12 Stunning DIY Stained Glass Window Plans

My house is full of light. Light that shines through my kitchen window, light that shines through my living room window, and light that shines through the stained glass windows I built myself.

I’ll start by talking about what it’s like to build these stained glass windows myself. It’s really pretty simple, actually – you just need some basic supplies like colored glass sheets and an aluminum frame to put them in. There are also a few other materials you might need like solder, flux, and sealant depending on the type of window that you want to make. 

Building stained glass windows is not only a hobby but it opens up a world of creativity.

I love building DIY stained glass windows because it not only allows me to express my creativity but also provides me with the opportunity to learn new skills like crafting, sewing, and painting.

The best part is that I get to choose what I want to create and the design of my window.

Stained glass is a timeless way to make a window or other feature look colorful and exquisite.

While it is typically associated with churches, there is nothing saying you can’t have your own. You can even make it out of other materials.

This is a fun project and a great way to update any space. Here are a few DIY stained glass plans you can implement if you want to make your own stained glass feature.

12 DIY Stained Glass Window Plans

1. Basic Design

Regardless of what you choose to create, there are a few basic steps that you need to follow. While this is not so suitable for a window, you can do this with other materials.

You’ll need: some type of pattern, safety glasses, gloves, glass or a mirror, copper tape, solder, flux, a grinder, a cutter, a flux brush, and a sharpie. Cut out the pattern and trace it onto your material with a permanent marker.

Cut out the shapes carefully, then wrap the edges in the copper tape. Use a soldering iron intended for lead soldering on the copper tape, then clean your design with cool water.


2. Make a Door

This one is a lot more difficult, but it’s a perfect way to add a unique touch to any space.

You’ll need: an oil-filled cutter, running pliers, breaking pliers, a grinding wheel, a soldering iron, markers, a steel ruler, a craft knife, different colors and textures, copper foil, solder, flux, A3 paper, and masking tape. Follow the steps outlined in this article carefully, and you’ll have a beautiful door as a result! This is a great DIY plan to do when bored at home.


3. Blue Suncatcher

Suncatchers are traditional ornaments that are believed to be good luck.

You will need: blue and clear glass, solder, copper foil, copper wire, decorative steel wire, pattern and scissors, marker, straight edge, cutter oil and a sponge applicator, a cutter, grozer-breaker, grinder, safety glasses, manila folders, paper towels, cardboard, push pins, flux, paint brush, and cleaner.

Draw your pattern, choose your colors, and cut accordingly. Wrap it in copper foil and solder. Clean it up and you’re done!


4. Recreate on Paper

You can also something with paper, which is undoubtedly a lot safer and easier. This article lists using a computer design program, as well as the Cricut program for this project.

You can find a design, such as in church, that appeals to you, or you can draw your own using the software listed. In the end, showcase it however you’d like- frame it, put it on your walls, or anything you choose!


5. A Lion

You can also choose to create a lion. Lions are fierce and impressive and could even make a perfect gift for someone you know. The steps for a lion are similar to the ones listed above; you’re going to need the same materials, as well as the template of the design you wish to create.

If you have any trouble with making a part of the design a bit smoother, then come back to it later. Add the finishing touches to your project.


6. Faux Stained Glass

Once again, you can use other materials to make a beautiful piece. This example used epoxy resin and plywood. A CNC machine was used to cut out the stencil. Then, tape the back of the stencil so that it can catch the resin.

Fill the cells of your design as neatly as you can so that no resin gets on the plywood. And once you’ve let it dry, you’ll have something similar to stained glass, but without the danger!


7. Do-It-Yourself Necklace

If making jewelry is something you enjoy doing, you can make your own necklace. You can even make necklaces and then open a shop to sell them!

You’ll need transparent shrinky dinks, permanent markers, scissors, paper, tape, a pen, a craft knife, metallic spray paint, clear nail polish, jewelry pliers, and chain and jump rings in the colors of your choice. The directions are simple, and you’ll have something that would fool anyone into thinking it was real glass!


8. Window

And here is perhaps one of the most common items that people wish to create out of stained glass.

However, keep in mind that it isn’t easy. You’ll need colored glass, diamond cutter, self-adhesive copper foil, permanent markers, a brush, flux, a soldering iron, pliers, and acetone thinner. You’ll also need to be patient and careful, of course, since this isn’t something that can be done in a short amount of time. Good luck!

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9. Exquisite Feather

The directions for this one will be very similar to the directions for the suncatcher, so we won’t go into too much detail here.

But, if you don’t want to make an entire suncatcher, or you’re just starting out and want something more simple to do, this is the perfect way to start. You can choose any design you’d like and you can make the feather any size you prefer. Have fun!


10. Flower Ring

This is another cute jewelry piece that would make a perfect gift for one of your girlfriends or relatives. Or, of course, for your own collection!

This could be a great project to do with children on a rainy day, too. For this one, you’re only going to need wire, pliers, and nail polish. Loop the wire in a design you’d like and then drop a glob of nail polish into the loops. Fix the wire with your pliers so that it can be fit into a ring, and you’re finished! Not only is this a simple way to make a ring, but it is also very budget-friendly.


11. Faux Window

This is a great way to create a design on a window but without all the danger and hassle. For this project, you will need a ruler, some type of permanent marker, puffy fabric paint, acrylic metallic paint, a foam brush, a paper plate, and some type of pattern. Clean your window and draw the pattern.

You can search online for fun designs that would suit your tastes. Then, paint it as you wish, let it dry, and you’re done! It really was that easy!


12. Paper Stained Earrings

And here is yet another jewelry idea that would be perfect to add to your collection.

You’ll need a silhouette paper cutter, black cardstock, colored and transparent file folders, mod podge, Elmer’s glue, tweezers, a foam brush, a fine-tip paintbrush, wax paper, polycrylic, and any type of jewelry backings that you prefer. You can choose to follow the rules that this person came up with, or you can come up with something on your own!


Stained glass is among one of the oldest forms of home decoration, particularly the windows. According to Wikipedia, it was first introduced by the Gothic Churches and was gradually adopted by homeowners. One of the many reasons why people love stained glass is because it adds both color and architecture to a home.

What is Stained Glass?

You have probably seen stained glass either in your neighborhood or on TV. But, have you always wondered what it is and what it’s made of?

Stained glass water tower in Brooklyn It’s by Tom Fruin
by u/Trtlman56 in pics

First, the staining occurs through the manufacturing process. The glass is colored using metal oxides and powders. The color is usually determined by the metal used. For instance, iron oxides make green and brown glasses. Today, thanks to modern advancements, scientists have discovered ways on how to add color to glass. You can also make stained glass all by yourself.

How Do You Get Your Hands On Some?

Have you decided to use stained glass to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home? Well, there are two ways on how you can get your hands on some. You can head to glass stores and purchase it. Or rather, you can make stained glass. This article will discuss both of these aspects.

DIY Stained Glass

Making stained glass gives you an opportunity to customize a design that you like. Moreover, knowing how to do this is an excellent business idea. When you become a pro, you can decide to use this skill to start up a local business.

Step 1: Start with A Simple Pattern

Basing on the fact that it is your first time to make stained glass, then you need to start with the baby steps. That is, you should pick a simple project. Also, begin with a small pattern. It will be less complicated.

You will also need to do some digging and find a suitable pattern. You can get a lot of ideas from DelphiGlass (https://www.delphiglass.com/). They have great designs that you can use. You can also look for inspiration from books or your neighbors. But, don’t pick a typical pattern. Be unique.

Step 2: Picking The Type of Glass

The second step is picking the right type of glass. Here, you will have to choose in between opalescent or cathedral glass. The choice is entirely up to you. Nonetheless, when choosing the glass type. Consider the color, transparency, texture and most importantly the price. Each of these two does have its advantages. For instance, cathedral glass requires less pressure to cut through.

On the other hand, opalescent glass does have a higher density and isn’t transparent. If you find it difficult to choose in between the two, you can decide to use both. They will give you a blend of clarity and opaqueness.

Step 3: Buy The Glass and Tools You Will Require

The best place to buy stained glass is from a stained glass shop. There, you will be able to choose from a variety of glass. And, you can be assured of quality.
Don’t also forget to purchase equipment for making stained glass. This includes glass cutters, copper foil, pliers, soldering iron, lightbox, and a grinder.

Step 4: Make The Stained Glass

To make the stained glass, you must first start by tracing the pattern onto the glass with a thick marker. You should then use a glass cutter to cut the glass in both straight lines and curves depending on your design. Be careful not to break other parts of the glass.
You should then put all the pieces together and gently grind them to a perfect shape. Don’t use too much energy. You may risk distorting the shape of the glass. With the aid of a copper foil, foil all the pieces together. When doing this, you need to be patient because it will take up some time.

Step 5: Soldering

The last step is to solder the pieces. Remember to apply some flux on the foil before soldering. You can soldier from the back of the glass so that everything on the front remains intact. The soldering should be done smoothly to create a perfect finish.

By following the above steps, you will have created an excellent piece of stained glass. You can clean it and place it on your window or door.

Buying VS Building?

As fun as making stained glass is, not all of us have the time or resources to do so. If you fall under this category, then you can get your hands on the ready-made stained glass. You can find hundreds of patterns from stained glass shops near you. The advantage of purchasing stained glass is that you not only get to avoid the long and tedious method of making stained glass. But, you also get your hands on perfectly decorated and designed pieces.

Should You Pick Old or New?

Old glass is rare and adds a sense of uniqueness. Antique stores are the best place for you to find old stained glass. But, finding enough glass for several windows can be difficult because old glass is rare. This is where new glass comes in handy. You can order different sizes and matching patterns for the windows in your home. Moreover, with new glass, you have the opportunity to customize the color of glass to match that of the paint on your wall. It’s also okay for you to use both.

Maintenance Tips

Whether you have decided to make or purchase stained glass. It is your responsibility to take care of these gems so that they continue adding beauty to your home. Below are maintenance tips that will ensure your stained glass retains its perfect look for the longest time possible.

  • Completely avoid using harsh detergents when cleaning the stained glass.
  • Use storm stashes to protect the glass from elements that may weaken it with time.
  • Put stoppers on the stained glass especially if it is placed on a window. This will help avoid breakage when it is windy or stormy.
  • Use steel wool while cleaning the glass to remove foxing along the soldier lines.
  • Repair the glass immediately you notice any cracks.

Summing Up

The list of ways on how you can use stained glass to decorate your home is endless. They add appeal, color, change the quality of interior lighting and much more. Are you tired of the ordinary look of window/door glass in your home? Spice things today by using stained glass.