19+ DIY Kitchen Island Plans [Free Builds]

I recently designed and built my own DIY kitchen island.

(Check out our favorite L-shaped kitchen island ideas.)

It all started with a sketch on my iPhone one day while I was walking around.

I was just walking and thinking and trying to imagine my dream kitchen island.

The more I thought about it, the more excited I got about finally creating something for my family.

So I grabbed my phone and sketched out the idea in one sitting.

I had never drawn anything like this before so it was both exciting and intimidating at the same time!

I decided to design my own DIY kitchen island because my old one was really outdated.

I researched a ton of different styles and below you can find some of my favorite plans:

19 Of My Favorite DIY Kitchen Island Plans

#1. A Farmhouse Island Build

A farmhouse Island

This enormous kitchen island is brimming with storage. It has two cupboards with shelves, open shelving, and lots of drawer space.

You could also utilize it as an entryway console or for storage somewhere else in your house. The free kitchen island design includes dimensions, materials, pdf., etc.

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#2. Wooden Countertop Blueprint

Wooden countertop

This is also a rustic yet contemporary DIY kitchen island plan. It has large drawers, two shelves, a well as a wood countertop. It may be painted or stained to complement almost any style of kitchen. You might also add hardware to match your current hardware- like a DIY spice rack to organize your seasonings!

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#3. Rolling Island Building Plans

DIY Kitchen Island

This free kitchen island design may be built in any location, and it will even fit in tiny areas. The island has a large workstation, an open lower shelf, and wheels for mobility. Besides, a towel bar is also included.

#4. An Island With The Trash Storage

This beautiful creation will help you make your functional kitchen island aspirations a reality. This DIY kitchen island includes open storage as well as a pullout trash can.

This island may be used both inside and outside, with the additional benefit of being useful in an outdoor kitchen to ensure trash can close by. Check out some of our favorite kitchen color combinations here.

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#5. A Kitchen Island With A Rustic Table

A rustic-style kitchen island may be created using old wood to give it a lovely aged appearance. Don’t worry if your boards aren’t all the same width; variation adds to the rustic appeal.

Color photographs and simple instructions will show you how to create this beautiful and practical kitchen island.

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#6. Butcher Block Island

Butcher block island

This is a compact but useful kitchen island with four drawers, cabinets, and a countertop made of butcher block. A supply list, lumber shopping list, cut list, building instructions, diagrams, and photos are included in the free plan.

The instructions, according to the DIYer, are easier than they appear at first. However, getting your drawer sizes precisely correct is critical.

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#7. Small Kitchen Island Plan

Small kitchen island plan

A kitchen island may be created in a limited amount of space. Having a tiny kitchen does not necessarily imply that you cannot have an island. In fact, this free kitchen island plan creates a useful island that is exactly proportioned to the tiny kitchen.

Like the other pieces in this kitchen, the island adds more counter and storage space while not making things feel cramped. Color photographs are included with the step-by-step instructions and a list of materials to make this project simple.

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#8. Napa-Style Kitchen Island

Napa-Style Kitchen Island

This DIY kitchen island plan creates a large island with a push-through drawer, two shelves, and a double-sided cabinet. If you like the look but don’t have much room, there are also plans for a smaller version.

The 60-inch by 28-inch big island has a capacity of 25.5 cu ft, while the smaller island is 48 inches by 29.5 inches in size and can store up to 18 cups. In either case, both islands will provide useful and attractive storage and preparation area to the kitchen.

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#9. Kitchen Cart Island

Kitchen cart island

A kitchen cart combines the counter and storage capacity of an island with mobility. When you don’t need it, you may push it against a wall, bring it out by your dining table to use as a buffet while entertaining, or even wheel it outside for extra surface space when grilling.

It can also be a place to eat with bar stools. This kitchen cart design includes step-by-step instructions, tools, and supplies lists.

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#10. Kitchen Island With A Butcher Clock And Pre-Built Panels

Kitchen Island with a butcher clock and pre-built panels

A DIY kitchen plan with a free kitchen island design with pre-built cabinet panels for the sides and a butcher block top is also available.

When it comes to creating your kitchen island, prefabricated materials will save you a lot of time, making the process much simpler for those new to woodworking. This kitchen island project will be a cinch thanks to step-by-step instructions and color photos.

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#11. Kitchen Island With Base Cabinets

A kitchen island may be built out of base cabinets. This might be the DIY project for you if you want a professional-looking island that doesn’t require much effort. This plan covers how to build an island in your kitchen that is both beautiful and functional.

You can find out everything there is to know about building an island in this handy, all-in-one guide. It walks you through the process of selecting a site for the island, purchasing necessities, connecting cabinets, fastening the island to the floor, and turning on electricity as well as adding finishing touches.

Two Easy Ways to Build a DIY Kitchen Island

#12. Bookshelf Island

An old bookshelf can be transformed into a DIY kitchen island. The back of the bookshelf was removed, painted white, and plywood pieces were added to create shiplap-style sides. A simple stained piece of wood serves as the island’s top.

You can change the kitchen island to your design preferences, starting with any bookshelves you choose as the foundation. Tall bookcases can also be decreased to the required height.

How to Turn a Bookshelf into a Kitchen Island

#13. Custom Kitchen Island

The homeowner can design this DIY kitchen island out of three prefabricated cabinet boxes that blend in with the existing area. The DIYer also added trim to make the boxes appear like they’re all one piece, as well as beadboard insets to match the other kitchen cabinets.

Finally, to brighten up the space, deep blue paint can be used.

Prescott View Home Reno: DIY Kitchen Island

#14. Modern Makeover Kitchen Island

Modern makeover kitchen island

An existing island on Craigslist served as the starting point for this DIY kitchen island. The old top of the island was removed, and it was painted a deep gray. Modern gold pulls were used to replace the ancient hardware, which complements the rest of the kitchen.

On the other hand, the island was given a bespoke concrete top that complements the contemporary style.

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#15. Desk Kitchen Island


An old desk becomes an island in this repurposing project. The desk was the right size for the kitchen and had already been back. The DIYer painted the desk, added matching new hardware, and attached wheels to the desk legs to make the island mobile.

The kitchen also got a Formica marble top that matched the rest of the space. Now, it’s useful storage and preparation area, which looks like it was meant for the kitchen from the outset.

#16. Cube Shelf Island

A cube storage shelves are repurposed to create this unique kitchen island design. The DIYer positioned two tall cube shelves on their sides and then attached legs to the new base to elevate the island modestly off the floor.

An old tabletop was then used as a replacement for the original island top. The huge cube shelves give plenty of space for bulky cube shelves.

DIY Kitchen Island

#17. Coffee Bar Kitchen Island

Coffee Bar Kitchen Island

This unique kitchen island is designed specifically for coffee. For this coffee bar, the DIYer modified another island design by cutting 8 inches off its length. It has just enough surface area to brew coffee while still fitting in most kitchens.

In addition, the wide white vessel sink with a double faucet is a unique feature. The two large shelves below provide plenty of storage space. This island may be readily modified with paint or stain to match any design aesthetic.

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#18. Rustic Island With a Galvanized Metal Top


This is a creative and expensive-looking kitchen island made from an old secondhand kitchen island. The DIYer sought a rustic appearance.

After adding a foundation to raise the island’s height, they fastened cedar boards to the surface in the form of a barn door, giving it an outdoor look.

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#19. An Outdoor Kitchen Island

If you want to create an outdoor kitchen but don’t have enough counter space, this island design may be the one for you. It is constructed of waterproof materials, including cedarwood and a concrete top that can withstand the elements.

The free DIY kitchen island plan includes tools and supplies lists, a video, and detailed step-by-step instructions.

Even after you’ve filled your kitchen with appliances, gadgets, and other equipment, it can sometimes feel empty and incomplete if it doesn’t have an island. It’s perfectly fine to add an island to your kitchen even after everything else is finished.

The great thing about kitchen islands is that they don’t have to match your cabinets, and you won’t even need to go out and buy one because you can design your kitchen island layouts just the way you want them.

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In Summary

brown wooden seat beside white wooden table

I decided to design my own DIY kitchen island because there are so many styles of kitchens available today, so it was hard for me to get the style I really wanted for my home.

It was an opportunity for me to create something that is uniquely mine.

I decided to design my own island because there are many steps involved in designing one. And while it can be time-consuming – it also inspires me creatively and has given me an opportunity to become more self-sufficient in the process.

The kitchen is one of the essential rooms in a home. It’s where families and guests congregate to make stories and, most importantly, cook and eat together! Kitchens are the most common project on most homeowners’ renovation wish lists, and this isn’t surprising.

However, kitchens are costly when it comes to renovation. If you don’t have the cash for a completely new kitchen, there are several less expensive kitchen decor ideas to make the most of all the space it has to offer, especially if you’ve got the time and abilities to DIY! 

Check out some cost-effective, kitchen remodel ideas if you want to do it on a budget.

People adore eating meals in their kitchens, and islands offer a unique opportunity to effortlessly transform the area into a center point of warmth and coziness. This year, one of the most prominent kitchen designs is an island, one of the most popular kitchen trends for the year.

rectangular white wooden table

Kitchen islands are a fantastic method to add extra seating, counter space, and storage to one of your home’s most active rooms. They’re also lovely to look at and add a lot of personality and character to your area, from traditional farmhouse kitchens to contemporary kitchens and everything in between.

Whether you want to build the ideal storage solution or a cozy spot to sit, these DIY kitchen island plans will undoubtedly inspire you.

A kitchen island may be an excellent way to personalize your kitchen’s centerpiece. There are several benefits to having an island, including more countertop and storage space. It doesn’t have to be hard to put one together.

There are numerous free DIY kitchen island plans as stated above, each with its own set of features and designs to fit your specific requirements. The plans include supplies lists as well as detailed instructions for constructing a custom island.

Furthermore, the plans are frequently altered to modify the size, finish, and other characteristics of the island.