I never thought I’d see the day when my little nephew had an interest in science. But, here he was, asking me to help him build a hovercraft for the high school science fair competition. I was hesitant at first – what if it doesn’t work? What if he fails miserably? – but I stood by his side, determined to make this project a success.

We spent days researching and gathering materials: plastic sheets, Styrofoam blocks and motors. We stayed up late every night constructing the frame and testing different ways to keep it afloat. My nephew soaked in every bit of knowledge that I tried to teach him, piecing together our creation with enthusiasm and dedication.

Soon enough, the hovercraft was finished and ready for its grand debut! We took it out for a test run on a nearby lake, watching proudly as it flew across the water’s surface with ease. The crowd cheered as my nephew maneuvered it around effortlessly, completing all tasks required by the judges with confidence.

In the end, we managed to take home top honors at the science fair – something I never thought would be possible! It turns out that my nephew was more than capable of building something extraordinary; he just needed a little encouragement from his uncle to make it happen.

Here are some hovercraft plans and ideas you can try- all of them have links to detailed walkthroughs:

DIY Hovercraft Plans & Ideas

1. Paper Coffee Cup Flying & Controlled Models of Hovercrafts

Paper Coffee Cup Flying & Controlled Models of Hovercrafts

With the right materials and a little bit of craftsmanship, you can make your very own hovercraft – perfect for a summertime adventure!

View plan

2. CD and Balloon Hovercrafts Engineering Challenge

CD and Balloon Hovercrafts Engineering Challenge

Whether you’re looking to help kids learn a new skill or just have some fun together, building a DIY hovercraft is an enjoyable way to get creative.

View plan

3. Balloon-Propelled CD Hovercraft

Crafting your own hovercraft is more affordable than buying one from a store, and it’s sure to last longer too!

4. How To Make a Mini Hovercraft at Home

Even if you’ve never built a hovercraft before, with a few easy steps, you can have one up and running in no time!

5. Air-Floating Hovercraft

Hovercraft building requires a few simple tools and materials that you can find around your home or purchase easily.

6. Simple Hovercraft Boat

After putting in the time and effort to build your own hovercraft, you’ll be ready for some fun! Enjoy speeding across a lake or simply kick-back and relax in the sunshine with your one of kind hovercraft.

7. Science Project Hovercraft

When you construct your own hovercraft, you can customize it to fit your style – from adding colorful details like LED lights or unique paint designs, no two DIY hovercrafts will look exactly alike!

8. Home Built Hovercraft

Constructing your own hovercraft is both a challenging and rewarding project – and you have to opportunity to learn a lot of new skills along the way. 

9. Lighter Than Air Small Hovercraft on a Budget

Crafting something with your hands can be an incredibly satisfying experience, so go ahead and give it a shot!

10. CD Hovercraft Blueprint

11.  Hovercraft Build

12. Homemade Hovercraft Brazil

This blog post has everything you need to know about making a hovercraft, from how to get started to what materials you will need. Let’s get started!

How to make Hovercrafts-Steps by Step Guide

Step 1: Get the materials ready

There are a variety of materials that can be used to make a hovercraft. These materials include, but are not limited to, plastic balloons and bottles, coke cans, PVC pipes, paper towel tubes, and cardboard boxes. You can also use other items like toy cars or toys to hold or secure in your hovercrafts.

Step 2: Make the Board

You will need to put together a board with a surface on which you can build the hovercraft. The board should be at least 1 inch thick and flat, with a thickness of .5 inches. You will also need to include edges that add one more inch of material around the hovercraft to help it float.

Step 3: Make the Skirt

Once the board is ready, the next step is to make the skirt. Make sure you build a skirt at least 8 inches long and at least 3 3/4 inches wide. The skirt should also be constructed so it slopes toward the back.

Step 4: Connecting Skirt and Board

Once you have your skirt and board, it is time to connect them. You will need to connect the skirt to the board by gluing or wrapping the skirt around the board with the insides facing one another. Take note that you should make sure to cut your skirt, so it is flat and even.

Step 5: Finish

Now the only thing left to do is to finish your hovercraft. If you want, you can stick some glue on the skirt so it will stay down. You can also paint your hovercraft to make it look pretty. Lastly, you can put your design and logo on your board and skirt so it looks unique and special! (Source)

Tips for Making Hovercrafts

Step 1. Find a good place to build your hovercraft

You need free and flat space to do the process.

2. Be careful about safety

Wear protective goggles when using knives and other tools.

3. Try using balloons

Helium-filled balloons are good material for hovercrafts because they can hold the weight of people, and they also can be used in hot weather.

4. Make Your board as smooth as possible

Make sure your board is flat enough to make your hovercraft more stable.

5. Cut the board

It is important to cut them in a triangle or quadrangle shape to make your hovercraft more stable.

6. Make sure you put the holes on both sides of your board

These holes will help make your hovercraft more stable and prevent it from being blown around.

7. Paint your hovercraft

It is also important to paint it so that you can avoid cracks in it after it has been inflated.

8. Adhere the skirt to the board

The skirt is important to make your hovercraft nice and smooth.

9. You can use tape to seal the holes

When you are using the tape, make sure that it is scotch tape because it is better than other tapes. It will also hold very well in both cold and hot weather.

10. Other things to make your hovercraft more interesting

You can decorate it by drawing a picture or painting it. You can also use markers so that it will look more interesting and fun!


Hovercrafts are a great thing to have for amusement. You can ride them to your friend’s house or use them for racing against your brother or sister.

Whatever you do with your hovercraft, just make sure you build a safe one. By following the instructions above, you will have a great hovercraft.