For a couple of months, my dogs were going to be left in the yard all day long until I got home from work.

It was a beautiful place, with lots of space, but I know they needed a space that would give them some peace and quiet.

That’s why I built my dogs a dog kennel.

A lot of people don’t know this but it’s not just about feeding your dog and walking him or her.

You need to provide an environment where your pet can feel safe and get the exercise he or she needs to keep them healthy and happy.

Dogs are so social so it’s important that we provide them with a space for socialization too, which is why we built our dogs a dog kennel.

If a person is looking for a safe way to allow their dog to spend time outdoors they should consider building a dog kennel. The kennel will allow the dog to have its own space and protection from the sun.

There is an easy way to build a dog kennel. A person can make a DIY dog kennel to give their dog a space to lay outdoors.

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Determining the Size

Determining the Size

The size of the kennel will be based on the size of the dog. It will also be based on how long the dog will spend in the kennel. Larger dogs will need a larger space to move around.

If a dog is going to be in the kennel for a few hours it should also have room to move. A small dog can work with a kennel that is 6 feet by 6 feet. A larger dog should have at least 10 feet by 10 feet. There are some really important regulations when it comes to these kennels. 

Find a Spot

A person should check their yard for a good spot. It should not be near sidewalks or the road. There should also be a place in the yard where there is a shade or the dog.


A chain-link fence should be used for the perimeter of the kennel. This is secure and it is affordable. For a small dog, at least four-foot-tall fencing should be used.

For a larger dog, the fence should be taller. The local hardware store should have all of the fencing material that will be needed.

Provide Shelter

If it happens to rain and a person is not home to their dog in they need to make sure they have some type of shelter. They can put a roof on the kennel or they can use put a dog house in the kennel.

If they are going to use a dog house they need to make sure it will not be too high which will allow the dog to escape. A tarp roof can also be installed over the kennel to allow the dog to have protection from the weather.


Wood stakes and twine can be used to show where the kennel is going to go. This will help set up the perimeter for the installation. This can also help a person know the size that the kennel will be.

If possible put the kennel on a grass area. Pea gravel can be put down on the edges of the dog may try to dig their way out. Do not use concrete as this can damage the paws and joints.



Dig a hole for the fence posts. They should be a least two feet deep. If the kennel is going to be larger additional posts may be needed. Once the holes are dug mix the concrete that will be used.

Fill the hole up with concrete and put the fence posts in. They may need to be held in place for a few minutes to make sure they are straight and secure. Tension bands can be added to the post.

They should be tightened in place. This will allow the fence to be more secure. Cups and caps should also be added to the post. They are made from metal and they will allow the fence to be installed properly.

Once the posts are set up it is time to attach them. The cap rails can be ut on the top. They are metal tubes that will run along the top.

They should be installed evenly and they should be tightened. This will secure the top of the fence.

Attaching the Fence

Unroll the fence and make sure it is lined up with the corner posts. The tension bar should slide down the link on the fence and meet up with the tension band.

Keep on sliding this until the bottom of the tension band is taut. At this time it is important to tighten the bolts on the bands to make sure the fence is secure. Pull the fencing so it becomes taut and repeat this process with each post.

The top of the fencing should then be tied to the top rail. If there are middle posts they can also be tied and secured with a metal tie.

Apply the fencing to the rest of the kennel and make sure there is room for a gate. The dog is going to need to get in and out of this area.

Attach the Gate

There are hinges that should be slid onto the post where the gate is going to be placed. Put the gape so that it will be slightly off the ground and attach it to the hinges. The door needs to be able to open easily.

It should not be too far off the ground where the dog can go under it and escape. Make sure there is a latch and it is secure. The latch should be placed on the opposite side of the hinges and they should be secured in place.

Finishing Up

Once the gate is installed a person should test it out and make sure it is secure. They should also try to open the gate to make sure it will work properly.

If a person is going to provide a doghouse in the kennel they should put it in and also make sure it is safe and secure for the dog. They should make sure the roof or even the tarp is put on correctly and it will allow the dog to have the protection that it needs.

A person should test the kennel out with the dog while they are still home. This will help them determine if the dog likes the kennel and will reduce the fears of the dog.

A kennel can be a place to play but the owner should never leave the dog out in extreme heat or cold.

A kennel can allow the dog to spend some time outdoors without the owner worrying about escape. A kennel can allow the dog to get some fresh air and will help prove protection in the yard.

In Summary

I built my dogs a dog kennel because I love them so much- they are the best creatures on earth.

They deserve the best care and require protection from the cold weather when they sleep outside.

I care about them and want to make sure they are safe and warm in their old age.