Hey there, DIY enthusiasts! Get ready for an exhilarating tale of teamwork, laughter, and a DIY power hammer that took our blacksmithing dreams to new heights!

When my mischievous brother-in-law yearned for a power hammer but was deterred by the hefty price tags, I jumped in to lend a helping hand. Armed with DIY expertise and boundless enthusiasm, we embarked on a thrilling adventure of building our very own power hammer.

After scouring the internet for the perfect plan, we dove into the project headfirst. Amidst laughter, pizza-fueled nights, and the occasional mishap, we transformed Jake’s garage into a blacksmithing haven. And finally, after weeks of hard work and determination, our power hammer stood tall and ready for action.

Sparks flew and the rhythmic pounding of the hammer filled the air as we brought our creation to life. Jake’s joy was palpable, knowing that his dream had become a reality thanks to our joint effort.

So, grab your tools and join me on this DIY power hammer journey! In the upcoming blog posts, I’ll share the plans we discovered, the challenges we faced, and the lessons we learned. Let’s make sparks fly and empower your creativity together!

DIY Power Hammer Plans

1. Power Hammer

Power Hammer

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2. Building a DIY Power Hammer Machine “With Plans”

A power hammer is a machine for forging metal by striking it with the heavy end of a hammer, or the ram, from above. With a power hammer, you can create a huge variety of items from metal, including metal parts for cars, bridges, and factories.

3. Building a DIY Power Hammer

Looking to unleash the power of a homemade power hammer? This fantastic video tutorial by KOPOProjects will guide you through the process, helping you create your very own mighty tool for metalworking adventures. Imagine the possibilities as you shape metal with ease, perfecting your craft and turning ordinary materials into extraordinary works of art!

4. How To Make A Power Hammer Machine Using Drill Machine

Watch in awe as DiamleonDiyBuilds demonstrates how to transform a drill machine into a powerful homemade power hammer machine. With just a few modifications, you can breathe new life into your trusty drill and elevate your blacksmithing game. Say goodbye to exhausting manual hammering and say hello to precision and efficiency as you embark on your metalworking journey!

5. Make Your Work Easier With DIY Hammer Machine

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6. Power Hammer Machine

Discover the wonders of a homemade power hammer machine with RRR6666allinone’s mesmerizing video. This machine showcases raw power and precision, empowering you to shape metal with finesse and artistry. Let your creativity soar as you forge intricate designs, bring life to sculptures, or create functional pieces—all with the assistance of your very own power hammer machine.

7. How To Build a Power Hammer!!

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9. Introduction to Anyang Self-Contained Power Hammers

Looking to take your blacksmithing game to the next level? Check out this introduction to Anyang self-contained power hammers by jamesrjohn. These industrial-grade power hammers offer immense power and precision, transforming the way you work with metal. Discover the capabilities of these remarkable tools and open new doors for your creative journey.

10. Homemade Treadle Hammer That Really Works with 50$

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11. Homemade Power Hammer Blacksmith 

JousepEfendi showcases the second version of their homemade power hammer, demonstrating its incredible power and versatility. With detailed explanations and captivating visuals, this video will inspire you to create your own powerhouse for blacksmithing endeavors. Unleash your inner blacksmith and let this DIY power hammer take your metalworking skills to new heights!

The use of power hammers dates back to the 17th century. This article will teach you how to make your power hammer at home.


  • 8-inch pully
  • Induction motor
  • Angle grinder
  • 3/4 inch steel rod
  • Block bearings
  • 2×2-inch 5 mm angle bar
  • 10-inch diameter and a 10-mm thick steel plate
  • Nuts and bolts
  • 1-foot long and 1-inch diameter steel rod
  • Plans for the build
  • Safety equipment
  • Welding gear

Step 1: Build a frame for your hammer

The first step is to design a frame for your hammer. Add a small length of angle bar to create a cap and then weld the frame together. Continue adding the pieces of the angle bar to design an A-frame. Rinse, then repeat to make a second frame of equal size.

Place the two A-frames next to each other and then weld them together with an extra length of the angle bar. Use more lengths of angle bar and design the main base for your frame, and then weld it to the A-frame assembly.

Step 2: Design the pulley assembly

Take the steel plate and cut a 10-inch diameter disk. Drill a hole in the center of your plate and another hole off-center. Take the pillow bearing and the steel rod. Thread your rod to make an axle and weld your disk in place at the end of the rod.

After everything has been perfectly done, take a 0.75-inch rod and weld it on your disk’s corresponding hole. Thread the pulley on the shaft of your disk between the pillow bearings.

Secure this assembly on top of the A-frames and then add a length of rubber to the pulley. Cut the pieces out of steel and clean the parts using a sander and drill holes through them.

Create the other parts for the main sprung hammer. When done, attach them to your frame using well-sized pillow bearings.

Step 3: Add your motor

Now that the main assembly has been built and installed, use the induction motor and mount it to the frame.

Connect your timing belt to the motor. Then, create the pedal mechanism and ensure it is attached to the frame and the sprung motor mount. Create the hammer or the end cap and then fix it into position. Weld more pieces of the steel plate and design the main anvil for your power hammer.

Cut a semicircle steel plate and then fix it to the hammer disk to work as the counterweight. Weld or bolt it into place. Now your power hammer is complete, and you can put it in your workshop, awaiting something to be power hammered.


1. What to use as a base for the power hammer’s anvil?

Anvils are used for working on metal. They are made of steel and have a shape like a flat-topped pyramid, around 4 inches high, with the sharpened edge of the pyramid facing upwards towards you.

You can create your own or buy one, or you can even use rocks as your power hammer anvil. However, getting a forging anvil is best because it is designed to prevent damage to your handmade power hammer.

2. Can you motif the power hammer?

Yes. The belt and motor should be attached. Just connect the motor to a generator or a battery. To use your hammer’s power, you have to start it first. Then, hold its moving parts together while they are in one place.

Once it has gathered enough speed, strike your metal piece with the main anvil or counterweight on top to apply pressure on it using big hits of force.

3. Can the power hammer make simple pins, spikes, and nails?

Yes. Your homemade power hammer can do any project that needs big hits of force in a short amount of time. Things like pins, spikes, and nails can be done easily with a bit of practice on your part.


With a home power hammer, you can create simple and more advanced or complex projects. You can actually make your own hammer using a motor, a timing belt, and some scrap metal lying around the house.

This is cheaper than buying one for about $200. So, if you are interested in metallurgy and metalworking at home, then power hammers are great. In this article, I explained everything you need to know to make your power hammer at home.