Do you find the mystical world of witchcraft to be captivating and wish to create your very own traditional witch’s broom, or a besom? Trust me, I understand the allure. The old-world folklore that paints these charming brooms as instruments for sweeping away negative energies is truly enchanting.

So why don’t we embark on this magical journey together? This step-by-step guide will lead us from sourcing materials through to binding bristles and crafting our own bespoke besoms.

Are you ready to take flight into this exciting DIY project? Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • Learn the history and folklore of besoms, which are traditional witch’s brooms used for cleansing and protection in the mystical world of witchcraft.
  • Gather materials such as willow branches or birch twigs, binding material like raffia or wire, scissors or pruning shears, and optional decorations such as ribbons, beads, or crystals.
  • Follow a step-by-step guide to craft your own besom by preparing the handle and bristles, binding them together securely with raffia or wire, and adding personal decorations if desired.
  • Discover ways to use your besom including cleansing rituals to sweep away negative energies, using it in protection spells for safeguarding against negativity, and incorporating it as an enchanting home decoration.

History and Folklore of the Besom

Witches have used besoms, also known as witches’ brooms, for a long time. The history of these magic brooms goes back to the 15th century. There are old pictures that show witches flying through the sky on such brooms.

People thought that laying a broom across your doorstep could stop witches from coming inside. Besoms were not just for flying or keeping out other witches, they had other uses too.

Cleaning and keeping safe were two important jobs for a besom in those times. Witches would use their besom like an everyday cleaning tool to sweep their homes and sacred spaces. Yet it was more than just cleaning dirt away; they believed it also swept away bad energy or spirits! So you see, making your own traditional witch’s broomstick is a step into folklore and history.

Materials Needed to Make a Besom

To make a besom, you will need willow branches or birch twigs, binding material like raffia or wire, scissors or pruning shears, and optional decorations such as ribbons, beads, or crystals.

Willow branches or birch twigs

To make a besom, you’ll need either willow branches or birch twigs. These natural materials are sturdy and flexible, making them ideal for creating the handle and bristles of your witch’s broom.

Willow branches are often preferred for their magical properties and association with water and intuition. Birch twigs, on the other hand, symbolize new beginnings and purification.

Whichever you choose, be sure to gather enough branches or twigs to create both the handle and bristles of your besom. Remember to select ones that are straight and free from damage or disease for best results in crafting your own traditional witch’s broomstick!

Binding material (such as raffia or wire)

To bind the bristles of your besom together, you’ll need some binding material like raffia or wire. This helps secure the twigs tightly to the handle and keeps them in place. Raffia is a natural fiber that gives a rustic look to your broom, while wire provides more durability.

You can easily find these binding materials at craft stores or online. When using raffia, simply wrap it around the base of the bristles and tie it tightly to hold everything together.

If you prefer using wire, twist it around the bristles and handle until they are firmly attached. Both options work well, so choose whichever suits your preference or availability.

Scissors or pruning shears

For this project, you’ll need a pair of scissors or pruning shears. These tools will come in handy when it’s time to trim and shape the branches or twigs for your besom. They make it easier to cut through the materials without causing damage.

You can find these tools at your local gardening store or online. Make sure to choose ones that are comfortable for you to hold and use. Keep them sharp and clean for better results.

So grab your scissors or pruning shears, and let’s get ready to create our own traditional witch’s broom!

Optional: decorations (ribbons, beads, crystals)

If you want to add some extra flair to your besom, you can get creative with decorations. Ribbons, beads, and crystals are great options to give your witch’s broom a magical touch.

You can tie colorful ribbons around the handle or intertwine them with the bristles for a whimsical look. Beads and crystals can be attached onto the bristles or even dangled from the handle for added sparkle.

These decorative elements will make your besom truly unique and enchanting, perfect for any witchy ritual or as a beautiful piece of home decor. So go ahead, let your creativity flow and make your besom shine!

Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting a Besom

To begin crafting your own besom, start by gathering willow branches or birch twigs from your backyard or a local nature reserve. Use scissors or pruning shears to trim the branches to your desired length for the handle and bristles.

Next, carefully bind the bristles together using raffia or wire, creating a secure attachment to the handle. If you’d like, add some personal flair by decorating your besom with ribbons, beads, or crystals.

Prepare the handle and bristles

To start making your own besom, you’ll need to prepare the handle and bristles. First, gather some willow branches or birch twigs for the bristles. These natural materials are commonly used in traditional witchcraft brooms.

Then, trim them down to a uniform length using scissors or pruning shears. Next, find a sturdy stick for the handle of your besom. Make sure it’s long enough for comfortable sweeping and has no sharp edges.

Lastly, smooth out any rough spots on the handle with sandpaper if needed. Once you have both the bristles and handle ready, you’re all set to move on to the next step!

Bind the bristles to the handle

To bind the bristles to the handle, start by gathering your chosen willow branches or birch twigs. Trim them to the desired length using scissors or pruning shears. Next, take a piece of binding material like raffia or wire and secure it tightly around the base of the bristles, wrapping it several times for added strength.

Make sure it’s secure! You can then trim any excess bristles if needed. This step is important because it holds all the bristles together and attaches them firmly to the handle, ensuring that your besom is sturdy and functional.

Decorate your besom (if desired)

If you want to add a personal touch to your besom, you can decorate it! Get creative and make your witch’s broomstick unique. You can tie ribbons or attach beads and crystals to the handle for a whimsical look.

Remember, this is optional, so if you prefer a more traditional appearance, that’s totally fine too. Let your imagination soar and bring some magic into the crafting process with your own special decorations!

Ways to Use Your Besom

Cleanse your space by sweeping away negative energies, protect yourself and loved ones with powerful spells, and use it as a charming home decoration to add a touch of enchantment to any room.

Cleansing rituals

When it comes to cleansing rituals, the besom can be a powerful tool. In traditional witchcraft, the broom is used to sweep away negative energy and purify a space. To cleanse a room or area, simply hold your besom and visualize all negativity being swept away as you physically brush the floor or wave it through the air.

You can also use your besom in conjunction with smudging herbs like sage for an extra boost of purification. The act of sweeping with your besom not only cleanses the physical space but also helps to clear any residual emotional or energetic residue that may be lingering.

So, if you’re looking for a natural and magical way to cleanse your surroundings, grab your handmade besom and get ready to bring some positive energy into your life!

Protection spells

To add a touch of magic to your besom, you can use it for protection spells. Protection spells are rituals designed to safeguard yourself and your home from negative energies or harmful influences.

By incorporating your besom into these spells, you can create a powerful tool for warding off negativity and promoting positive energy. Whether you’re using the broom itself as a symbol of protection or using it to physically sweep away negative energy, the besom becomes an integral part of your witchcraft practice.

So grab your handmade besom and put its magical powers to good use in protecting yourself and your surroundings!

Home decorations

When it comes to home decorations, a besom can add a touch of magic and charm to any space. You can hang your handmade witch’s broom on the wall as an eye-catching piece of art or place it in a corner for an enchanting touch.

The natural materials used in crafting the besom, like willow branches or birch twigs, give it a rustic and earthy feel that blends seamlessly with different decor styles. If you want to take your besom to the next level, you can also decorate it with ribbons, beads, or crystals that match your personal style and aesthetic.

Let your creativity soar as you incorporate this traditional witch’s broom into your home decor, adding a magical flair to every room.


Craft your own traditional witch’s broom with our step-by-step guide! Learn about the rich history and folklore of the besom, gather your materials, and follow our instructions for creating a magical broomstick.

Whether you use it for cleansing rituals, protection spells, or as a unique home decoration, making your own besom is a fun and rewarding DIY project that connects you to ancient traditions.

So grab some willow branches or birch twigs, bind them together, and let your creativity soar as you decorate your very own besom!