It’s possible that you might not have ever heard of a platform bed before, but it’s definitely something you should consider if you were thinking of getting a new bed.

Since the frame is solid, it’s much more stable than a typical frame, and it will provide you with all the support you need for a good night’s sleep. You won’t need to use any type of base or box-spring mattress due to the amount of support that the frame itself provides.

Most mattress stores will have platform beds in stock, but if you’re someone who’s particularly handy, it might be worth thinking about making one yourself. They can be made entirely out of wood, which is a material that you will be able to find easily.

We have compiled a list of several people’s ideas, including pdfs and videos, on how to make these kinds of beds, so read on to get a variety of ideas for your next DIY project.

17 DIY Platform Beds

1. Easy Design

There isn’t much that goes into creating this plan, but do keep in mind that it might take you a bit longer than you’re used to since you’re making something that’s quite large and that needs to be as sturdy as possible. The materials that the person who wrote this article used included a drill, miter saw, 2x6s of different sizes, screws, a level, tape measure, a pencil, and plywood. Make sure you follow all the instructions for the best result possible.


2. Extra Storage Space

Some people were interested in this because it’s a great way to create some additional storage space, especially if you live in a smaller home. This option allows you to add drawers under the frame to store some of your necessary belongings and keep them in a space that’s out of the way. This option will be a little bit elevated, so there’s plenty of room for you to add enough drawers to store what you need.


3. High Off the Ground

Going along with the theme of having little storage space, this is a good option for if you need to clear up a small area in the room to allow you to put whatever you need to in there. This person put their son’s DIY desk in the area that this bed provided. It’s a unique option for those who want something that’s a little different.


4. Mattress With Layers

The person who made this said that they didn’t expect for it to be as easy as it was and for the end result to be as sturdy as it was. It’s normal for you to be a little bit afraid when you take on a new project- especially if it’s something you’ve never done before- but this is definitely something that anyone of any experience level can do. Best of all, it’s cheap- this whole thing cost the creator $120.


5. Unique Instructions

This is a design idea that you probably never would have thought of yourself. If you follow the link, you’ll see that it includes a smaller, twin-size option right underneath the main bed. This is a good idea if you have roommates, someone who’s staying over for the night, small children, or if you just want a small area for curling up with a good book.


6. Used Wood Materials

Most of these choices listed here do use some sort of wood as the main material because it’s easy to find and it’s sturdy. You’re also going to get something that’s a lot cheaper than what you’d find at the store. Just be careful when using some of the heavy machinery and remember to measure the wood precisely before purchasing.


7. Elevate Yourself

We’ve included many options on this list for if you want to be a little bit elevated when you sleep. This is great for people who are scared of the dark (someone said they made one of these after a scorpion crawled on them in the middle of the night- yuck!) and for people who need all the extra space they can get for their belongings. The added elevation means that you will be able to store some of your larger materials that you might have trouble finding space elsewhere to put.


8. Gigantic Timber Plan

This is a beautiful and modern choice for people who want a unique design. The person used slab wood as their main material, which does prove to create a sturdy result, but it also creates a structure that is extremely heavy. It resulted in the bed weighing 275 pounds, which could cause problems should you want to move. It’s important, therefore, to make sure that you build it in such a way that makes it easy to assemble and disassemble. Otherwise, you’re in good hands here.


9. DIY King Size

Not too many people are in need of something that’s king-size, but if you’re someone who rolls around a lot in your sleep or you just want some more room to stretch out on, then it’s definitely not a bad idea. The best part is, the person who came up with this particular blueprint said that it’s something people who aren’t experienced in woodworking whatsoever can make. And, the final cost ended up being less than $110, so if you’re just starting out and are on a budget, then it’s worth considering a fun do-it-yourself project.


10. Cheap and Chic

If you want to have a bed that will not only look chic, modern, and professional, but that also won’t cost you too much money and won’t take you much time and effort to build, then this certainly is a great option for you to look at. You’re going to use foam and fabric for this to give it your desired look. It’s easy as stapling the foam all around and stapling the fabric on top of it. You can make your own headboard or simply purchase one from the store- they’re not too expensive, either.


11. Queen Size Idea

If you happen to have a queen-size mattress, then you’ll want to look into this person’s idea. Through creating several videos that give detailed instructions on how to assemble this piece, you’ll be able to figure out what you need to do rather quickly. It’s not too difficult and the only area where you need to be careful is when you’re using power tools, especially if you’re not used to using power tools too often. You’ll end up with a structure that’s sturdy and stable, which is definitely a great feat for the $100 or so that you’re going to spend on the materials.


12. Full Size Mattress

Full-size mattresses are definitely a more practical option, especially for people who are living on their own or who want a choice that will suit their kids well. Even if you’re a new couple, they work well and are a lot less expensive than the larger ones. The person who made this had no experience at all in woodworking, and they did admit that they had some difficulty throughout the learning process understanding what it was that they had to do. But they ended up with something beautiful and durable for their daughter to use for many years to come. If they can do it, then you most certainly can, too.


13. Camper for Trucks

You might be someone who’s constantly on the road, planning a major road trip, or whose job forces them to travel quite frequently. You can easily use this for the trunk of your car, your truck, your camper, or anything else that you will be traveling on the road with. It’s convenient and easy to assemble. The best part is, it doesn’t take an expert to manage to be able to create such a bed. Gone are the days when you have to spend hundreds of dollars on hotels.


14. Dresser from Scratch

This is perfect if you’re moving somewhere that has little to no closets, as this couple did. It’s going to be a lot more difficult than some of the other plans we listed, but you’re going to get a lot of use out of this and it’s something that will last you for years. You’ll need wood of different sizes, screws and clamps, wood glue, a table saw, a jigsaw, sandpaper, paint and primer, wood putty, runners for the drawers, a miter saw, a router, (learn how to build a router table) and a framing square. This person lists the instructions in detail for anyone who is just starting out.


15. Modern Idea

And the last project on our list is something that looks a bit more modern and is great for homes that don’t have traditional and classic layouts. If you find that you hit your shins on your bed a lot, the creator recommends that you use round-overs for the edges. There’s an LED light in the headboard for your added convenience, and you’ll be able to find all the tools and supplies you need from your local home improvement stores. There isn’t too much that you need and it’s something that even novices can do.


16. DIY Platform Bed (with storage) for Studio Apartment

DIY Platform Bed (with storage) for Studio Apartment. from DIY

The Redditor who built this says that he’s since purchased a house and had to dismantle this remarkable monstrosity. However, he figured he’d share, since it was an excellent way to achieve lots of storage in a small apartment.

17. DIY Platform Bed With Floating Night Stands

A Redditor commented that they love it- saying that it’s gorgeous and has an old craft style to it. But he would have scars on his shins from those corners, though! He would have to cut an arc on those corners and take them off.