If you have children, you are probably all too familiar with the endless stream of stuffed animals that seem to occupy every nook and cranny of your home.

While most parents may find this phenomenon charming, others may find themselves struggling to find a way to corral these animals and keep them from taking over their space.

If you are in the latter group, never fear – we have just the solution for you: a stuffed animal jail! Remember, you can also try one of these DIY toy boxes for extra storage.

Or, if you’ve got some kids, try out one of these DIY dollhouse plans!

DIY Stuffed Animal Zoo Jails

#1. Stuffed Animal Storage Shelves

Stuffed Animal Storage Shelves

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My daughter has a lot of toys and stuffed animals. She loves playing with them and they keep her busy for hours. However, when she gets older, it becomes difficult to keep all of them organized.

#2. DIY Stuffed Animal Zoo Cage – Organizer

DIY Stuffed Animal Zoo Cage - Organizer

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This organizer allows you to quickly find any toy or stuffed animal that you need. Now, you don’t have to spend hours searching through piles of toys to find what I need.

#3. DIY Stuffed Animal Zoo

When my daughter was younger, I had a hard time keeping up with all of her toys and stuffed animals. So, I decided to create a system like the one above where I could easily organize them into different categories.

#4. DIY Stuffed Animal Cage

Stuffed animals are cute, but they can quickly become a mess. They don’t always fit into their designated spots, and they tend to end up everywhere.

#5. DIY Stuffed Animal Bedside Table Jail

My daughter loves her stuffed animals. She has a lot of them. They live in her room. They live in her closet. They live in her playroom. They live everywhere- a bedside organizer like this really helps keep things neat.

#6. DIY Stuffed Animal Cage

#7. Stuffed Animal Zoo Cabinet

If your kid has a lot of toys that they love playing with- but they all need to be stored somewhere. Why not use a cabinet?

#8. DIY Stuffed Animal Zoo

#9. Kids Toy Zoo

This is a problem that parents face all too often. Your kids love their stuffed animals, but there just isn’t enough room in the house to store them. Try out the zoo above and let us know how it works!

#10. Easy to Build a Toy Zoo for Stuffed Animals

#11. Stuffed Animal Storage 

#12. Best DIY Stuffed animal storage solutions for your kids

How To Make A Stuffed Animal Zoo

You can complete this easy DIY project in a few simple steps, and it is sure to help keep your child’s beloved stuffed animals organized and out of the way. So read on for instructions on how to make your very own stuffed animal jail.

There are lots of different ways of storing and organizing stuffed animals– so have an open mind!

1. Design the layout

The design of your stuffed animal jail will depend on the size of your animals. For smaller animals, a simple wire mesh cage will do. For larger animals, you will need to build a more elaborate structure.

You can use PVC pipe and connectors to create a frame or use a wooden box as your base. The critical thing to remember is that the structure should be sturdy, not easily moved, and have no sharp edges.

Choose a location in your home where the jail will be visible but not accessible to children and pets.

2. Create a foundation

You can build your structure directly onto a shelf, desk, or table if you like, but it is much easier if you first create a removable base for it to rest on. This way, when you are cleaning under and around the jail, you can lift the bottom without moving any animals out of the way.

We recommend building the base from clear plexiglass because not only does it allow for easy viewing once you’ve created your prison, but it also makes it easy to clean. A quick wipe with a damp cloth will remove any messes.

3. Cover the structure in the material

Choose a heavy fabric or sheet for this step. It will need to cover your entire jail with an allowance of about 6 inches on all sides so it can be appropriately attached to the wire mesh cage.

Make sure your covering material is clean and in excellent condition before beginning. The last thing you want is dirt getting into your jail and then onto your animals.

You may also wish to line this piece with two layers of cotton sheeting, which will help absorb odors in your prison over time.

Now that your covering is cut out and ready to go, you must attach it to the structure. Start by attaching the top edge of the fabric to the top of your system. You can use pins, staples, or hot glue for this step.

Once that is done, proceed to attach the sides and bottom of the fabric in the same manner. Make sure everything is nice and snug before moving on to the next step.

4. Create your jail door

The door of your jail should be easy for you to open and close but not so easy that your animals can get out. You can either use a hinged door or a drawstring closure.

If you choose a hinged door, ensure it is well-secured and will not easily come off its hinges. If you select a drawstring closure, ensure the string is long enough to be tied securely.

If you opted for a hinged door, make sure to secure it either with screws or hinges. If you used a drawstring closure, tie the string tightly and be sure not to leave any gaps in which animals can escape through.

The most important part of the process is remembering that you need to create a sturdy, strong door to keep your animals inside.

6. Add bedding and toys

Now it’s time for the fun part: decorating! You can use cotton rope or cloth to make hammocks for your prisoners. Just be sure not to hang them too high up, as smaller animals might get hurt trying to jump down from above their heads.

You can also use old socks and fabric scraps as beds and blankets for your inmates and plastic bottles with open ends as water dispensers.

The toys and bedding you choose for your jail should be exciting and engaging for your animals. They should also be able to withstand a little bit of wear and tear.

7. Add your stuffed animals

After you are done with your jail, it is time to add your stuffed animals! Choose your inmates carefully, as some animals will be better suited for life behind bars than others.

We recommend selecting smaller animals that can comfortably fit inside the jail. Once you have chosen your prisoners, it is time to place them in their new homes.

The first step of this process is to make sure your animals will be able to fit through the door of your jail. If they are too large, you may need to cut out a portion of the hole so they can squeeze themselves through.

8. Monitor and clean regularly

Now that your jail is complete, it is essential to monitor it regularly. Check the condition of the bedding and toys, and replace them when necessary. Keep an eye on the stuffed animals to ensure they live nicely together.

Most importantly, remember to clean your jail regularly. This will help keep it looking nice and tidy, and it will also help reduce the amount of odor present. A quick wipe down with a damp cloth should do the trick.

Summing Up

Making a stuffed animal jail can be a fun and easy way to keep your animals entertained. Just make sure to follow the steps outlined in this article, and you will be on your way to creating a fun and safe environment for your animals.

Stuffed animal jails are becoming increasingly popular among pet owners as a way to keep their animals occupied and amused. If you are thinking of making one for your own pets, be sure to follow the steps outlined in this article.