24+ DIY Shed Plans [Free]

If you have lots of tools, you are likely looking for somewhere to put everything. There is nothing better for you to have than a shed. Now, you are probably thinking that you might not have enough money.

That’s no problem- you can always make your own DIY shed!

There are many different ways for you to make your own out of any materials you’d like in a way that would suit your tastes, your landscape, and your backyard.

Here is a list of some ideas that you can utilize for this interesting do-it-yourself project.

24+ DIY Shed Plans

24+ DIY Shed Plans

1. Basic Design

If someone comes to you saying that you should end up building your own outdoor storage space, you’ll probably feel that this is a daunting task. Yes, this will take you several days, and you might have to spend close to $1,000.


2. Pallet Material

Knowing an individual or an organization that has pallets they don’t need anymore can really benefit you with this project. Pallets are a good quality and sturdy material, and once you’ve found the outside part, you only need to get a few more things and you’re ready to start building.


3. Simplistic Instructions

You will absolutely want to choose an area in your yard that will suit your new construction. Make sure that all the measurements are correct, and that the size and shape is exactly how you want it. You don’t need to have anything too standard if that’s not the look you’re going for. If you’re able to build such a gorgeous shed, why not undertake a DIY outdoor shower for those summer days coming back from the beach?


4. Playhouse Combination

What better way to entertain your kids AND save room than building a two-in-one shed playhouse? This is a cool idea for if you have several kids and you want to do something they’ll appreciate. In this example, the family built a two-floor building, and the second floor featured a slide for the kids. To jazz it up even more, consider adding some DIY floating shelves inside!


5. Two Stories

If you have a lot of tools and other materials that you need to store somewhere, this is suitable for you. This example provides instructions for building a quite large shed that has two floors. It will take up a lot of space in your backyard, but at least you’ll have a lot of room for your tools. Make sure you build a DIY fence to protect this gorgeous two-story shed because it looks so good someone might try to rob it!


6. For Bikes

If bikes are something you and your family enjoy, and you have several of them, you might find that putting them somewhere safe has become a struggle. This is where you can build a special storage space just right for your bicycles. You can even put its supplies here, such as hooks or shelves inside for helmets and knee pads.


7. Craft Studio

Are you someone who likes to knit, sew, and everything in between? Have all of your supplies started to clutter your home? Have you started having lots of clients and have nowhere to put all of your orders? You can build your own craft studio! This will help to keep your work outside of your home, too.


8. Potting Shed

Do you enjoy gardening? This is a good way for you to be able to garden as you wish. Plus, there have been proven health benefits of gardening, and the beautiful things you’ll plant will surely brighten your mood. The shed will be an ideal storage space for anything you need for planting, whether it be pots, shovels, soil, and everything in between.


9. Recycling Materials

Once again, using pallets can save you a lot of time and energy on completing this project. Try to find any materials that are of no use to you anymore and that way, you will be able to save lots and lots of money. Building anything from scratch can get expensive, so you want to see where you can save if you could.


10. Whimsical Appeal

Who says that you have to have a basic, boring design? You can create anything you want to the best of your ability! This example features something that looks like it might come straight out of a Disney movie. If you are someone who likes that whimsical, magical appeal, this design is a fascinating idea for you.


11. Blacksmith Shop

Are you a blacksmith? Do you wish you had someplace to store all of your supplies? Well now, you can build something just for that- right in the comfort of your own backyard! All you will need to do is find the right materials for it, and dedicate a few days to your project, and now you can have the shop of your dreams!


12. Two Walls

Here is an interesting idea for if you have some extra space behind your home. You can create a small shed where two of the walls end up being your actual house. This project is fairly simple, as not as much work needs to go into it as some of the other choices, since you only need to build two walls.


13. Home Office

If you are someone who works from home and you want something that won’t make you sick of your house, you can always build your office in your backyard! Make it look just the way you want and suitable for anything you would need to take in there. This is a nice way for you to have your own private space not too far away.


14. 16 x 10

You might end up taking longer than you anticipated when doing this project. It might be a good idea for you to get the help of someone else before you start so that way you can finish way ahead of time. You also will want to map out exactly what design you want and its measurements (this one was 16×10’) before you start.


15. Great for Storage

Everyone knows how annoying it is to have clutter. You never want to walk into your home- or into any space- only to see all of your belongings everywhere all of the time. And it seems like nothing you do can resolve this problem. You can construct something that will allow you to avoid clutter for as long as possible and store everything you don’t immediately need.


16. Green Roof

Here’s a way to help make your new space look as unique as possible. You can add a green roof- which means, you essentially plant flowers into the roof! This will help make the structure blend into your fence well. No one will ever guess what it is!


17. Country Style

If you’re someone who likes anything that has to do with country, you’re in luck. You can easily make your own garden shed that suits your tastes and will help keep all your belongings safe and sound.


18. Off the Grid

If you need somewhere to safely make use of your power tools, here is a great idea for you. All that you need to do is make sure you have a free energy system, which could indeed cost a lot.


19. Use for Gardening Tools

If you have a lot of gardening tools, you might find that they are scattered everywhere you go. Now, you can create a special space just for them.


20. Plastic Shelves

Yes, you might not think that plastic is sturdy enough to hold everything you need, but some plastic indeed is. And, you will be saving lots of money on materials. Score!


21. Complete Guide

All the instructions for this one are similar to the others. Another important thing to mention is that you want to make sure that you have examined your yard in detail before doing this. Do you live somewhere that floods a lot? If so, make sure that you act on this appropriately.


22. Attached to House

Attaching your shed to your house can not only save money and space, but it can also make use of some empty space that you might have in your yard. And it’s a great way to add some hiding room for your tools.


23. Hexagon Shape

Here is an idea for if you want to avoid having something that looks dull and boring. You can make your shed into a hexagonal shape. You will first need to build the foundation into this shape, and then the rest of the structure in the same fashion.


24. Recycled Modern Look

Bringing modernity into any project can easily spruce up a space. And adding some recycled materials is not only good for the environment but also, it will save you some money.


Building & Buying Tips

If you are thinking about buying a shed for your home, you may need a little help in determining which shed will be best for your needs and preferences. Because there are different types of sheds on the market, you will need to determine the style, design, cost and size that is best for you.

With so much information available to consumers online and in retail stores today, it is not difficult to find what you need to know before you make your investment. So, if you are interested in learning more about this kind of purchase, here are 5 things that you should become familiar with as you make your decision.

1. Look for Sheds for Sale

When you are concerned about the price, you will most likely be following a budget that you need to work within. Especially, because sheds can range from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars and more so you want to see how you can buy the best but save on the cost.

For instance, if you want to buy a higher quality shed without the high price tag, you should look for those that retailers or wholesalers have on sale.

For instance, if you want to buy a sheds Richmond, VA for your family that cost $2500.00 but cannot afford to pay the full price, you may want to search online to find the same quality shed for $2,000 or less. The amount is based on your personal budget.

2. Your Storage Needs

If you prefer to build a shed from the ground up, one of the first steps in this process is looking for the plans that you want. Instead of buying a shed that is ready-made, you can look for plans that will allow you to customize it for your needs.

Or, you may choose to purchase shed plans that already has every feature that you want. In either case, you should look sheds that will accommodate a specific and shape. Once you have made this decision, you need to know what types of materials will be used in its construction.

For instance, you may have the option of using wooden materials or metal materials, this part of this project is usually left up to the homeowner and their family members, unless the shed plans call for a specific type. Also, if you need financial help paying for your plans, you may need to secure financing.

3. Designs

You may also want to check out the different sheds designs before you make any decision on which one you want. This is because the shed’s designs are being manufactured by companies that can make a variety of different types. For instance, here are a few that you can make your selections from.

  1. Architect’s Cozy Shed
  2. Green Roof
  3. Vintage Cottage She Shed
  4. Where Maple Syrup Is Made
  5. Mod Shed
  6. Craft Shed
  7. Flower Shed
  8. And many many more

4. Cheap Sheds?

If you are working with a very low budget, you are probably looking for cheap sheds. Because the cost of cheap sheds can differ greatly in price, you always need to know what you are getting when you make your investment.

Fortunately, you do have more than one option that you may want to consider and that is buying a cheap shed at the lowest bargain price or building an inexpensive shed with your own abilities. When given the choice, many professionals in this industry usually recommend building a cheap shed yourself. By building a shed with your own materials, you can eliminate the higher cost of paying a  local contractor to do this type of work.

5. Sheds For Rent: Quick Delivery

If the price for your shed is not really what you can afford, you may want to consider another alternative.

One alternative, in particular, is to look for sheds for rent. This alternative can be ideal for those homeowners who need a temporary solution instead of one that is permanent. For example, sheds for rent companies offer this option since it gives the owner of the homeowner a chance to use these portable buildings for their storage needs.

If you want to see what is available and what the best option is for your needs, you may want to contact sheds quick delivery.