Have you ever wanted to hide (your legal) gun in your house? Well, now you can! In fact, there’s a hidden gun storage area inside your home that you can access by simply turning a knob.

(Make sure to follow gun laws by State).

There are lots of reasons why people would want to store guns in their homes. Some people just like the feeling of being able to protect themselves when they need to. Others may feel safer knowing that they can keep their weapons close by.

Whatever your reason for wanting to store guns in your home, this guide will show you where to find the right place to stash them safely- and some DIY solutions if you’re a handyman. 

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15+ DIY Hidden Gun Storage Areas To Build In Your Home

#1. Hidden Storage Step

Hidden Storage Step

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#2. Updated Desk With Hidden Gun Storage

Updated Desk With Hidden Storage

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#3. DIY Floating Shelf With Hidden Pistol Storage

DIY Floating Shelf With Hidden Storage

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#4. Coffee Table Hidden Storage in Plain Sight

Hidden Storage in Plain Sight!

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#5. Drawer Dresser With Hidden Drawers

Drawer Dresser With Hidden Drawers and Crown Molding Hidden Storage

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#6. Under Stairs Hidden Storage Drawers

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#7. Small Floating Shelf With Hidden Storage

Small Floating Shelf With Hidden Storage

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#8. Footstool With Hidden Sliding Gun Storage Compartment

Footstool With Hidden Sliding Storage Compartment

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#9. Hidden Box With Secret Opening Mechanism

Hidden Box With Secret Opening Mechanism

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#10. Secret Library Shelf (The Book Spines Slide Away to Reveal Hidden Storage)

#11. Secret Compartment Shelf

Secret Compartment Shelf

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#12. SUPER SECRET GUNS! Hidden in plain sight, with Tactical Walls

#13. Tactical Walls: Hidden in Plain Sight

#14. Hidden Gun Storage Bookcase

#15. Nightstand Gun Hide

Overview: Hidden Gun Storage

Hidden Gun Storage

Traditionally, individuals chose to store their weapons safely for fear of theft or loss. It is safer and less expensive, but it takes up more space.

Gun safes have the disadvantage of making it difficult to access your weapons in an emergency. Finding and opening the safe may be time-consuming if there is a thief in your house, and you must move quickly.

There are several methods for keeping your weapons hidden and secure.

  • DIY Projects – To construct structures, you’ll need some handyman abilities. The tasks are not difficult, and they will help you polish your skills.
  • Manufactured Products – Here, you have to use manufactured products to store your guns.

Steps for Making Your Own Hidden Gun Storage Space

Steps for Making Your Own Hidden Gun Storage Space

We’ll go through how to make a DIY hidden gun storage. You may be more creative and develop your secret hiding places, but remember that the greatest hiding place is always in plain view!

These steps will take you through how to make a DIY hidden gun storage by creating a cabinet on your house wall with a hidden keypad hidden.

Here, you will build this cabinet that will serve as gun storage and a full-body mirror. With this project, you will construct a remote keypad behind the portrait and use it to operate your solenoid lock.

Step 1: Find a Place to Get Your Supplies Ready

The first step is to select a location for the wall cabinet. You must be cautious about plumbing and electrical lines.

You will spend around $13.00 for the keypad and around $12.00 for the solenoid on amazon, which comes with the keypad. Here you will use three 8 feet 1×4 inches and two 8 feet 2×4 inches on the wall.

Step 2: Cut the Holes

The door’s width is 2 feet by 4 feet, so the hole in the wall must be shorter than that to remain hidden behind the door. Remember to be cautious when cutting through the wall; we will use a low-cost multi-tool from Harbor Freight for this.

We will have a stud in the way that we will need to remove, so measure 1 1/2 inches behind the drywall to make sure a 2×4 would fit behind the drywall over the cut-out stud. You must frame out the back of the drywall behind the 2×4 inches.

If you’re worried about removing or cutting any stud in the wall, you may easily avoid them by working around them. Ensure you have enough height for 1/2 inches closed-cell foam insulation behind the cabinet, so it is better to put it there if you’re on an outside wall.

Step 3: Wires

Run the wires to the keypad from anywhere in your house, whether it’s via the attic or underneath. But also, you can pull up floor molding to route the wiring behind it to the keypad.

Step 4: Build a Box

Cut a 1×4 box to size and drop it to fit into the hole. The box will be slid out to the edge of the drywall; there will be a 1/2-inch gap behind it and the other side of the wall.

We will use plastic to seal the back of the 1×4 frame, but you may also use paneling, thin plywood, or anything else that is lightweight. Attach the box to the wall using screws after sliding it into position.

Step 5: Choose a spot for the keypad

Choose a spot for the keypad, cut a hole in the wall, and connect the wires. You can construct the recessed box and make a tiny wooden box to hold the keypad.

Step 6: The Doors

Construct a 2′ by 4′ doorway out of 1×4′. To keep the mirror in place, cut a groove into one side of the 1×4 with a table saw, then slice 45 degrees off the ends of the 1×4′ and join them together. Then, to supplement the cabinets, attach cabinet hinges.

To conceal the keypad, attach the hinge to a picture frame. Insert screws into the wall for a magnet on the back of the frame attached to it.

Step 7: The Lock

We will use a tiny steel strap with holes to fasten the solenoid to the door to integrate the solenoid. You can secure the solenoid to the frame instead.

Next, figure out how to have the solenoid catch onto something. We will use a metal pipe strap to bend into the form you require and hang it from the door frame. Before closing the door, test the connections and check for loose wires.

Step 8: Improvising Your Hidden Gun Storage

After making the hidden gun storage, you can make a few modifications based on your preferences. If you don’t have a tinted mirror for these projects, you can use a real glass mirror.

If you had miscalculated your cuttings when slicing the 45 degrees, you could also modify them. Here, you can cover the four corners of your door with any material, but we can use rosettes.

We can also install a diode in front of the solenoid to prevent inductive kickback. Finally, you can install a piece of wood across the interior to support the rifle’s barrels and a location for a handgun.

Why These Hidden Gun Storages Make Senseblack assault rifle on brown wooden log

When it comes to how to make a DIY hidden gun storage, the essential thing to consider is the secret place and the ease of accessing the storage. Having easy access to your weapons is critical when you’re under attack.

Guns used for self-defense should not be displayed on the wall, and leaving a weapon accessible in your house also poses a significant risk. The best way to store guns safely is to keep them out of sight.

A gun safe is an important part of any home security system because it keeps firearms away from children and other unauthorized people. 


Hiding a gun in your home isn’t illegal, but it might be against the law to use it. It’s also a bad idea. Why hide a gun? Because you don’t want to accidentally shoot yourself or someone else. And even if you never fire the weapon, you still need to know how to handle it safely.

When I first moved to New York City, I was surprised by how many guns were openly displayed in homes. There were some very nice ones too, but most were either old or poorly maintained. I didn’t see anyone using them, though. Most people seemed to keep them locked away.

black and silver semi automatic pistol

Ownership Issues

So why would anyone want to own a gun? Well, there are plenty of reasons. Some people enjoy shooting sports, hunting, or target practice. Others collect antiques or collectible items. Still, others enjoy collecting coins or stamps.

But owning a gun doesn’t mean you’re going to go out and start firing off rounds. Instead, it means you have the ability to protect yourself and your family from intruders.

There are two main types of guns. A revolver holds six bullets. A semi-automatic holds multiple shots, which automatically reloads itself after every shot. Semi-automatics are generally considered safer than revolvers because they require less training to operate. But they’re also harder to conceal.

A shotgun is another option. They hold a single shell, so they’re easy to carry. However, they only fire once. That means you’ll need to reload them regularly.

In My Youth

When I was younger, I had a friend who lived in a house where his parents kept a loaded handgun in plain sight. He told me about how he felt safer knowing that his mom was armed. It made him feel safe.

In the United States, we have laws against carrying concealed weapons. This means that if you carry a weapon openly, you’ll probably face legal consequences. However, if you hide a weapon inside your home, you won’t be breaking the law.

It’s important to note that even though you’re not technically breaking the law by keeping a firearm in your home, there are still risks involved. For instance, if you accidentally discharge your weapon while cleaning it, you could end up facing serious charges.

There are also some safety concerns to consider. A loaded gun in your home increases the risk of accidental shootings. In fact, according to the CDC, unintentional shootings happen every day in America.

So, if you’re looking for an easy way to protect yourself, then you might want to consider storing a firearm in your home. But, before you decide to purchase a gun, you need to think about whether this is really the best option for you.

First, let’s talk about the benefits of owning a gun. There are several reasons why you might want to own a gun. Some people use guns for hunting, others use them for target practice, and others use them for self defense.

But, regardless of which reason you choose to use a gun for, there are some things you need to know before you buy one. First, you need to understand that owning a gun doesn’t mean that you’re automatically protected. In fact, most states require you to undergo training before you can legally carry a concealed weapon.

Final Thoughts

Though first, you were wondering how to make a DIY hidden gun storage, by now, you have known the steps you can follow to create one for yourself. There are many different ways of making this storage facility, but this method is among the simplest that you can use.

You can create a storage facility based on the availability of the materials in this method. Also, you can improve the above procedure to create hidden gun storage that suits your preference.


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