In this post, we outline how to install a new window or replace an old one. A window is an essential part of a house.

It allows ventilation and a glance to the outside environment. Without a window, a house will be dull and stuffy. A well-designed and well-structured window give a room beauty and fragrance.

However, if you don’t install or replace your window (check out some great recommendations from Architectural Digest) appropriately, the side effects will be apparent. Ensure you follow the right guidelines while installing a window.

How to hire a contractor to do a window replacement

Window replacement can be a big job, but it doesn’t have to be daunting. Here are a few tips for hiring a contractor to replace your window:

  1. Get quotes from several contractors.
  2. Ask for references and check them.
  3. Make sure the contractor is insured and licensed.
  4. Read the contract carefully before signing it.
  5. Pay attention to the details of the job.
  6. Check the work when it’s finished.

How do you install a new window?

When you are building a new house, you need to have a window location and size in mind.

Video Guide: A New Construction Example

Additionally, the size of your window should be relevant to the size of your home. A large house needs big-sized windows for adequate lighting and ventilation. Installing a new window requires to follow systematic steps for it to be effective.
Identify the location of the new window

A window needs to be placed strategically in a house. Ensure you hire a professional to identify an ideal place for the area of the window. A perfect position will enhance proper ventilation and light to reach your house.

Additionally, identify if the stated location of the window has electric cables or any other installations. If electrical wires run through the wall, you will need the assistance of an electrician to avoid irreversible damage on your house.

How bad is yours broken?

Is your window this cracked? If so, you’ll definitely want to get a replacement!

Mystery of the broken window

1. Drill through the wall

Once you have the position in mind the next step is to create an opening. Accurate measurements should be taken while drilling the opening. Incorrect measurements will lead to the space being too large or too small to fit your desired window. A good window opening should be slightly larger than your window size to leave the area for perimeter and frame installation.

2. Level the window’s opening

Drilling on the wall will leave a shapeless opening. Make sure the upper, bottom and sides of the opening are leveled. Use a tape measure for accurate measurements on the window. Additionally, if you don’t have any experience in window installation consult a professional for good results. A great leveled-space will be easy to install a window at a reasonable level.

3. Window framing

It is an essential step you can’t afford to skip out. Window framing gives window compatibility and ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions. You need various framing components in a window opening. A header will support the weight of the window. A king stud runs from top to bottom and is nailed on the header. Additionally, you need trimmers, window sill, and cripples.

A window frame is essential to support the wall around the window from collapsing. It uses the studs to transfer the load of the building to the foundation of the building.

A window frame generally is used to support the weight of the window and the area around it. Since you need to create space in a concrete wall, the window frame ensures that the remaining parts don’t crumble down-since drilling into the wall makes it weak and susceptible to falling down the entire wall.

4. Install the window

Once you are sure that the window opening is well aligned and of correct measurements, it is now time to install the window. You might need help to place the window accurately. It should be well established and should be in a pleasant square.

Installing needs keenness and accuracy. Most window parts are made of glass, and any slip of your hand will damage the entire window. Carefully place the window on the window space any small space left out needs to be filled with concrete materials.

5. Protect the window against rain infiltration

Water will make your window to rot in time. It is an ugly scenario having rots in your beautiful home. It is a step you need to be extra keen with while installing a new window. Ensure you seal your window with silicone caulk. Caulking your window is essential as caulk acts a sealing to prevent water penetration. Ensure the windowsill is pitched downwards for easy draining water.

Rain slowly wears the window and will eventually break. Additionally, it will damage the area near the window weakening it thus leading to cracks. You will have to be wiping your floor every time it rains and instead of enjoying heavy rains in your warm blankets.

6. Check the level of the window

Maintaining a good level of the window makes look desirable. Most of your visitors may be keen to detail and will not a poor alignment in your window. Ensure the bottom, up, and sides of the window are in level with the frame of the window. You might need an extra hand and opinion for more significant results.Windows that are not leveled are susceptible to damage and cracks. Proper installation entails not only getting the right measurements and buying an expensive window but also ensuring it stays at a standard level.

7. Check if the window is in a perfect square

It is another crucial step in window installation. Use a tape measure to measure the diagonals of the window and ensure they are equal. A properly installed window forms a perfect square.You can also use a square to ensure that the window is installed correctly. Accurate window installation will make last for many years and be keen on the wall.

8. Seal the perimeter of the window

Now that everything is on point. Permanently seal your window with concrete cement. Proper sealing ensures the window is rigid and will last for many years. Poor sealing will be evident after a short time due to cracks and instability in the window.
Ensure the seal around the window is concrete and well done. Most windows break and fall due to a low-quality perimeter around them.

How do you replace an existing window?

Your window is deteriorating and infiltrating rain and wind, and you need to replace it with a new one.

replacing a broken window
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You probably want a new design of a window in your home. For whatever reasons you need a new window you need to follow the right steps for the replacement to be efficient.

People tend to replace windows regularly which is not ideal. Regular window replacements make the area around the window frame weak and may be susceptible to cracks. Ensure you only replace your window only when it is necessary. You can replace parts of the windows or the entire window.

1. Measure the space of the window accurately

You need to determine the size of the window accurately. Take the measurements size into consideration while acquiring a new window, don’t be carried away by the beauty of the window without considering the size. Take measurements of the width and height of the window.

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Accurate measurements ensure the installed window will not leave huge spaces. Although the spaces can be shimmed, shimming is not 100%, and that area is prone to cracks and other physical damages. Shimming is also quite expensive. Also, underestimating the size will lead to you buying a small window. Forcefully inserting a window to a narrow space will lead to damage on the window and breakage.

2. Remove the old window delicately

Some parts of the old window will still be useful while installing a new window. Some elements such as stops and trim can be used again-use appropriate tools such as screwdrivers while removing them. Ensure the frame of the window if it is not damaged is protected against any damage.

Some parts are made of glass and handling them carelessly will lead to deep cuts. You need to be careful and scrutinize what needs to be removed and what does not. Additionally, sort out the parts that can be re-used and dispose of useless items correctly.

3. Roughly install the window

Before any permanent sealing of the window, test if it fits in the window space perfectly. If it does not (it might be too small or big) you can either opt to return to the manufacturer or create more space for it. Creating more space is quite expensive is it will involve further drilling and creation of a new window frame.
Roughly installing the window is essential to ensure you test the compatibility of the window with the window frame. You can also identify mistakes in the window before permanently sealing the window. If you notice the errors when it is too late, the cost of reinstalling is high, and you might end up damaging some parts of the window.

4. Install the window

Once you have tested if the window fits in the space, you can go ahead and install. No window will provide 100% accurately. Thus you need shimming to fill the gaps left. Although if the differences are too significant, it means you did not order the correct size of the window. Shimming wide gaps is expensive, and one should consider ordering another window.

5. Fit the window into position

Fitting the window perfectly is essential. Measure the diagonals of the window and make sure it is mounted in a square. Install shims in the gaps left by the window. Screw up the window and the bottom of each jamb. Adjust the header to close any differences between the replacement window and initial frame.

Selecting the right size window

You need to consider the right size of the window to install in your home. Small and fewer windows mostly match with smaller rooms while large, and several windows match with bigger rooms and offices. Ensure the selected window serves the following purposes.

Why You Should Fix Your Windows

Brings efficient sunlight in the house

Perfectly installed windows allow sunlight to reach the house efficiently. A home without sunshine is dull and mostly cold even on sunny days. While investing in window installation focus on shinning your home with natural sunlight during the day.

A perfect way to glance at the outside environment

Good windows should not be too high. You need to be able to watch outdoor activities through the windows. Ensure you install windows you can conveniently reach without much struggle.

Incorporate beauty and modern design

In the recent trends in development, windows are not only used for ventilation but also to add beauty to your house. Well-designed windows add value to your home.

Ease in operation

It should not be a hassle to open and close a window. Ensure it is easy for you to conveniently open and close a window efficiently. Consequences of a poorly installed window

Prevents infiltration of rainwater

If you don’t correctly fit your window, then you will always be stressed on a rainy day. A good window needs to be waterproof for it to be efficient. Frequently allowing rainwater makes the window to rot away and become undesirable.

If a window has a crack or space, it will allow harsh conditions such as a window to affect the occupants. In times of wind, the breaks will allow harsh and cold air to enter the room.

Fix poor lighting

A window is meant to enhance brightness in a house. However, if you don’t carefully select the right position and size of the window, it will not serve its purpose.

A window is meant to be a venture to watch the outside environments in your house. If you don’t locate your window at a strategic position, this will be impossible to achieve.

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Bottom Line

Installing or replacing a window is not a simple task. However, with the right guidelines, you can professionally install or replace a window conveniently. The primary strategy for a perfect window is taking accurate measurements and good location of the window and size.

An ideal window will not only add beauty to your house but also enhance ventilation and regulation of temperatures in your home. A well-installed window can sustain harsh weather conditions and is waterproof.

Replacing a window is necessary when the conditions of your current window are unbearable. Unbearable conditions include water leakage, breakages, and openings that allow wind and unstable window which might fall anytime. Ensure you follow the above guidelines for a beautiful window that enhances a suitable living environment in your house.