12+ DIY Mudroom Bench Storage Plans [Free List]

If you’re looking to build a mudroom bench– we’ve got you covered.

We’ve compiled a bunch of DIY mudroom bench plans below- 12 of them to be exact.

When your family comes home from work and school for the day, chances are they’re tramping their dirty shoes across carpets and clean kitchen linoleum.

All of that mess can warp wood floors and dirty an otherwise impeccably maintained home.

A mudroom bench functions as a do-it-all stopping area just inside the entryway. A place where your family and guests can remove and store their outdoor wear.

Below, we’ve compiled a bunch of different design options: #1 is a simple, modern cubbyhole storage look; #12 is a massive, rustic locker room style; #10 is a gorgeous, stately option with wire-frame, pull-out cubby racks; and #6 is probably the chicest-looking option.

Remember, you can always opt for a DIY hall tree if you want to add some coat-hanging capabilities!

12 DIY Mudroom Bench Plans

mudroom bench diy ideas

1. Simple Mudroom Entryway Plan

If your entryway is cluttered and unappealing, try this DIY project.

Within a few hours, you can have your own chic and inviting space.

Because this builder’s entrance is narrow, he had to take exact measurements and design the dimensions of the furniture around those. To make this, you’ll need hardwood, caulking, paint, medium density fiberboard, a power drill, wood glue, pocket screws, and a few other tools you likely already have.

Simply cut the wood, pre-drill all the holes, assemble everything, then paint and finish the pieces.


2. Dresser Transformed into Mudroom Hutch Idea

This DIY idea is perfect for those who have unwanted and old dressers or cabinets.

You’ll need to break apart your old chest and plan out what parts will be used for what — you’ll need wood for the bottom cubby, bench, and sides.

If you don’t have enough or the dimensions aren’t right, you can always buy some 2x4s or medium density fiberboard. Because you’re upcycling something you already own, you have to get creative.

You’ll also need some carpentry skills since you can’t follow this tutorial word for word.


3. Mudroom Bench in the Laundry Room Project

Most garage doors lead into the laundry or spare room — even though this isn’t your main entrance, it is not a bad idea to have a nice place to store your shoes and coats.

This designer used an old pantry cabinet and simply moved it from one room to another.

Painting it and adding a fresh trim is a great way to achieve a professional and polished look. Depending on your needs, you can attach hooks, shelves, and storage bins.


4. Mudroom Bench and Dog House DIY

This DIY project combines two needs into one: your furry friend can have a place to relax and you can have a clean place to take off clothing and shoes.

The frame of this is made out of 2×4’s and can be polished and painted however you like. The top can also be left as exposed wood or pillows and upholstery can be fitted.

This accommodates a small dog of around 20 pounds, though if you can always scale these plans up or down.


5. Beginner Friendly Mudroom Bench Plan

This in-depth tutorial provides a blueprint for a basic mudroom area.

Perfect for beginners, the designer lays out a timeline to help you complete this in a weekend.

A trip to your local home improvement store should get you all the wood, parting beads, panel molding, and paint that you need.

Step by step instructions and photos make this easy to recreate at home and the cut list allows you to buy the lumber pre-cut if you don’t have a circular saw.


6. Chic Mudroom Entrance Idea

This mudroom entryway tutorial is very simple though the results can completely transform the look of your home.

Required materials for this project include plywood, pocket hole screws, wood glue, decorative paneling, a power drill, and paint.

This builder ripped off the baseboards on her wall to allow the new bench to fit seamlessly against the wall — this is key to making this look professional.

Finishing touches like wicker baskets, hooks, trims, and area rugs also elevate this DIY project.


7. Mudroom Entry with Storage Idea

If you need more space to organize things, try following this DIY plan. It has seven hooks, three cubbies, and space for even more items on top of the unit.

All you need is wood glue, laminated pine, medium density fiberboard, lattice board, paint, and wood screws.

Diagrams are included in this tutorial and can be helpful for novice builders.

It would also be a good idea to get your wood cut at your local Home Depot or home improvement store — it will save you a lot of time and potential mistakes.


8. Mudroom Locker Project

While the tools and materials needed for this DIY project are a bit extensive, the results are well worth it.

This mudroom hutch has two bottom drawers, open storage for jackets and umbrellas, as well as four shoe cubbies and two overhead drawers.

Simply assemble the frame, install the face frame, build and attach the drawers, assemble the back, attach the face frame, attach the top, then begin final assembly.

Polishing this and adding finishing touches will take some time, as you need to sand, fill in any holes, and allow time for drying.


9. Basic Mudroom Bench Idea

Did you know you could build this in eight steps?

The only materials needed are plywood, wood glue, a circular saw, sandpaper, finishing nails, wood putty, paint or a stain, and a jigsaw.

To craft this, cut all your wood, fill in any gaps or holes in the lumber, assemble everything, then paint the unit and let it dry before moving it into your home. You can get creative with the finishes and even add molding or a trim.


10. Custom Mudroom Bench Project

If your doorway or mudroom is oddly shaped, you’ll have to follow this DIYer and take extensive measurements before designing anything.

She also found some wire baskets she wanted to place on the bottom and based the cubby height on those, though you could build at a certain height and find baskets that fit afterward.

This cost around $250 and can be completed in one day if you have all your supplies ready.

Materials needed include medium density fiberboard, paint, a power drill, 1×2’s, and wood screws.


11. Long and Wide Mudroom Bench Plan

If you’re in dire need of storage space, this DIY project is perfect for you. Three people can comfortably sit here and around 14 pairs of shoes can fit in the bottom cubbies.

To build this, you’ll need finishing nails, plywood, wood filler, pocket hole screws, a power drill, and wood glue.

Cutting all your wood and pre-drilling holes will make assembly a lot easier and faster, as you can then just make sure everything is attached and begin sanding and painting.


12. Rustic Mudroom Bench Blueprint

This is the perfect DIY idea for you if you want something simple and homey. You only need around five supplies, like wood glue, pocket hole screws, a miter saw, and wood. Because this is unfinished, you can choose any type of wood your budget allows. Oak, pine, and walnut are great choices.

If you don’t have any studs in the wall where you want to put this, you might have to make them freestanding. Of course, you have to sand and wax this a few times after final assembly.


What’s Reddit Saying?

Another gorgeous .pdf build comes from Reddit (see below).

An Entryway Conversion

Turned my entryway into a mudroom from DIY

One Reddit user said that it was an amazing concept, execution, and run down.

He did wonder, did the builder give any thought to placing a little shelf or some cubby racks over the coat hooks? He thought it was possible to squeeze in a little additional storage space for house keys, caps, work gloves.A professional contractor chimed in and said that this pdf build looks excellent.

His only qualm with the work is with the grout job- he said that the user had grouted the perimeter joint all around the majority of the floor.

This will likely not become a problem as the floor is so modest however he advises that if he lives in a region that experiences severe temperature variations, he might have tiles pop up as time passes because he did not provide a gap all around for expansion.

He will most probably be fine, though the contracting tiler said.

Modular Mudroom Cubbies

The builder says he built these custom mudroom cubbies using pine bench top and matching pine crown molding.

It is a modular (meaning it can be disassembled) design set up in under 4 hours. All of this was constructed in the workshop and dry fit to ensure fit.

Mudroom Cubbies installed in 4 hours. from DIY

He says that the waste from the MDF and melamine sheeting was about 2-3%.

The woodworker is especially frugal- saying that nearly everything they build has hardly any waste on account of thorough pre-planning and designs.

The bases were manufactured to raise the bases, manufactured to a standard height, and use a stainless-steel kick cover. The crossbracing features a couple turned for enhanced lateral strength. He also constructed a pair of matching lower cabinets and also the middle bench for under the window.

Whatever design you choose, increasing storage space is always a plus. You can really do some creative things- redesigning your entryway area so it becomes a drop-zone for family clutter.

If you build one of these designs, shoot us an email and we’ll feature your image on the page!

Mudroom Routines For An Organized Home

One of our favorite YouTube creators published a video showing her ‘get home’ routine and how they use a mudroom to help organize that hectic process. She says that in this in video they’re going to be sharing their get home routine, plus their newly built DIY mudroom.

She explains, the household can often be a little bit frantic, but it really helps to have a landing zone or a place where all of those things can happen, and the most popular is a mudroom.

She reminds her viewers that their old house had a great mudroom.Her brand new home was without one- and the only space that she had to create a landing zone was their garage.

It was just a plain old carport and, she thought, if she’s going to invest or put any time into a place, she would need to build a mudroom by the garage door. She showcases the incredible space- it lets her drop off all of their coats and backpacks and absolutely nothing is going to be tracked into the house- i.e. mud and clutter. The bins she uses are from the dollar store and employ handy organizer labels.

It is definitely useful to know precisely what they have stored. She has various hats in these bins that are very easy to pull down and the shelf is $14 from IKEA, and it is ideal for keeping all of those items accessible.

If you do not have a few hundred dollars to spend you might even just get a simple cube shelf from Walmart, but using a landing space is so essential to collect all of that junk, especially kids’ stuff.

You also want to make sure you have a landing zone to gather up your shoes, your keys, receipts, and any important documents from inside your purse, and your mail, and having a designated area for those things is awesome.

You can help maintain your house a lot more easily when you get home and when you leave. She says that when she parks the car, they make sure they pick everything out of the vehicle and bring it inside all in one go.

If they’re getting home from school, they hang up the kid’s backpack and they bring his folder and his lunch box indoors.

She drops her keys, assorted items, and our shoes off at the landing station. Overall, it makes your routines easier to maintain- a super cool use of a mudroom space!