diy jenga blocks with case

If you enjoy playing Jenga, then you definitely know how competitive and difficult it can be. And if you don’t know what it is, it’s simply a game where you have a stack of wooden blocks on top of each other.

Players have to take a block out from towards the bottom of the tower and then placed on top. The game’s over when the tower falls down. Whoever was the last person to be able to take a block out and put it on the tower without the structure falling is the winner.

World’s Biggest Game Of Life Size Jenga

The typical game comes with 54 pieces and isn’t all that big when you stack all the blocks on top of each other. So this is where you might want to make something even cooler for family game night- Giant Jenga.

You might be able to find this in stores, but it’s even more fun when you make it on your own. The instructions aren’t difficult because the main idea is to cut up different pieces of wood. Below, we’ll give you some different ideas for making your own Giant Jenga for an interesting and competitive game night.

7+ DIY Jumbo Jenga Plans

1. The Simplest Lifesized Instructions

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These are the basic instructions for making any sort of Giant Jenga and they’re easy enough for most people to be able to follow. You simply need to be able to find some wood- any woodwork, even if it’s just spares from an old project that you didn’t need anymore.

If you have friends who work in construction, you might be able to get something from them. Then you have to cut the wood to be the exact size you want, making sure that you will be able to stack three of them together. Another thing to consider is that you won’t be using the same you would in regular Jenga.

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2. Fun Homemade Family Project

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This person made an entire 54-piece set, hence why it appears so large in the picture. This will certainly make your game a lot more challenging and competitive because the large size will be a little harder to stabilize.

The person who came up with this idea said that it only took them about two to three hours in total to create this project and the most time-consuming portion was when they had to sand down the wood they had cut to make it smooth. You don’t want your players to risk getting splinters, so you have to make sure that you’re meticulous with this step. If you’re looking for another fun, outdoor game to play, check out our DIY cornhole plans!

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3. An Easy Way to Play

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As you can see from the pictures, most of the ways that you will be able to create your own are similar. For this example in particular, the person who posted it used the following for their supplies and tools: 2×4 wood pieces, a flat board, a carrying bag, a marker, sander, saw, tape measure, and a pencil to mark the places they needed to cut.

They used their creation to play drinking Jenga with their friends, which is a fun twist if you want to do something outside of the family. They also made sure that the game would ultimately fit in some sort of duffle bag for easier transportation and storage. If you’re into fun, collaborative games like Jenga, check out some of our DIY dice tower plans to add some zest to your board-gaming fun.

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4. Do-It-Yourself Lawn Set

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This one has very similar instructions to the rest of them. It isn’t too difficult to create. As you can see from the pictures, this family made more pieces than some of the other examples we included to get a larger tower.

The number of pieces that you end up making will determine the height of the tower. While a large piece will be easier to pick up, a taller tower will be less stable, which will ultimately make your game night a lot more interesting. It’s the perfect way to enjoy some time with friends or family and to put a twist on a traditional game.

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5. At-Home Entertainment

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There are many places where you will be able to enjoy playing this: at home, at the bar, at school, or at a friend’s house. We definitely recommend that you have one at your house at least so that you’ll be able to host many fun Jenga nights.

Keep in mind that, while most of these examples feature something similar, you can decorate and paint the wood pieces as you’d like. The traditional Jenga pieces look like regular pieces of wood, but don’t let that limit your creativity.

If you have kids, let them go wild painting all the pieces different colors. You yourself can decorate it as you wish and even spray paint the whole thing. If you want to, you can make the game have a special theme.

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6. Great Present Idea

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We said in the last example that you can choose a special theme for your final creation. This person made this special for their sister’s wedding. In this example, the person left the blocks completely blank so that guests could construct a tower of blocks that they wrote their well-wishes on for the newlywed couple. If you have a brand of your own, it might be worth getting a hot iron to issue the logo on each piece, if necessary. This goes to show that this could make a good present idea. It doesn’t necessarily have to be for a wedding; you could make one for your friend’s baby shower, birthday, or any other applicable event. The best part is that you won’t have to spend too much time making it; it’s the thought that counts!

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7. Game and Case Plan

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In this instance, the person followed largely the same instructions as the rest of them, but they also made a special case for storing the blocks. You could also use this as the platform to create the tower. You won’t need to use too many tools, but it is recommended that you get some sort of wood finish for the carrying case. Plywood will work. Make sure that you have everything measured out correctly before you go to make cuts.

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And that’s it. As you can see, there are plenty of ways to customize your Giant Jenga game for a fun time with friends or family.

More Fascinating Jenga Tidbits

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Outdoor Backyard Jenga Cookout Fun

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One Redditor said that this clearly is going on his ‘to-do’ list before my next cookout.

Jenga is also especially enjoyable when you write Truth-or-Dare questions/statements on the bottom of the blocks. There is a store-bought variant of Truth-or-Dare Jenga, but it isn’t politically correct.

Giant Jenga At A Wedding

My fiancé wanted giant Jenga at our wedding. She gets what she wants. from woodworking

A Redditor advised to sure they are sanded extremely smooth. Otherwise, there will be catching far too easily. The builder said that they are 7.5″ long.

Buying Options

There are a bunch of buying options you can check out if you’re not up for the DIY route:

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Jenga Giant JS7 Hardwood Game (Stacks to 5+ Feet. Ages 12+)$118.50
Giant Tumbling Timbers$79.99
Giant Tower Medium, Ready to Ship (toppling tower, wedding game ...$34.99
Lancaster Gaming Company Giant Wooden Tumbling Tower Outdoor Game ...$49.99
GoSports Large Toppling Tower with Bonus Rules | Starts at 1.5 ...$38.68
Jenga Premium Hardwood Game$69.99
Customized Giant Tumbling Timbers$159.99
Sunnylife Giant Jumbling Tower Game by in Assorted, Kids at ...$45.00
Jenga Giant Family Hardwood Game (Can Stack 3+'. Ages 6+)$89.95

What is Jenga?

It is a game meant for people who feel they have deft hands. It requires you to hake several different skills such as patience, precision, hand-eye coordination, steady hands, a strategic mindset, and concentration skills to be victorious.

Louis Vuitton Jenga

Must cop if repmakers can make this upcoming LV FW19 Jenga Set from FashionReps

The creator of this game, Leslie Scott borrowed the game’s name from African Swahili, where it means “to build something.” Furthermore, she developed this game while she was a kid back in the ’70s, not knowing it would become a worldwide hit.

Anyone above six years old can play this game, and there is no maximum age limit. This game mostly consists of 54 wooden blocks. All these blocks have specific dimensions, that is, the length is three times bigger than the width, whereas the width is twice bigger in comparison to the height.

How do you play Jenga?

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Well, the game is pretty straightforward to play. Here are the guidelines on how to play this game.

This is a physical game; therefore, you need a flat and robust surface to get the game ready. First, you should start by stacking the wooden blocks in sets of three while ensuring the tower isn’t wobbling before the start of the game. Additionally, each extra layer needs to be adjacent to the previous, while confirming that the block’s thin ends are showing on every side of the tower. After stacking all the 54 wooden blocks to form a tower, the game can start.

To play, you should start by removing single blocks alternatively from the tower from any position that is below the topmost completed story. Consequently, you should add another story to the tower’s top and the game rotates as other players take their turns. Before any further expansion, you must ensure that a story is complete.

The person who builds the towers starts the game, and the play continues clockwise.

The winner of this game is the last player to add a piece of the tower’s top successfully before it gets knocked over. The person who knocks over the tower gets the privilege of setting up the subsequent round.


Guy Sets The World Record For The Highest Pistol Squat On A Jenga tower

Guy setting the world record for the highest pistol squat on a Jenga tower from nextfuckinglevel

What Are the Rules of Jenga?

The rules of this game are straightforward to understand; thus, you only need a little practice and physical skill to turn into an expert.

The standard rules are:

The player who builds the original construction is granted the privilege to make the first move.

Each player’s objective is to take out a bar from any of the floors, apart from the top layer as or the previous one. The block pulled out should be placed at the tower’s top.

You are prohibited from using both your hands while pushing, pulling out, or correcting the bar. It is because the use of two hands would considerably simplify the task, particularly when the general construction is extremely unstable.

You must wait for at least ten seconds and only after that are you allowed to take out a bar.

If the tower crashes while you are taking out the bar, you lose, and the game ends there.
The rules of yard and Giant Jenga are entirely identical. Therefore, you will be in a position to play variants of the game once you understand the basic rules.


Summing Up

Jenga has fascinating gameplay which will capture your attention plus its rules are relatively simple to understand. This game has several benefits both to your fingers and brain thus making it among the most acclaimed board games. Additionally, this game suits individuals of all ages, with it being a source of fun for adults and useful for developing excellent motor and thinking skills in kids.