For most people, online shopping has become a source of relief given the convenience it brings. There are many online stores but only a few of them are great at what they do- especially if you’re into DIY crafts, like we are! is one of the good online stores where you can shop anything you need- including tons of DIY products. The kind of customer service provided here together with a wide range of products makes this store great. They have different products such as baby care products, household products, furniture, pet supplies, book and music, automotive supplies, clothing, and accessories among many others. All the products are available from different brands which means you’ll have a wide variety to select from. Promo Codes, Coupons

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The best part is that saving money with is easy and you don’t have to compromise on the quality of products you get. You can use different methods to get Jet promo codes and discounts as well as the best deals. Some of them include:
Getting price-drop items

If you want to buy in bulk then going for items that have “add this to make prices drop” attached on them is a good way to get a good deal. For instance, you may buy 2 or more bottles of dishwasher soap to get a discounted price or two or more items in your cart. It’s advisable to go for items that last long or items you use daily to avoid the risk of the products being spoilt before you exhaust them. Buying in bulk is also a good way to meet the threshold of the minimum shipping requirements.

Anyone who buys items worth more than $35 is entitled to free shipping from a jet. However, if you buy fewer products you can still get a discount on the total price or you to choose a delayed shipping option. This is mostly applicable if you don’t need your products urgently since your products may take more than a week depending on where you’re located. You shouldn’t use the option of delayed shipping if you have perishable products. To use this offer, select economy shipping instead of standard shipping when you’re logging out. You’ll be notified of how much you’ve saved up. You can also shop for someone else and enjoy the same discount but the shipping period will be longer. The store ships to all the other states except Hawaii and Alaska.


As you go through different items available on the website, you’ll come across some marked “deals”. These are products that have a 10% discount. Buying these means you’ll pay an amount less than 10% but in some cases, you may even end up paying half the price. In such cases, you get 50% off but you can still use your coupons to save further on the items. You can check out the coupons page of the store to find out the latest jet promo codes and incentives. Remember that you can use one coupon code for every order.

Cashback Programs has a program called jet anywhere. It allows users to shop anywhere else that has cheaper prices then get a percentage of what they’ve spent as refunds. The refunds aren’t given as real cash but as jet cash which is a currency that you can only use on the store. After buying your products, you need to set the receipt to then wait for a maximum of 14 days for it to be processed. You can then use the currency to buy from the store anytime after that.

You can also use another deal that allows you to compare prices of items on the store with those on Amazon. You have to determine whether the item that has a lower price on Amazon is similar to what you want on a jet. Amazon must also sell the product. After that, you can go to the live chat platform on the website and submit the Amazon’s URL of the product together with your order number. You will then be refunded the difference as jet cash that you can use for future purchases. Given that Amazon has a wider variety of brands, this is a good way to buy a specific brand that isn’t available on Jet.

Branded Deals

In case you can’t find a Jet promo code to help you save on your favorite brand, you can still save by purchasing the store’s branded items. Such items are usually marked Uniquely-J and are mostly household items used daily like groceries and other essentials like tissue papers. They are also of high-quality products and the fact that they are sold at cheaper prices is a bonus.


Another great way to spend less on the online store is by referring your friends and family members. Unlike most of the other referral programs, this one ensures both you and the person you refer benefit from this one. When you refer someone, you send them a URL that they use to make their first purchase. They are given a 10% discount on whatever they buy and in return, you also get the same discount in the form of a coupon. You can use the code when you make your purchase. The more people you refer, the more you can save. The limit is set at $500.


For most people, having the option of returning products that you aren’t satisfied with for free is a source of relief. However, to the retailers, this often results in many loses. To make for those losses, the return price is usually incorporated into the price of the item resulting in very high price products. Choosing not to use the free returns feature will reduce the price of certain products. It is advisable to opt-out of that feature when using brands you’ve used before and is therefore sure that you won’t be disappointed. If you’re buying a new product, it’s best to leave the feature on because you don’t know what you end up with. Even if you deactivate the feature, still allow returns but you’ll have to take care of the shipping cost.

Summing Up

The kind of deals and offers available on can’t be matched with any other online store. The amount you save with each of the options above may seem little but if you use a few or all of them together you’ll end up saving way more. The site also has excellent customer service and an easy to navigate platform that you can also use to help you save further. Explore the different pages to find out the deals and coupons available and enjoy your shopping.