Although it technically isn’t a room, the hallway inside the house serves as more than a common area that takes a person from room to room.

Sometimes, hallways are wide enough to feature a seating area that has the potential to become one of the favorite spots in the home to just sit, relax, and perhaps enjoy a good read from a book or tablet.

When decorated just right, this high traffic zone inside the house can easily become one of the biggest highlights of an interior decorator’s imagination when exercised accordingly.

Also, just because it’s a hallway doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

Regardless of whether the hall is just a short one or there is enough length to it to double as a bowling alley, there is a flurry of design ideas that can make it a worthy candidate to take and share a few photos as a qualified entry into some of the coolest interior design magazines in circulation.

More Hall Interior Design Picture Inspiration

1. Closet Space

Do you need more closet space? If the hall has room to install one, or perhaps a wardrobe, consider this problem as good as solved. Maybe add a DIY mudroom bench?

2. End of the Hall

Whether the hall begins at the front door or it is further inside the house, the layout of a seating area staring back at the mirror on the wall with either a table or shelving unit underneath is a great way to make good use of this space. Should the hall begin at the entryway, this makes a great opportunity to sit down and safely deal with your footwear before moving on. Consider adding a DIY hall tree for somewhere to hang your coats!

3. Hall Reflection

Dolling up the hall, even if it’s just a small one, can be as easy as installing a wall mirror, an accent table, and a bit of tasteful decor to turn an otherwise bare area into something beautiful and practical at the same time. The mirror not only gives you an opportunity to glance at your reflection to see if your appearance is still to your liking but makes this part of the home seem at least a wee bit classier. Maybe add a DIY shoe rack if you need some extra sneaker storage.

4. Here and There

A bench here, a mirror in the corner there, along with a cabinet next to it, and a simple plant stand there, bring some life into this hall area as you either travel from one room to the next or are about to climb a set of stairs to reach the next floor. In a way, even a staircase acts as a hall of sorts due to its narrowed width and the extended length of it, matching the dynamics of what mid-length to long hallways typically look like.

5. In the Name of Storage

Should the hall be long and wide enough to pull it off, installing a cabinet or dresser as a storage facility between rooms is a great way to make the most out of whatever available space you’ve got. The mirror on the wall also gives the opportunity to check yourself out as the kitty in this pic may be checking in on you to give its meow of approval.

6. Just Picture It

Livening up the walls of the hall with pictures is always a sure bet to turn an otherwise boring trek from room to room into an artsy experience of sorts. Whether it is displays of favorite artwork or a collection of priceless family photos, what a way to make the most out of your home. Also, as seen in the pic, there are a pair of wall-to-floor fixtures that one serves as a glorified heat register while the other acts as a storage facility of sorts. Do you have folding TV trays that need a convenient place to be stored when not in use? This seems to be as good of a place as any to do so. Even if it’s simply for display purposes, what a great idea to add some extra character to that hallway.

7. Mirage

The mirage effect, turning the hall into a larger-than-life in-home environment is easy enough to pull off with wall-length mirrors, brassy and classy accent tables, as well as some well-placed light fixtures. Whether this is done along just one side of the hall or both, what a way to enjoy what feels like an out-of-world experience.

8. Pop-Out

The cabinet attached to the wall in this hall can either be used for decorative purposes only or make the little drawers near the top a functional opportunity to serve as an organizer of sorts. Perhaps one drawer has all your important documents together, easy enough to find should you need to access them.

Maybe the other drawer holds a set of spare keys and perhaps some batteries should the remote control to your television set go dead.

And, the third drawer holds a collection of valuable keepsakes, or whatever you feel is best suited to place in there. The way this popped-out display appears in the hall looks with the horizontally slotted panels suggests maybe there is a base register behind it.

Whether or not this is the case, this is a great design idea to make the most out of that hall space that may otherwise remain ignored.

9. Shelved

Whether it is a long hallway or just a short amount of hall space, shelves serve a multitude of purposes. If you want your hall to look like an art gallery, here is your chance. If you’d rather use the shelves to hold a series of items you need to keep organized, this is a really good way to do it.

10. Simple Classic

If there isn’t much space to work with as a hall but you don’t want to leave it bare, a simple mirror on the wall and a fixed shelf just below it can definitely resolve this issue.

The shelf may be the place where you leave your keys so they are right there when you need them as you are about to head out to take care of whatever it is you’re setting out to do.

When you come home, the shelf is right there for you to put those keys back. Maybe this is also a good spot to leave your cellphone or a stack of bills you need to take care of.

11. What’s the Hangup?

Whether or not your hall includes a staircase between floors, use it as an opportunity to hang more than simply pictures to make this section of your home livelier. Not only is this decorative, but practical.

House Hall Design, Decor & More

home hall decor
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When it comes to house hall design, there are a few key things to keep in mind. First and foremost, the layout of the house hall should be such that it is functional and easy to navigate.

This means creating a floor plan that flows well and is free of any unnecessary obstacles. Secondly, the house hall should be designed with the needs of the students in mind.

This means taking into account things like study areas, common areas, and bedrooms. Lastly, the house hall should be designed to be visually appealing.

This means incorporating elements that are both aesthetically pleasing and add to the overall atmosphere of the house hall.

When it comes to creating a functional and easy to navigate house hall design, the layout of the house hall is key. The floor plan should flow well and be free of any unnecessary obstacles.

White Downlight Chandelier in a hall
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This can be achieved by creating a floor plan that is open and airy, with plenty of natural light. The use of colors and textures should also be considered when designing the house hall, as they can help to create a visually pleasing space.

When it comes to incorporating the needs of the students into the house hall design, it is important to take into account things like study areas, common areas, and bedrooms. Study areas should be designed to be comfortable and inviting, with plenty of natural light and ample workspace.

Common areas should be designed for socializing and relaxing, with comfortable furniture and a variety of activities to choose from. Bedrooms should be private and comfortable, with enough space to accommodate all of the student’s belongings.

Elegant shining lamps and paintings hanging on gray walls in hallway of classic styled house with marble floor
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When it comes to making the house hall design visually appealing, the use of colors and textures is key. incorporating elements that are both aesthetically pleasing and add to the overall atmosphere of the house hall.

The use of light and dark colors can help to create a visually interesting space, while the use of textures can add depth and dimension. Incorporating elements like paintings, photographs, and sculptures can also help to add visual interest to the space.

Color decisions

beige colors
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Color decisions are a critical part of house hall design. The use of light colors like beige can help to make a space appear larger and more open, while the use of dark colors can make a space seem smaller and more intimate.

The choice of color should be based on the overall atmosphere that the designer wants to create in the space.

Texture is another important element to consider when it comes to house hall design. The use of different textures can help to add dimension and depth to a space. Incorporating elements like carpet, wallpaper, and fabric can help to create a visually interesting space.

The use of paintings, photographs, and sculptures can also help to add visual interest to the space. These elements can help to create a focal point in the room and can be used to add color and texture to the space.