Mousetrap cars are a great example of engineering and physics at work, and they’re fun to build! 

There are a ton of different types and styles- scroll through our list below and choose one to build for a fun, weekend project!

These are great DIY projects for kids. Check out some of our other fun projects, like these DIY cardboard armor plans, how to make an electric guitar, DIY dollhouses, and these DIY birdhouse plans.

Free Mousetrap Car Plans & Designs

1. Mousetrap Car

Mousetrap Car

A mousetrap car is a toy car that can be made with household items. The design of the car is based on the design of a mousetrap. The mousetrap car has two wheels and an axle, which are connected to the mousetrap by using rubber bands or string. The axle is also connected to the trigger of the mousetrap, which when pulled will release and snap back, propelling the wheels forward and making it move.

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2. Mousetrap Car With Fischertechnik

Mousetrap Car With Fischertechnik

The mousetrap car is a toy that is powered by a rubber band. The rubber band is wound around the axle of the wheels, and when it is released, it propels the car forward.

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3. Mousetrap Car

Mousetrap Car

A mousetrap car can be made from any material that can be cut into a rectangle shape. The axle should be made from something sturdy, such as a pencil or dowel rod. A rubber band should be attached to each end of the axle so that it can propel the car forward when released.

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4. How To Make A Mouse Trap Car (Simple and Easy)

This is a DIY project that teaches you how to make a Mousetrap Car. The car is powered by a mousetrap and can be made with things you probably have in your house.

5. How to make a Mousetrap Car Cheap & Easy Tutorial (Fast & Long distance) – Science Project

This is a great project to do with your kids, as it doesn’t require any soldering or electronics knowledge and can be completed in about an hour.

6.1st place Mousetrap Car Ideas- using SCIENCE

A mousetrap car is a vehicle made of wood with four wheels and a string that runs from the back axle to the front axle. When you turn the string, it causes the wheels to spin around in circles and move forward.

7. How To Make A Mousetrap Car

People have been making their own cars for decades. Some of these cars are built for looks, some are built for performance, and some are built to be as inexpensive as possible. One of the cheapest and easiest ways to make a car is to build a mousetrap car.

8. How to Build a Mousetrap Car for Distance with Professor Davis

The design of this toy car is so simple that anyone can make it with ease. All you need to do is follow the instructions mentioned in this article and you will soon have your own DIY Mousetrap Car in your hands!

9. To Make A Mousetrap Car (EASY)

This is a DIY car that uses a mousetrap as its engine.

The car has a small mousetrap on the rear axle, which is connected to the front axle with an elastic band. The elastic band is hooked to the back of the car and pulled back by hand to set it in motion. When it’s released, the engine will power up and propel the car forward.

10. How to Build a Mouse Trap Car

The Mousetrap Car is a toy car that can be made from household items. It is powered by the force of gravity and the weight of the mouse trap. The car can be made from any type of cardboard, but it is best to use corrugated cardboard because it has more rigidity and strength than regular cardboard.

11. How to Make a Long Distance Mousetrap Car – DIY

How to make a mousetrap car

Step 1: Materials you’ll need

Before you begin building your car, make sure that you have all the needed parts. There need to be longboards built out of wood for the base. This can be one solid board or two boards attached with another strip of wood in between them.

The length of this piece will depend on how much space there is on the table you want to use for your car. It should be long enough to hold a couple of mousetraps and a few inches of space between them.

Step 2: Attach the mousetraps

Next, you need to attach four or more mousetraps to the base. You can use glue or another adhesive to hold them in place better. Make sure that there is about half an inch of space between them so that they don’t get caught together.

If they’re too close, the car will have trouble moving.

Step 3: Building the axles

The axles are what connect to wheels to the traps. They should be made out of wood dowels that are slightly smaller than the inside diameter of your mousetraps. You’ll need two dowels for each axle, so make sure you cut them accordingly.

You can use a cutting board, or a miter saw to do this job.

Step 4: Attach the axles

Attach one axle to each mousetrap, making sure that it runs between the trap’s body and its metal bar. They must be in the right position so that your car will run correctly.

Step 5: Assemble the wheels.

Next, you need to attach the wheels to your axles. Make sure that they’re centered so that the wheel runs in between the space on each side of the mousetrap’s metal bar. You can use glue or hot glue for this task to hold them in place.

Step 6: Test it out

Now you need to attach the wheels to your car and make sure that everything works how it should. Some people use a hot glue gun or super glue for this, but be careful not to hurt yourself with either one. You can also use wax instead of something like Elmer’s glue if you don’t want something with an extra stronghold.

Step 7: Finishing touches

When everything has been tested, you can add some detail to your car if you want to. You can make a rip in the paper towel tube so that it looks like the mousetrap is running over it or put some fake cheese on top of it for decoration.

Step 8: Watch it in action.

Now it’s time to watch your brand new mousetrap car and show off your creation! You can race against another one of your friends’ cars or test out how fast it will go on a long track by itself. Just make sure that you don’t let anyone touch it while it’s running, or they may get hurt.

Step 9: Enjoy your car!

Once you’ve tested out your car, it’s time to sit back and enjoy having built something so great. You can store it in a safe place where no one will touch it until the next time you want to take it out and play with it.

Mousetrap car-related information

What is a mousetrap car?

A mousetrap car is a toy vehicle driven by a mousetrap that has been modified to work with it. The original idea came from one of Heath Robinson’s machine sketches in the early 20th century, where he proposed using a mousetrap to power an egg beater. The first actual mousetrap cars were created in the 1960s.

How does a mousetrap car work?

When you step on the platform of the trap, it releases the bar, which holds down one or more wheels. These wheels are affixed to axles that are connected to the mousetraps. They run along a track made out of duct tape, letting it go forward.

When the car runs over another piece of tape or some other obstacle in its path, this releases the bar on another set of wheels and propels the car forward.

Why use a mousetrap?

Mousetraps work well as a mover for these types of cars because they’re cheap and versatile. They can be modified easily to do whatever you want them to provide power. Additionally, mousetraps are simpler to use than other potential mechanisms such as wind-up motors or rubber bands.

How do I make a mousetrap car?

There are several different ways you can make your mousetrap car. If you want to go for something more complex, there are plenty of tutorials online to give you ideas on what materials to use and how to modify your trap to get the most speed out of it. You can also check out some of the other interesting mousetrap car designs here.

Is it safe to use a mousetrap for this purpose?

If you modify the trap in the right way, using low-tension barbed wire instead of its normal metal bar and making sure that everything is secure, there’s little chance that you’ll be hurt by the trap when you try to use it.

Where can I find more information about mousetrap cars?

There are plenty of resources online to help you get started with building your mousetrap car, including this YouTube video or other websites dedicated to sharing ideas and tips for making your unique vehicles.

Where can I find a mousetrap car racing league?

You can check out the Guinness Book of World Records website to see who holds the record for the fastest mousetrap car. You may also be able to find some clubs for people interested in building their cars or driving them, depending on where you live.

When was the first mousetrap car created?

The first mousetrap cars were built in the 1960s, but there isn’t much information about who made them or what they looked like. The modern design was popularized by Loren Sach’s book on making a variety of toys, including one for mousetrap cars.

What are some other unique ways I can use a mousetrap?

Mousetraps are very versatile, so you’ll be able to think of lots of things to do with them once you’ve used them for your car. Especially if you’re interested in making something more complex than a simple car, you can start by modifying your trap and seeing what other devices you can make it power.


In conclusion, mousetrap cars are a great way to entertain yourself for free. You can even enter your car into racing competitions if you enjoy it. With all of the modifications you can do to them, there’s no end to the kinds of things you can create.

With the right materials and know-how, you can have a mousetrap car up and running in no time at all.