If you’ve got a spacious backyard and want some communal seating for family friends- you might want to install a picnic table.

Sure, you can buy one- but for an ambitious woodworker, there are some simple DIY plans available to walk you through their construction.

We’ve assembled a list of 18 free DIY project blueprints below. There are some cool designs you can build.

For example, #10 is designed specifically for children; #17 is a combo bench/table; #8 is shaped like a hexagon; and #3 is even collapsible.

Besides the pdfs, there are some video walkthroughs for specific plans. Sroll through, click ‘View Plans’ and check out the end-to-end instructions to craft your own picnic table.

18 DIY Picnic Table Plans

DIY picnic table plans and blueprints
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1. Public Picnic Table Blueprint

Looking to craft a table for a public function?

This detailed DIY gives you all the information needed to make one that is in regulation with the Americans with Disabilities Act and entirely legal.

You’ll need a lot of wood, paint, galvanized nails, a saw, and a sander.

The builders also provide helpful tips based on mistakes they’ve made — for example, the benches are very heavy and the legs often cracked and split when moved. Therefore, try to assemble in place or use lighter lumber.


2. Basic Picnic Table Idea

If you’re a beginner woodworker, this may be the project for you. This is relatively simple to build, using only redwood, a saw, and a drill.

It is vital that you cut and measure your pieces of wood accurately, according to your schematic. Even the smallest centimeter difference can cause a wobbly leg or other imperfection.

It is also a good idea to sand your finished product and seal it with wax or a coat of paint, though this isn’t 100% necessary. Once you’ve got your picnic table built, how about using one of our free DIY whirligig plans– they’ll give you something mesmerizing to look at as you enjoy the summer evening. 


3. Collapsible Table with Drink Holders DIY

If you often go on picnic and love having meals outdoors, this is the DIY for you.

This table only requires six supplies for construction and is very easy to build, especially if you buy wood that is already the correct sizes.

You can lacquer or stain this whatever color you like, as well as customize the size of the drink cubbies based on your own needs.

This makes the perfect setting for a romantic dinner, whether you’re buying takeout or making a meal with your own DIY rocket stove


4. Mini Table for Kids Plan

Costing only $22 to build, this is an inexpensive way for your children to have fun.

This small table dining area is great for tea parties, outdoor lunches, and general playtime outside.

Try experimenting with design — the builder painted her’s a vibrant turquoise color, but with one coat so the texture and hue of the wood would still shine through.

Just remember, you may need to adjust the measurements based on the age/height of your kids.


5. Plywood Table DIY

If you happen to have some wood that’s going unused, this table takes just a few hours to make.

The pieces fit together with slip joints, so now drilling or glue is required and assembly is easy.

All you need is a saw, pencil and ruler for measurements, and paint if you wish.

This sits fours comfortably and is perfect for small gatherings.


6. A Quick and Easy Blueprint

This table is also made out of just one sheet of plywood.

Regardless of experience, this is not difficult to construct and a fun project to make with others.

The builder says that this takes less than five minutes to assemble and disassemble, making this the perfect solution to no available picnic tables at your local park.

You can leave the wood natural and sanded or paint it any color that you like.

Either way, you will need to use some kind of sealant.


7. Folding Table Idea

Built by a lover of the outdoors and camping, this is portable and can serve two.

More than a few supplies are needed, but when finished this can be easily carried like a tripod by tying the parts together with some rope.

This surface is also a circular shape, which is a nice change from the traditional rectangular picnic table. To assemble, just mark out the top, cut the boards, fix the webbing, then make the sockets, base, and legs.


8. Hexagonal Picnic Table Idea

Looking for something different?

This six-sided seating area is ideal for large groups or family gatherings. The bench seats are also detachable, to make transport easier and accommodate wheelchair users.

The only supplies needed are the wood, nuts, bolts, brackets, and screws. The builder actually made two halves of the top, then bolted them together with spokes.

This DIY may be daunting for a beginner, but the construction will take much less time with a little teamwork.


9. Simple Picnic Table Project

This video tutorial is great for beginners and visual learners. The builder lays out exact measurements and gives helpful tips for assembling the table.

For example, after cutting the first leg, use that as a template and cut all the others against that. This way, they will all be the same length and there won’t be any discrepancies.

As with woodworking in general, it is important to constantly measure and make sure things are straight before sanding or fixing them together.


10. Kids’ Picnic Plan

If you want to build a table for your children but are unsure of where to start, this DIY is the perfect place.

The builder supplies a helpful chart that shows the appropriate measurements for your child’s age group. This was also made from leftover wood and discarded shipping pallets, so if you have access to these, it will virtually cost you no money to make this.

This table makes a great focal point for backyards, porches, or decks and provides a workspace for you and your kids.


11. Colorful Design Idea

This bright multi-colored picnic table sits about two bigger children and four small children. The builder beautifully painted each plank a different color after priming them with white. You can cut your wood, assemble it to make sure everything lines up, disassemble it, then paint the pieces individually.

Although time-consuming, the final product is stunning and very rewarding. As with kids furniture, make sure there are no rough edges, nails sticking out, etc.


12. Plain Picnic Table Idea

This DIY provides detailed photos that are great for novice builders. This can seat up to six and is strong, sturdy, and great for indoor or outdoor use.

If you’re at all worried about your table collapsing, you can add more seat supports. You can also cut a hole in the center of the tabletop for an umbrella or sun shade.


13. Unused Wood Turned Picnic Table Idea

If you’re like this builder and have leftover wood from furnishing your outdoor deck, this is the DIY for you.

You will need a miter saw, electric drill, screws, and a few other supplies. Depending on your experience, this will probably take you around two or three hours to complete. This project is also kid-friendly and a great way to get your children excited about their new table. While the builder left his unfinished, feel free to paint or stain this.


14. 10 Seater Picnic Table Idea

If you have a large family or often host barbecues or parties, this is probably the right project for you. This long seating area can accommodate almost a dozen people and isn’t that difficult to make.

When buying your wood, get it cut to size using the measurements provided to save yourself some time. Thinking ahead, this builder also rounded the edges of the tabletop to make it easier for your guests to around while playing and having fun.


15. Tiny Seating Area Idea

If you enjoy a challenge and like working with your hands, try crafting this model table. While completely unusable, it is fun to make this look realistic and add accessories like a checkered picnic blanket and wooden basket.

If you don’t have wood to make the tabletop, you can use some stacked cardboard. The legs are made of clothespins and popsicle sticks. It is recommended that you use wood glue to hold everything together.


16. Plastic Top Picnic Idea

If you’re not a huge fan of wood, try making this table with a top made from decking planks — it is easier to clean, more durable, and doesn’t need regular treating. The legs and supports are built from lumber, which still gives a rustic and natural look.

This DIY gives clear instructions and precise dimensions so you can build this at home. The only downside? This table is quite heavy and is cumbersome to move around.


17. Picnic Table and Bench Idea

This inventive DIY combines two in one. You and friends can eat at the tabletop and when finished, fold it up and have a relaxing seating area in a few seconds.

The secret is in the hinges underneath the top. It is also important to have a lock, so it won’t accidentally fold in while there is food or drinks on the tabletop. If you have wood leftover, you can make an extra little footstool like the builder did for himself.


18. Detachable Benches Idea

This picnic table is made with seats that can easily be attached and removed. The seating can hold up to eight adults and is perfect for family gatherings. The builder suggests using pine for this, as it is usually inexpensive and holds up well in time.

All you need are screws, paint, a saw, a drill, and a few clamps. This large table costs around $100 to build and only four or five hours of your time — buying something like this would cost at least triple the price.


How To Have A Fun Picnic

If you’re trying to organize a fun family picnic, whether it’s in your backyard using one of our free DIY picnic table plans, or at a communal campground, there are some things you should do to make sure you have the best experience.

How to do a proper picnic? from AskMen

Communal eating, especially in the warmer weather months, ranks as one of the best family activities you can plan.

Pack The Essentials

If you’re preparing for an outing, there are some essentials that you’ll need to pack: a basket, blanket, napkins, utensils, cops, umbrella, radio, sunscreen and bug spray.

Making sure you have these items ensures you don’t fall prey to a sweltering sun that burns you, bugs that annoy you, or lacking the utensil necessities to enjoy the food you brought along with you.

Parents typically advise that you pack some individual juice boxes and sippy cups- this keeps your kids hydrated without the potential mass of spilled drinks from open-top cups. As well it helps to ensure the campground or backyard you’re having your party at doesn’t get too messed up.

Obviously, the most important thing you can bring is the food- maybe you prepared it yourself and packed it in coolers or perhaps you ordered some takeout and brought it with you to the campground or had it delivered to your home.

Whatever you’ve done, there are some traditional recipes you might want to try including kebabs, press Italian sandwiches, strawberry chopped salad and perhaps a finishing piece- an apple pie. An additional tip, you might want to pack away some grab snacks like crackers, carrot sticks, raisins and cheese cubes-these are simple to pack, inexpensive, and easy to cleanup options to feed your kids.

Plan Events

While food is definitely important, you may want to plan for some recreational activities to keep everyone engaged- this is important if there are young children around- they might get hyper if they’re sitting for too long.

Ideas for a picnic? from AskWomen

Some recommended games include board games, ladder ball, soccer, corn hole, horseshoes and if you’re brave enough to endure it water balloons.

As we’ve mentioned, you can have a great family experience in your backyard, but if you don’t have the space or want to take a fun day trip, you can assemble a picnic outing at your local park, the beach, on a local college campus, nearby a pond or lake, or perhaps you visit a friend and employ their larger backyard barbecue area to have the event.

If you don’t have any equipment on hand and still want to have a fun time, possibly tiring your kids out with some exercise and burning off the calories of the food everyone’s eaten, you can always play freeze tag or hide and seek.

This is a classic game- it doesn’t require any exercise equipment and children traditionally love playing it. If you want something a bit more scientific and meditative, you can assemble a leaf collection- looking for different colors and types in the wild.

Another fun activity is to sing songs together- perhaps there’s even a fire pit that you can gather around as the evening closes to sing a few fun songs accompanied by guitar.

Indeed, there are lots of fun ways you can enjoy a communal picnic- if you decide to build one of these projects we listed comment down below.