How To Make a DIY Paper Crane: 13 Free Origami Plans

Paper cranes are a cultural tradition in Japan and have served as a symbolic art form for peace and good luck. They are also a wonderful way to create something lovely that you can hold in your hands!

In this tutorial, we will introduce you to the basics of how paper cranes are made- one o our favorite DIY ideas.

These origami cranes are a metaphor for hope, especially when used by children. This is because paper cranes are often given to hospitalized people to let them know that they are not forgotten. It tells the person that others still care about them and have hope for their recovery.

The paper crane symbolizes the wish that the person will be healed and recover from their illness. It also symbolizes the idea of rebirth or new beginnings.

Check out some of our favorite DIY paper crane plans below:

DIY Paper Crane Plans

#1. Easy DIY Paper Crane Fold

Easy DIY Paper Crane

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#2. Paper Cranes Of Different Sizes

Paper Crane

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#3. Simple Paper Crane

Paper Cranes

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#4. A Colorful Collection

Paper Cranes

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#5. A Regal White Design

Paper Crane

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6. Gorgeous Paper Crane Mobile

Paper Crane Mobile

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#7. Desktop Folded Paper Crane

Folding a Paper Crane

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#8. How To Make a Paper Crane

How to Make a Paper Crane

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#9. Origami Paper Crane

Origami Paper Crane

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#10. Making A Dragpm Paper Crane

Making a Paper Crane

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#11. Easy DIY Video Guide

#12. How To Easily Fold A Paper Crane

#13. Origami Crane Folding Video

Our Guide: How To Make a DIY Paper Crane?

Paper crane, commonly known as origami crane, is a famous paper construction done worldwide, especially among teenagers and children.

You can make this beautiful piece of art using simple origami paper or just the original paper.

DIY paper crane takes as low as ten minutes to get done.

What Are Some of The Beautiful Things You Can Do With One?

  • You can use a paper crane to hide and pass a secret message. This is common among teenagers and colleagues.
  • Paper cranes can be a great decoration, especially when they are many. You can use a string to attach and hang them in a room.
  • You can create a thousand paper cranes to make someone’s wish a reality.
  • In places like Japan, paper cranes are used as a sign of peace.
  • These art pieces can be used to wish another person a quick recovery when they are not feeling well.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Start by collecting origami paper or any regular blank piece of paper.
  2. Working with origami paper is perfect because it is square-shaped. However, you might have to trim your regular print paper to form a square shape.
  3. The next thing should be folding the square into two forming a rectangular shape.
    You can then press the top of the paper downwards until the top and bottom align.
  4. After this, you can unfold the paper open and fold it again the other way matching the edges.
  5. Press it vertically, crease, then unfold it.
  6. At this point, you must be having a square piece of paper with two diagonal lines.
  7. The next thing you should do is pressing the paper diagonally, with the top right corner touching the bottom one.
  8. You should crease the paper correctly and then unfold it.
  9. You can then bring the top left corner to the bottom, ensuring that the edges touch. Crease well and unfold.
  10. You have to confirm that the piece of paper has an asterisk shape or creases.
  11. You should then adjust the lower right side of the upper flap towards the middle line. Press it properly to sure that lines form.
  12. The top of the paper fold should look like a kite.
  13. You can then fold the top corner of the upper flap to the middle. Make sure that the lower right edges and the crease are in alignment.
  14. Repeat this process using the lower top corner of the flap and make sure it is lying along the crease created by the previous fold.
  15. The next thing you have to do is unfolding the three sides to ensure that you have a square piece with the open side facing down.
  16. Take one corner of the square, fold it up along the horizontal line created from the previous fold, and bring it to the top corner.
  17. It is now time to deal with the flap, and you should fold in a reverse direction, making sure it naturally folds along the lines.
  18. Take the outer edges towards the middle of the paper and press it flat. You should have a diamond shape with a pair of flags extending from either side.
  19. The next thing should be turning the paper over and doing the previous procedure six to nine times, depending on the size of crane you want.
  20. At this point, you should bring the outer edges to the middle and flap the proper extension to the left as if you are turning a page on a book.

Finalizing The Paper Crane Creation

  • You should turn the paper over and use the previous process. The head and the tail of the paper should be placed between the wings.
  • The wings can then be folded perpendicular to the head, tail, and body.
  • You can then fold the tip of the head downwards at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • You can then pull both the tail and the head and ensure that they align the outer edges. 
  • You can play around with this newly formed paper crane creating 3D cranes of different volumes.

The Benefits Of Patient Origami

Creating paper cranes is not only enjoyable and involving, but it also comes with several benefits.

Social Benefits

  • This craftwork enhances social skills by bringing people or children together.
  • You will get the opportunity to work together with others hence learn the art of sharing.
  • Through this game, you will get the opportunity to teach someone something, and in the process, you can enhance your self-confidence.
  • DIY paper cranes enable you to take pride in whatever you are doing.
  • This is also an excellent opportunity to learn about other people, their perspectives, culture, ideas, among other things.

Great For Children!

  • The games help in enhancing eye-hand coordination.
  • It can help in increasing their math reasoning.
  • Through this DIY, your children will develop a few skills like sequencing and spatial.
  • Children will also have enhanced motor skills and a larger attention span.

Health Benefits

  • Therapists have found out that this craftwork helps individuals with anxiety, ADHD, low self-esteem, and autism, among others.
  • This idea explains why inmates are taught origami as it helps in reducing anxiety.
  • This paperwork can help those who have suffered hand injuries as well as those who have had surgeries.
  • It helps in regaining muscle building and hand movement.


Paper cranes are among the straightforward DIY people of different ages can do.

It is simple to make and does not require a lot of materials.

This craftwork is associated with several health benefits, social and mental benefits.

It is especially beneficial for children as it shapes different them in different ways.