique and unique furniture pieces. AptDeco offers several discounts and incentives to customers as well, making it possible to buy home curated furniture at a fraction of the cost. Another great feature is all their deliveries are insured and shipping is at no extra cost.


ebay logo

Known as an online auction website, they are like Amazon when it comes to having tons of different items in the database, that would, of course, include furniture. Those who want to can try to win an auction for a particular item they are looking for, but there is also a buy it now features, which makes possible to just purchase the item immediately. The nice thing about eBay is that some of these items have free shipping on them, and the condition of the item is listed as well.

Always important to read the description to know more about the furniture piece in general and what problems there could be. Another thing to keep in mind that ins some cases the seller is looking for someone locally because they want to it item to actually be picked up.


etsy logo

That’s right Etsy, the online store we tend to associate with say stationary or greeting cards. It is also a place well-known for individuals to sell their handmade items, in fact, their reputation for being an online craft fair so to speak has gained worldwide attention. Turns out Etsy is so much more than that.

They actually have unique home decor items and even furniture as well. Yes, it may seem like a whole lot to go through to find that specific item you’re looking for, but Etsy makes it easier by having filtering features that give customers the option to narrow down their search by a certain price range, or color. So, turns out Etsy is more than just about crafts it is also about finding rare unique hard to find furniture items as well.


1st dibs logo

First dibs is a Antique Market place where you can find high-quality antique and vintage jewelry, furniture and fashion items. It is a little bit pricey, But if you are looking for some transparency, his antiquarian Marketplace is an ideal website for locating Best in Class antique and second-hand wares.

Sotheby’s Home

sotheby's home logo

The famous auction house markets Sotheby’s Home as a place to buy & sell designer furniture & home décor. They say that you can “buy and sell pre-owned decor, furniture, antiques, and so much more with Sotheby’s Home. Our curated collection includes luxurious items from top designers.” There are buy now as well as make an offer features for buyers. Be aware that according to their FAQ page, only items shipping from Commack, NY or Carson, CA are ready to be inspected prior to purchase. To see the city from which the item is shipping, refer to the “Shipping From” note in the Details section found on the product detail page. If the object is shipping from a commercial storage facility based in Commack, NY or Carson, CA, please communicate with Customer Service to arrange to view the object in person.


Buy and sell used stuff in the United States – letgo is the best place to buy and sell used electronics, furniture, cars, movies, books, fashion, real estate, and more.

Krrb (Bought By Apartment Therapy)

apartmenttherapy logo

If you are confused, the way that this one is pronounced is ‘curb’. It was bought by Apartment Therapy several years ago. It’s marketed as a hyper-local Marketplace to help people locate globally-inspired furniture. The way it works, you input a location and you are served up a selection of collections from nearby sellers. While they don’t charge you a commission, the listings will cost you credits that you will have to earn or buy by filling out your profile, sharing, or doing some shopping.


furnishly logo

This one is a Chicago I’ve been located pewter pure Marketplace marketed as a user-friendly means to locate curated furnishings in your locale. The way it works, it handles the transaction and then the buyer is able to arrange delivery of the furniture by coordinating it with the seller on the website and app. BuzzFeed says that the best Use caves here is as a streamlined online yard sale


According to their About page, “Kaiyo is an online marketplace committed to great design, exceptional customer care, and a more sustainable planet. We believe that buying well-made, pre-owned furniture is a better choice than buying new, because great design is sustainable design — meaning it’s timeless, accessible, and built to last for a lifetime of good vibes.”

Urban Fusion Decor

Whatever style of furniture you may be looking for odds are it can be found here. Urban Fusion offers everything from modern to traditional to the rare unique finds, their wide ranges of used furniture will appeal to all decorating taste. They feature furniture for every room in the house and they do have many unique rare pieces in which to choose from as well, for those looking for that specific antique to add to their home.

Local Online Bulletin Boards (Craigslist)

Craigslist immediately springs to mind when we think online bulletin board. But turns out there are others as well such as Krrb, these have a furniture section where individuals can find many different types of pieces at great prices. One thing to keep in mind though, usually, these have to be picked up and the seller will arrange this. Now keep in mind that safety is an issue here, not just for the buyer but for the seller as well, always follow the guidelines of the website itself in such situations. Craigslist has posted such guidelines due to some problems that have arisen as a result of such sells. So, do research on how to go about being safe in these types of sells, if the buyer or seller is legit they will understand these concerns and them as well, so discuss the best way to handle the transaction to give you both peace of mind.

The bottom line is there are several places in which to find quality used furniture online. This list is just some of the best places to go to that maybe you weren’t aware sold used furniture or might not have been aware of actually existed online. Remember, when going to one of these websites take the time to understand their basic terms and conditions. Each one will have their own, about payment options, guarantees and return policies. So, as annoying as it may seem at the time read these to understand the exact way in which that particular website does business. After that enjoy looking at and shopping for all the wonderful used furniture that is out there waiting to be discovered.

Viyet (Purchased By Sotheby’s)

Looking for designer furniture at a fraction of the cost, this is the place to go. The Viyet marketplace was created to take the guesswork out of finding genuine one of kind pieces in home decor items. Not only can individuals find designer furniture and home accessories to buy but they can list their own items there as well.

This Is Not Ikea (Closed)

An online vintage furniture storefront started by one man’s love for finding great furniture deals and unique pieces. Alexis Hadjopulos found he had a passion for finding furniture pieces at yard sales, flea markets, and even estate auctions. He decided to take that hobby and make it into an online used furniture store website. At This Is Not Ikea individuals can find just about any type of furniture and even home accessories. Their category random items offer a hodgepodge of different items such as vintage lanterns and unusual knickknacks. They offer good economical prices on their merchandise and are always adding new items.

Lushpad (Closed)

Unfortunately, this one apparently has closed down. This is another second hand Goods Marketplace if you were in the market for legitimate modern furniture. It appears that specialize in mid-century modern as well as modern furniture. It’s located in Vancouver, British Columbia and has expensive expansion plans. BuzzFeed has written about this website, saying that it’s ideal if you want to outfit your house in Mad Men fashion but you don’t have that Don Draper budget.

FleaPop (Closed)

Obviously the name here recalls the flea market experience. It’s marketed as an online marketplace for both new and used furniture. Sellers who have secondhand goods can generate shops online for no cost, in a way that is similar to Etsy. They will charge a 6% commission when you sell. Buyers that are interested in the second-hand goods can browse by style, item or location.

Move Loot (Closed)

This one, unfortunately, has also closed. This is another example of an online Used Furniture Marketplace. According to BuzzFeed, it is currently operating in the Raleigh-Durham and Bay Area. If they start up that intend to serve as a Marketplace as well as a used furniture warehouse. What sets them apart, they will actually come to your location if you are a seller to pick up the item and then holding in a warehouse where they will try to sell it for 60 days. Subsequent to that, if you are the seller, you can spend some money you get the item returned to you or donated to your neighborhood charity. As well, After 30 days it will be reduced by 40%.

Secondhand Furniture Purchase Tips

secondhand furniture

If you are looking to buy some second-hand furniture online, we collected some tips from Reddit users who are veteran internet shoppers. One person was asking about purchasing second-hand furniture to furnish a new apartment that was a little bit bigger than his old one. He was thinking of purchasing some furniture from Goodwill, Craigslist and Salvation Army but had heard some mixed reviews regarding purchasing wood or cloth furniture from the Salvation Army or Goodwill.

Thoughts on buying second hand furniture? from Frugal

Be Wary Of Bedbugs

One person advised him that you shouldn’t purchase Fabric or upholstered options from places like the Salvation Army or Goodwill, particularly because the bed bugs could be a possibility. You just don’t know what the condition of the house is that the furniture is coming from. This person joke that they rather buy a cheap folding lawn chair off of Amazon than a similarly priced piece of luxury furniture that might contain vermin

Scrutinize Carefully

Another person who lives in a college town says that there’s an impressive selection of used furniture on Craigslist as well as in local thrift stores. The first piece of advice he offered is that the furniture should be solid. While cosmetic damage can actually be covered or repaired, you don’t want to invest in furniture that has structural flaws or damages.


In terms of price, this person is pretty shrewd, saying that he only buys furniture at a price below what he thinks he can sell it for. That way when he needs to move and get rid of the furniture he is confident that he can List It online and get a good price for it, thereby making a profit.

Take Measurements

The other thing you should be concerned about is taking accurate measurements of the potential space where you’re going to fit the furniture. You want to make sure everything is accurately measured so that you don’t end up purchasing something, getting it delivered, and then discovering that it’s not going to fit where you wanted to put it. This is especially dangerous for people who live in big cities and cramped apartments. if you buy something big and you can’t get it to the door of your apartment or into that tiny corner of your living room, you are in real trouble.

Don’t Feel Pressured

Also, they say that you shouldn’t feel too much pressure when you go and visit the item. It’s fine to take a look and quick inventory and not feel obligated to make the purchase even if the owner is pressuring you.

Secondhand Couches

buying secondhand couch

When it comes to selecting a couch, for example, it can be a little bit tricky, just make sure that it isn’t sagging or impaired by having broken pieces beneath the cushions. Another person chimed in to say that bed bugs aren’t just in mattresses. They say that any item from a house that has an infestation can be middle and saturated with bed bugs and their eggs. One person even said that they became distraught from the psychological and physical strain bed bugs put on their living circumstances. It took them eight months to clear them out of their home.

Another person says that although he frequently shops at Target and Walmart, nearly every single piece of hard furniture in his apartment was bought second-hand. This includes and entertainment center a, a coffee table, a restored solid wood dresser. And all of these items he was able to buy for a lot cheaper than what Target or Walmart would have cost him.

Do Your Own Upholstery

Another person said that although they don’t buy any second-hand upholstery, you can do some DIY upholstering at home. For example, you can use some padding or a camping mat to size, wrap and staple onto hardwood objects to give them some cushioning.

Another person added his two cents in, saying that the bedbugs rat is really overblown. Apparently there is a bed bug registry that you can visit that Maps out different bed bug infestations, particularly those inside of different apartment complexes in hotels.

Buying used furniture? from Frugal

In another area of Reddit, someone was wondering about how to purchase the best-used furniture online. They were interested in using Craigslist, but as we had seen before, they were also concerned about bed bugs.

One person offered some pretty solid advice. They say that you really want to scrutinize the pictures of the furniture. They want to make sure that everything looks clean. They want to see that the home itself looks cared for and not littered with on Tidy junk.

When it comes to purchasing a mattress second hand, you’ll want to carefully examine its edges to make sure you don’t identify black specks which could be litter from bed bugs. This person says that since they lived in a college town, they frequently see amazing deals on furniture from paternities, sororities and different College living dormitories from students that are graduating and getting rid of all of their furniture.

r/AskWomen Advice

What kinds of a furniture would you buy used? from AskWomen

Over in another area of Reddit, somebody was wondering what types of furniture the community would buy used. One person said that they would never purchase any type of fabric, including mattresses, chairs or couches. As well, it’s not just the fear of bed bug infestation, it’s also the gross idea of other people’s sweat and dirt getting cakes and layered on the furniture which disgusted a lot of people.

Other sad that when it comes to purchasing antique, vintage or second-hand furniture, especially if it has cloth on it, it’s best to rely on trusted sources, whether that be friends or a local shop that you know has high standards. Another person said that it’s a great idea to purchase from trusted people that you know don’t have any issues with vermin.

Where you provided an example where they purchased all of their kitchen appliances from their former landlord, who they were acquainted with.

Summing Up

There are a lot of places to buy second-hand Furniture nowadays. Regardless of his style, whether you’re looking for something Victorian or something modern, call Rick Riley of websites, apps and even some local destinations you can resort to in order to find the best deal for your living situation.