A backyard swingset offers your children a terrific incentive to want to go out and play.

The memories created by a child while playing in the backyard will leave with them forever. It is a good idea as a parent to build your children a backyard where they can play- and even adults can get in the action if you make it sturdy enough.

Buying a ready-made swing set, or even a kit, can be costly, and also hiring experts to come and build it can be pricey. A swing set can be made even by a novice with absolutely no advanced knowledge required.

We’ve assembled a massive list of plans plus a stepby step guide towards the bottom of the post- let’s dive in!

But first, check out our DIY dollhouse plans, these DIY toy box plans, DIY bunk bed plans, if you’ve got kids you like crafting for!

DIY Homemade Swing Sets

#1. Portable Swing Set

Portable Swing Set
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A swing set is a playground fixture designed for children to play on. It consists of a set of metal chains, posts, and other components that are used to form the supports for the swings.

The first swing sets were created in the 1920s by George Nissen and John “Jack” Travers who were inspired by watching children play with ropes on ship masts.

They took their idea to the A.J. Peterman Company in Philadelphia who manufactured them as a kit that included two swings and two ropes per kit, priced at $14.50 (about $200 in today’s dollars).

#2. Wooden Indoor Swing

Wooden Indoor Swing
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A bit of a departure here- it’s an indoor option!

#3. Wooden Portable Swing
Wooden Portable Swing
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Swing sets are one of the most popular toys in the world. They are also one of the most dangerous.

A swing set is a play structure that consists of a platform (or several platforms) suspended by ropes or chains from a pole, tree, or building. The platform is generally large enough to accommodate at least two children swinging at once (usually side-by-side).

It is important for parents to make sure that their children do not use it alone and to install safety features like barriers and nets around the area where they will be playing.

#4. DIY Wooden Porch Swing

DIY Wooden Porch Swing
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A DIY porch swing set is a simple project that requires some time and effort. If you are handy, you can probably put together a swing set in less than a day.

It is an excellent project for the whole family to work on together. Kids will have fun helping with the project, and parents will enjoy spending time with their children.

#5. Wooden Swing Chair

Wooden Swing Chair
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#6. Catapult Swing

Catapult Swing
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DIY swing sets are a great way to spend time outdoors with the kids. It can be a fun project for adults and children to work on together.

A swing set is not just for children, it is also an excellent way for adults to get exercise.

The best part about building your own DIY swing set is that you get to make it exactly the way you want it!

#7. Arbor Arch With Dual Swings

Arbor Arch With Dual Swings
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#8. DIY Porch Swing Frame

A swing set is a great way for children to get the exercise they need while having fun. DIY swing sets are a great idea for parents who want to save some money and build their own set.

#9. How to Build an Easy DIY Porch Swing | House One

There are many benefits to installing a DIY swing set in your backyard or on your porch. They provide hours of entertainment while promoting physical activity and healthy living for the whole family.

#10. How to Build a Hanging Porch Swing Bed — {Twin OR Crib Size!}

The first step is to decide on the size of your swing set. You can decide to have either a small or large swing set, but you’ll need to consider where you’ll be putting it when you’re finished building it. If you’re going to put it in your backyard, then you might want to build a smaller one that will be easier for the kids to access when they want to play on it. If you’re going to put it in your front yard, then you might want something larger so that people can see and play on it from the street.

#11. A Frame DIY Swing

#12. DIY Simple/Easy/Cheap Porch/Bench Swing with 2×4’s

There are many benefits to building your own swing set. It will help you save money because kits can be expensive and they often don’t include all the pieces that you need to complete your project. You will also be able to customize your swing set so that it matches the theme of your yard or house if desired. Building a swing set from scratch also allows you have input on what materials are used so that it is safe for

#13. A backyard tree swing (fast and easy)

Swing sets are made of various parts, including swings, slides, monkey bars, and other fun accessories. They can be installed in your backyard or on your porch.

#14. How to Build a SIMPLE Porch swing (basic tools!)

A DIY swing set is a great way to get your kids outside and active. It can also be a great project for the whole family to work on together.

#15. How to Build an A-Frame for a Swing

Steps on building DIY Wooden Swing Set

Wooden Swing Set
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The first thing you need is to figure out the kind of swing set you need and then plan how to get the required materials. For this project, we will utilize the following tools:

  • 1/2-in. socket
  • 1/4-in. drill bit
  • Wrench (adjustable)
  • Carpenter’s square
  • Drill
  • Tape measure

Materials to be used in the project:

  • 4 Cedar-tone treated pine measuring 4x4x8 ft.
  • Another one cedar treated pine measuring 4x6x10ft.
  • 4 Screw eyes 5/16×2-1/2 in
  • Four J bolts 5/8×12 in.
  • Three pairs of swing hangers
  • Two Frame brackets

After ensuring we have all the materials and tools to be used, it is now time to move to the next phase, assembling all these materials to build a DIY wooden swing set.

Step 1: The first step is the installation

The first step is the installation
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The first step is the installation of brackets on either side of the beam measuring 4x6x10 ft. sometimes, they might be tight; use a wood block and hammer to knock them and ensure it is correctly installed.

Use the ¼ inch drill to make three holes on each side of the bracket, and they should be approximately 3 inches. Use the wrench size ½ in to install the three 12-inch lag bolts fixed with brackets.

To help make your work easier, ensure you use the socket adaptor for all your drill and driver work. This will help you reduce a lot of time used and energy.

Step 2: Install hanger hardware and layout

The size of the swing set is highly dependent on your budget test and preferences. For our case, the step-by-step guide is for installing three swings.

Also, when coming up with this guide, safety was vital, and that is why we settled at the optimal safe distance from the swing to be 18 inches apart. For the swing attachment, we settled at 16 inches’ space so that when the kids or adults will play, there will be enough space for play or swinging, for that matter, between each hanger.

Ensure the bottom of the beam is facing up, locate the center and mark it. Ensure it is 5ft from either side. Measure eight inches to either side so you can attain 16-inch spacing for a swing attachment.

To attach the other two hangers, you will also need to measure an 18inch mark from each side of the center pair. Here you will also need to layout the 16 inches spacing. Next, you will need to center all the marks on the width of your beam.

Ensure it is 1-3/4 from the edge. Drill bit using the ¼ inches. Also, pre-drill each mark. Thread each of the six swing hangers using the adjustable wrench.

Step 3: Legs attachments

While the beam is on the ground, insert the 8ft 4×4 beam into the brackets. With the aid of ¼ in the drill bit, drill four pilot holes for each leg, which should be about 3 inches deep. Using the socket, install the three 16 inches lag bolts.

Step 4: Situate and stand the frame

With the help of another adult, lift and move frames into place. Ensure the ground you are using is leveled to enhance safety when playing.

Being experts or even not our first time to build the swing set, we highly recommend at least 6ft for both front and back legs. Additionally, ensure you leave at least 4 ft, walk-around space for either side.

Step 5: Safety stakes installation

Using the drill and the drill bit size, ¼ drill holes about 2 inches up from the outside of the legs ensure the holes are on the center on the width of the legs. Drill about 2 inches only.

Thread in the screw eye size 5/15×2-1/2 inches. This will help insert a j bolt into the eyes and spin in the heads. Carefully hammer the 12 inches J bolt on each side towards the ground.

At this point, if you followed all the steps correctly, you have built, or rather you will be able to build a DIY swing set for your kids and family at large. Since the above project was for guidance, we assembled it using a trapeze bar and bucket swing.

Feel free to modernize your swing because there are many options around. Another reason we used these materials we never wanted to overspend on the project, and we wanted to make good use of the readily available materials at our disposal.

With our guide, we are pretty sure you can build the backyard swing set that your family will enjoy.

If you opt to build your DIY swing set, it is highly recommended that you use high-quality nylon rope for the climbing knot. The nylon will ensure your swing lasts long. Also, the nylon should not stretch because of changing weather conditions.

Take a few minutes to counter-check if your swings are correctly fastened. As you have seen, building a swing set is not expensive; as a matter of fact, you could save up to double the money you could use to hire an expert to do the work. Let us know you’re taught on this swing set we have to create.