Ever found yourself mesmerized by the infinite depths of an infinity mirror, lost in its mind-bending mystery? I too have been entranced by this hypnotic spectacle and couldn’t resist digging a little deeper to understand it.

In this blog post, we’re embarking on this fascinating journey together; unraveling the enigma step-by-step as I guide you through crafting your very own DIY infinity mirror. Are you ready to plunge into a cosmos of endless reflections? Let’s dive right in!

Key Takeaways

  • To make an infinity mirror, you will need a two – way mirror, a frame, LED lights, and a standard mirror.
  • Choose a sturdy frame like a shadowbox frame or create your own using wood. Paint the inside of the frame black.
  • Use bright LED lights with high color temperature that can be easily cut to fit the size of your frame.
  • Clean and position the mirrors inside the frame, add adhesive LED lights around the perimeter, and secure any loose wires.
  • Enhance the illusion effect by adding hot glue as a diffuser on the backside of your LED strip and attaching reflective film to the front side of your two-way mirror.

What You Need to Make an Infinity Mirror

To make an infinity mirror, you will need a two-way mirror, a frame, LED lights, and a standard mirror.

Two-way mirror

A two-way mirror is a key part of an infinity mirror. It looks like a normal mirror but lets some light pass through it. You can peek from the other side. The cool trick of an infinity mirror happens with this glass.

LED lights bounce back between this two-way glass and a standard mirror at the back. This makes the lights look like they go on forever!


To make an infinity mirror, you’ll need a frame to hold everything together. The frame will provide stability and structure to your creation. You can choose any type of frame that you like, such as a shadowbox frame or even build your own using wood or other materials.

Just make sure it’s sturdy enough to support the weight of the glass and mirrors. If you’re not confident in building a frame from scratch, you can also consider buying a ready-made frame that fits your desired size.

Remember, the frame should be painted black on the inside to help create the illusion of depth when the lights are turned on.

LED lights

A futuristic living room with LED light strips and a bustling atmosphere.

LED lights are an important component of building an infinity mirror. They provide the illumination needed to create the mesmerizing effect. When choosing LED lights for your project, remember to select ones that are bright and have a high color temperature to achieve the best results.

Additionally, choose LED strip lights that can be easily cut and adjusted to fit the size of your frame. This will allow you to position them in a way that evenly distributes light throughout the mirror.

Wiring up the LEDs is also crucial – make sure to connect them properly using soldering or wire connectors. With the right LED lights, you’ll be able to bring your infinity mirror to life with a stunning display of light and reflection!

Standard mirror

A woman applying makeup in front of a mirror with different looks.

For your infinity mirror, you’ll need a standard mirror. This is the regular type of mirror that you can find in most stores. It’s important to choose a good quality mirror that has a smooth and clear reflection.

Make sure it’s not scratched or damaged in any way. The standard mirror will be one of the layers in your infinity mirror, so it needs to be sturdy and reliable.

Step-by-Step Guide for Building an Infinity Mirror

In this section, I’ll walk you through the process of building your own infinity mirror from start to finish. Get ready to create an optical illusion that will amaze everyone who sees it!

Setting up the Frame and Glass

To start making an infinity mirror, the first step is to set up the frame and glass. I recommend using a shadowbox frame for this project. It’s important to make sure the frame is clean and free of any dust or dirt before you begin.

Next, measure the dimensions of your two-way mirror and mark where you want it to be placed inside the frame. Use a saw to carefully cut out a hole in the back of the frame that matches these measurements.

Once you have the hole, place your two-way mirror inside it with the reflective side facing inward. Make sure it fits snugly.

Next, take your standard mirror and position it on top of the two-way mirror inside the frame. This will create an optical illusion effect when we add lighting later on. Finally, use screws or nails to secure both mirrors firmly in place within the frame.

Placing the Mirror and Lights

Person assembling infinity mirror with LED lights surrounded by tools and materials.

Now it’s time to put everything together! Start by placing the two-way mirror inside the frame. Make sure it is positioned correctly with the reflective side facing inward. Next, attach the LED lights around the perimeter of the frame using adhesive or clips.

Be careful not to cover up too much of the mirror with the lights, as you want to maximize the infinity effect. Once everything is in place, secure any loose wires and turn on your LED lights to see your infinity mirror come to life!

Hot glue as a diffusor

An artist creates a diffuser using hot glue on an LED strip.

For the diffuser of our infinity mirror, I used hot glue. Hot glue is great for creating a soft and even light distribution. To do this, simply apply dots or lines of hot glue on the backside of your LED strip.

This will help scatter and diffuse the light so that it evenly illuminates the entire mirror surface. Be careful not to use too much hot glue as it can block too much light from shining through.

Experiment with different amounts and placements to achieve your desired level of diffusion. Remember, the goal is to create a smooth and seamless glow across the mirror’s surface!

Adding the mirror film

To create the infinity effect, we need to add a special mirror film to our two-way mirror. This film allows some light to pass through while reflecting the rest. Start by cleaning the surface of the mirror using glass cleaner.

Then, cut out a piece of reflective film that matches the size of your mirror. Remove any protective backing on the film and carefully place it onto the front side of the mirror. Smooth out any air bubbles or wrinkles with a soft cloth or squeegee.

Make sure that all edges are properly adhered to create a seamless reflection for your infinity mirror illusion.

Dropping in the glass

Now it’s time to drop in the glass. Carefully place the glass on top of the frame and make sure it fits snugly. You want to create a seal so no light can escape. Take your time with this step to ensure everything lines up perfectly.

The glass is an important part of creating the reflective illusion, so be gentle when handling it. Once the glass is in place, you’re one step closer to completing your infinity mirror!

Adding the paper letter

After dropping in the mirror, the next step is to add a paper letter. This will enhance the illusion effect of your infinity mirror. You can choose any letter or shape you like and cut it out from black construction paper.

Then, use double-sided tape or glue to attach it to one side of your two-way mirror. Make sure that it is positioned correctly so that when the LED lights are turned on, the letter or shape appears infinite within the reflection.

Feel free to get creative and choose a meaningful symbol or design for your infinity mirror!

Dropping in the mirror

A photo of LED lights on a mirror creating infinite reflections.

Now it’s time to add the mirror to your infinity mirror project. Carefully place the standard mirror inside the frame, making sure it fits securely. Then, position the LED lights on top of the mirror, ensuring they are evenly spaced and facing inward.

Use hot glue as a diffuser to create a more even light distribution. Next, apply the reflective film to the two-way mirror and carefully drop it into place on top of the LED lights and standard mirror.

Take a step back and admire your creation – you now have an infinity mirror!

Tips and Tricks for Making an Infinity Mirror

A person holding a mirror surrounded by various sizes of mirrors.

Choose the right mirror for your infinity mirror project, ensuring it has good reflectivity and clarity.

Choose the right mirror

A person surrounded by various mirror options, examining their appearance.

To make an infinity mirror, it’s important to choose the right kind of mirror. Look for a two-way mirror, also known as one-way glass. This type of mirror allows light to pass through from one side while reflecting it back on the other side.

It creates the illusion of depth and endless reflections in the infinity mirror. Make sure you get a good quality two-way mirror that has high reflectivity and minimal distortion for clear and sharp images.

Remember, the mirror is what makes the magic happen in an infinity mirror, so choose wisely!

Choose the best lighting

When it comes to making an infinity mirror, choosing the right lighting is important. LED lights work best for this project because they are bright and energy-efficient. You can find a variety of LED strips or individual LEDs in different colors to create the desired effect.

Make sure to measure your frame and calculate how many LEDs you will need. It’s also a good idea to choose lights that have adhesive backing, as they will be easier to secure inside the frame.

Don’t forget to consider the power source for your lights, whether it’s batteries or an electrical outlet. By selecting the best lighting option, you can enhance the visual impact of your infinity mirror and make it even more mesmerizing.

Decide whether to buy or build a frame

When making an infinity mirror, one important decision to make is whether to buy a frame or build one yourself. It all depends on your personal preference and level of expertise. Buying a frame can save you time and effort as it comes already assembled.

However, if you enjoy DIY projects and want to customize the frame according to your taste, building one might be the better option for you. Just keep in mind that building a frame requires more work and skill, as you’ll need to measure, cut, and assemble the materials yourself.

Ultimately, the choice is yours!

Consider alternative materials

If you’re thinking of making an infinity mirror, there are alternative materials you can use besides the ones mentioned earlier. For example, instead of a shadowbox frame, you could use a picture frame or even build your own frame using wood or cardboard.

If you don’t have access to a two-way mirror, you can try using acrylic or plexiglass with reflective film. As for the LED lights, consider using fairy lights or strip lights if that’s what you have on hand.

The key is to get creative and work with what you have available to make your own unique infinity mirror.

Infinity Mirror Artists

EtereShop’s Dress and Vest creations bring vibrant colors to the world of infinity mirrors. Thomas Webb utilizes intricate optical illusions in his mirror designs, while Ivan Navarro adds a touch of surrealism with his reflective sculpture pieces.

Naomi “SexyCyborg” Wu combines technology and fashion for unique infinity mirror wearables. Anthony James captivates with his Absolute Zero installation, and Mitchell Lewis creates mesmerizing patterns with LED lights.


A stunning infinity mirror dress displayed in a futuristic environment.

One of the artists who has showcased their creativity through an infinity mirror design is EtereShop—Dress. Their dress uses the optical illusion created by the mirrors to make a stunning fashion statement.

The infinity mirror effect adds a unique and mesmerizing touch to any outfit, making it stand out from the crowd. As DIY enthusiasts, you can take inspiration from EtereShop—Dress and create your own infinity mirror fashion pieces, customizing them according to your personal style and preferences.


A photo of a vest with LED lights creating infinite reflections.

I love the creativity of EtereShop—Vest when it comes to their infinity mirror designs. They take the concept and turn it into wearable art. Their infinity mirror vest is a unique and eye-catching piece that combines fashion with technology.

The vest features LED lights embedded in the fabric, creating an illusion of infinite reflections when turned on. It’s a great example of how you can think outside the box and incorporate infinity mirrors into different aspects of everyday life.

So if you’re looking for a truly one-of-a-kind fashion statement, EtereShop—Vest has got you covered!

Thomas Webb

A photograph of an infinity mirror reflecting Thomas Webb's intricate designs.

Thomas Webb is a talented artist who specializes in creating stunning infinity mirrors. His work showcases intricate designs and mesmerizing illusions that captivate the viewer’s attention.

Webb uses his creativity and expertise to push the boundaries of traditional mirror art, resulting in unique and awe-inspiring pieces. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for innovation, Thomas Webb’s infinity mirrors are truly works of art that DIY enthusiasts can draw inspiration from when creating their own optical masterpieces at home.

Ivan Navarro

Ivan Navarro is an incredible artist who has famously incorporated infinity mirrors into his artwork. His pieces often feature neon lights and mirrored surfaces, creating stunning visual illusions.

One of his well-known works is the “Infinity Wall,” which consists of a mirrored wall lined with brightly lit infinity boxes. These boxes seem to stretch endlessly into the distance, captivating viewers with their mesmerizing effect.

Ivan Navarro’s use of infinity mirrors adds an element of depth and infinite possibilities to his artwork, making it truly unique and immersive.

In addition to being inspired by Ivan Navarro’s work, DIY enthusiasts can also take inspiration from his creative use of materials and lighting techniques when building their own infinity mirrors.

Naomi “SexyCyborg” Wu

Naomi “SexyCyborg” Wu is an influential DIY enthusiast and artist known for her innovative projects. She has created several stunning infinity mirror designs that have gained attention in the DIY community.

Naomi’s work showcases her creativity and expertise in combining technology with art. Her unique approach to building these mirrors has inspired many others to try their hand at creating their own optical illusions.

With her guidance, you can build your own infinity mirror and add a touch of magic to your DIY projects.

Anthony James—Absolute Zero

Anthony James is an artist who specializes in creating unique and captivating infinity mirrors. One of his notable works is called “Absolute Zero.” This mesmerizing piece features a circular mirror surrounded by LED lights that create an illusion of depth and infinity.

The combination of the reflective surface, precise lighting, and intricate design makes Anthony James’ infinity mirrors truly stand out. DIY enthusiasts looking for inspiration can explore his work to get ideas for their own projects.

Whether you’re interested in building a small tabletop version or a larger installation, Anthony James’ innovative designs are sure to spark your creativity.

Mitchell Lewis

A photograph of an infinity mirror reflecting diverse cityscape photography.

Now let’s talk about Mitchell Lewis, a talented artist who creates incredible infinity mirrors. He is known for his unique designs and attention to detail. His work showcases the beauty and mesmerizing effect of infinity mirrors.

Mitchell uses various materials and techniques to achieve stunning results, often incorporating LED lights in his creations. His work has been highly praised by DIY enthusiasts and art lovers alike.

If you’re looking for inspiration or want to see what’s possible with infinity mirror designs, be sure to check out Mitchell Lewis’ artwork. You’ll be amazed at the optical illusions he creates!


An infinity mirror reflects a colorful, bustling futuristic cityscape.

In conclusion, making an infinity mirror is a fun and creative DIY project that anyone can do. With just a few materials and some simple steps, you can create an optical illusion that will impress your friends and family.

So go ahead and give it a try – you’ll be amazed at the cool mirror effect!


1. What is an infinity mirror?

An infinity mirror is a fun craft that creates optical illusions with two mirrors, one reflective and one twoway glass.

2. Can I make an infinity mirror at home?

Yes! With our stepbystep guide, making an infinity mirror at home can be easy. All you need is a reflective mirror, twoway glass, some paint and to wire it up.

3. Is there a kit for building the infinity mirror?

There are many infinity mirror kits available in stores or online that offer all materials needed for creating an impressive infinity mirror decoration.

4. How do you create the illusion effect of Infinity Mirror?

To create this Illusion, drill holes in your twoway glass and reflective mirrors, place lights inside then paint it black before wiring it up to power supply!

5. Can my kids follow this step-by-step guide safely?

Even though crafting an Infinity Mirror involves working with electronics like drilling holes and wiring; under adult supervision with proper safety measures the process could be safe and educational for children too!