How To Make A Snowflake Out Of Paper: 11+ Free Plans

Paper snowflakes are a fun winter craft project that can be done by anyone, regardless of age. All you need is some paper, scissors, and sometimes some glue!

Snowflake-inspired papercraft projects can be a great way to teach kids about symmetry and patterning.

Paper snowflakes are a great project for the whole family to do together. It’s simple enough for older kids and adults to enjoy while also being engaging enough for little ones. Check out some of our favorite paper snowflake plans below!

11 Homemade DIY Paper Snowflake Plans

#1. How to Make Snowflakes Out of Paper

How to Make Snowflakes Out of Paper

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#2. Paper Snowflake

Paper Snowflake

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#3. 3D Paper Snowflake

3d Paper Snowflake

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#4. Perfect Paper Snowflakes

Perfect Paper Snowflakes

#5. Paper Snowflake: Fractals

Paper Snowflake: Fractals

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#6. DIY Paper Snowflake

DIY Paper Snowflake

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#7. Best Paper Snowflake

Best Paper Snowflake

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#8. Three Dimensional Paper Snowflakes

Three Dimensional Paper Snowflakes

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#9. How To Make Easy Paper Snowflakes

#10. 3D Paper Snowflakes DIY

#11. How To Make A Snowflake Out Of Paper

Our Plan: Making A Snowflake Out Of Paper

Many people make paper snowflakes featuring eight and four points, while others usually make those with six points. Before you start the process of making snowflakes out of the paper, you need to have requirements, such as:

  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • 8.5 X 12-inch paper

With the requirement, you can comfortably make your snowflake out of the paper. Therefore, below are some steps on how you can make your snowflake out of the paper:

Step 1- Commence with the square

This is achievable if you have a piece of paper that is rectangular. You just need to fold a single corner down to create an isosceles triangle. If there is excess paper, trim it off. You can opt to come up with two snowflakes for each 8.5 x 11 paper piece.

Then you cut the paper into half and form each half to make a square. Furthermore, if it is your first time making snowflakes out of paper, you need to use a whole paper for every snowflake. This will make it easier for you to practice.

Step 2- Fold the square in half

After that, fold the square paper diagonally to create a triangle.

Step 3- Fold the triangle into half once more

When you have already created a larger triangle, fold it into half again into a smaller triangle.

Step 4- Fold it into a third

To make this process easy, you need to use a protractor. A third is only 30 degrees, and you would have to fold one-third.

Step 5- Fold once more

Fold your left third over as you get your entire folds lining up closely for a symmetrical snowflake.

Step 6- Cut the top off an angle

You need to flip the folded paper over to act like you are looking back at this stage. After that, cut off the top of your paper at a specific angle. By cutting it off, you would have made sure that the remaining paper layers are of equal size. Furthermore, making your cuts at an angle offers you the points of the snowflakes. This will also allow you to familiarize yourself and cut varying angles to create snowflakes with fewer or more sharp points.

Step 7- Shape

When it comes to shaping, imagination will save you big time. You can start this by cutting away from the paper sides. It is easier to cut small triangles, more so from the sides.

However, ensure that you try other shapes. During this process, you need to be more careful not to make your entire cuttings from one side to another. If you are not keen, you can end up cutting your snowflakes in half.

Some people do not prefer patterns for their snowflakes, but they just cut as they move. Additionally, you might find a new shape or cut that you might find interesting and feel the need to implement. You can also opt to use a similar technique on varying snowflakes.

Step 8- Unfold to reveal

When unfolding the paper, you need to be very careful. Furthermore, the snowflakes are not likely to lay flat right away. Therefore, please tuck them in between your book pages for some time as you plan to display them.

You can also opt to iron them to make them extra flat. Similarly, it would help if you watched out since the paper can be too hot for you to touch, especially when ironed. Ideally, you can leave it to cool before you proceed to handle your paper.

Besides, ensure that you are cautious to avoid burns as well as fire. Ironing makes them a bit stiffer, which is excellent if you need to hang them and not tape them on your surface.

Step 9- Analyze the snowflake

Do not copy snowflakes, but you can get an idea to make your snowflakes. After the entire process of making your snowflakes, you need to make sure that it has come out the way you need it. This is how you are going to find out if the snowflakes you have are what you needed.

Copy a real snowflake

Most people usually try to copy the real snowflake that they see online or in the books. However, it is close to impossible to emulate a real snow crystal since they are too intricate.

Moreover, some parts of the snowflake have an ice layer, which is almost invisible. Thus, if you try to copy one, it is likely to fall apart. However, you can still try your best and imitate what you can.

Remember that real snowflakes usually feature large areas that might not be impressive when put down on paper. Suppose the one you are copying has many blank spaces, do away with it since you will not get a true copy of the snowflake. Avoid copying and follow the steps mentioned above.


With the steps above, you are now familiar with the entire process of making snowflakes out of paper. Furthermore, you can use this comprehensive post to make your snowflake. It is also an affordable way of making your snowflake. Nothing is interesting, like coming up with a beautiful, unique paper snowflake. You would also have festive paper snowflakes for home décor or wrapping of gifts. Thus, ensure you make the best.

Suppose you want a decoration for your occasion worth saving money, and you do not need anything too complex. A snowflake out of paper is a suitable solution for you. It might look easy, but wait until you commence crafting, and probably you have no idea where you should start.

This will make you wonder how you usually managed to come up with this paper snowflake in kindergarten without experiencing any challenges. However, if you do not know how to go about it, worry less. This article will give you an insight into how to make a snowflake out of paper.

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