End tables can provide you with a fancy way to make your home look more spectacular and to create more storage space. Even if you have little room to work with, you can easily add a DIY end table to make the room look more put-together, showcase your unique sense of style, or add a small space for more storage. Some options are more complicated than others, but generally, you don’t need to be a master at woodworking to create something special for your home. Here is a list of a few interesting ideas to consider.

The 21+ Best DIY End Table Plans

1. Walnut and Glass

This first option has a nice, rustic vibe as it is made entirely from walnuts. If you want to incorporate some elements of nature into your home, then you’d definitely want to consider this choice. You can either choose to make a walnut or glass top depending on what vibe you’re going for.


2. Including Bottom Shelf

The next choice uses pine wood to create a simple table that also includes a shelf on the bottom, which will give you some extra space to store some books, magazines, or even some knick-knacks. Use this in your bedroom, living room, or anywhere else that the added space might be needed. It also includes a drawer for even more convenience.


3. Easy to Build

With this, you will want to use plywood and 2x4s. You can also cut trim to go on the edge of the plywood if you so desire, and you can get creative when it comes to the trim. Make sure that you use a nail gun to attach the four pieces of trim to the plywood, and that the plywood and trim are flush with one another.


4. Modern Lofty Design

For those who love modern and lofty themes, this is the best option for you. It is your unconventional yet interesting and chic end table that would look good in any modern-style home. You can use some leftover 2×4 and scrap wood to do this, too, which means that you will create something good for the environment and light on your wallet.


5. Nintendo Theme

The original Nintendo, which was used on the Nintendo 64, could be a great theme if you want a space to store your gaming devices and other games. If you’re an avid gamer, why not create something that would showcase your passion? The drawers are meant to be able to hold Nintendo 64 games, but they aren’t wide enough for PS3 or X360 games. In addition, the doors can be removed as they are held in place by magnets.


6. Rustic Vibes

What a nice, rustic vibe this next end table will bring to any home. Use it in your living room, office, den, or bedroom for an added special touch. The tools that you will need for construction include a table or miter, drill and bits, tape measure, and sander. You will also need boards of different sizes, screws or nails, wood glue, and stain or paint.


7. Lots of Storage

Here is an extremely simple yet convenient option for those who want a bit of storage space, but nothing that is too out of the ordinary. Keep in mind that you will need to use quite a bit of tools to make this next construction just right, including a drum sander, jointer, dust collector, parallel clamps, dowel jig, dowel points, cut saw, card scraper, and miter saw. You can also use plywood or poplar as the main materials.


8. Include Bluetooth Speaker

For those who are looking for an end table that is quite unlike the rest, it might be worth building one that includes a bluetooth speaker. All you need is to find one with a removable drawer that could be replaced with the speaker. For materials and tools, you will need a Fawn speaker kit, ball nose bit, upcut bit, table saw, miter saw, yellow push block, orbital sander, starrett square, and woodpeckers square.


9. Industrial Theme

The next project is especially meant for people who have less space to work with. The industrial and rustic trend in furniture is one growing in popularity among young people, which is where the inspiration for this next idea comes from. The author used redwood and angle steel in order to complete it.


10. Scrap Materials

If you’re on a budget, using scrap wood might be the best option for you to make a table that looks amazing but won’t cost an arm and a leg. All the author purchased was a walnut post and felt pads, which means that you will be able to save a lot of money with this project.


11. Use Wood Pallets

Another option for those who are on a tight budget is to consider using wood pallets. These can easily be found for free on Craigslist or next to nothing locally. Try to find the pallets that have the most usable wood on them to make the project easier.


12. PVC Table

Once again, this can be accomplished all under $20 without the need for any fancy tools. Therefore, even if you’re an amateur who just wants to give a new look to your interior design, you’re going to have a lot of fun building this. All you need are PVC pipes to accomplish this.


13. Pixelated Layout

Who says that you can’t get as creative as possible? As the author called this “the world’s most elaborate cupholder,” now you won’t have to wonder where you can place your coffee cup on a cluttered surface. It’s rather simple to implement in terms of what you need, but the actual process is slightly more complicated.


14. The X

CAD design might not be the easiest task to implement, but with this, you will be able to determine the size of the piece you will be making and the amount of material you’ll need. The inspiration for this piece was someone using quilted wood to make a crafty table top. It’s a bit tricky, but great for those who are a bit more on the creative side.


15. DIY Project

The inspiration for this next piece incorporates both mid-century modern design and a live edge top. The neat thing is that the author didn’t measure how much of the materials they needed, so you could easily get creative as much as your abilities will allow.


16. Use Concrete

Perhaps it’s time to use a more unconventional material to make your visions a reality. This particular choice was made using concrete in the color Black Oxide. For the mold, you will need a sheet of melamine, blender ply, drywall screws, black silicone, ridged foam, GFRC, and activator.


17. Floating Ends

The unique part of this next option is that the surface is suspended by steel cable, and it does not have any other kind of support. Why not make a piece of furniture that’s inspired by your childhood love of trampolines? It’s fun to build, and you’ll only need a few materials to do so. The best part is that it only takes about a day and $50 to complete.


18. Portable Option

If traveling and going on road trips is your thing, it’s never a bad idea to have enough storage with you to keep all your belongings together. This end table is meant to be portable, and it’s able to store your reading materials and drinks. You could virtually use anything you want for this. The author used a cat litter container and garden stakes.


19. Danbo Stand

If you’re an avid manga reader, then you’ve surely heard of Danbo, who is a cardboard robot. Why not use this love of reading to incorporate into your home design? This person used tools such as plywood, glue, paint, nuts, washers, lock nuts, arduino, breadboard, wire, solder, and parchment paper. This particular project involved making both Extreme and Little Danbo.


20. Dog Kennel

Have a furry friend at home? Why not make something that’s convenient for them as well? Typical dog kennels aren’t very accommodating in most rooms, but this one is multifunctional and will make the most out of the space you already have.


How To Make An End Table

Built this pretty side table for less than $20 in framing lumber from DIY

End tables come in different designs. There are many shapes, materials, and colors you can choose for these kinds of tables.

Below is a list of materials and steps to follow while making an end table on a do it yourself project.


  • Glue
  • Wooden/plastic top (circular or rectangular)
  • Tools
  • Screws
  • 2 bins (plastic or metallic)
  • Spray paint
  • Steps to follow while putting your end table together

1. Source for materials

My Shaker end table build from woodworking

The first thing to do before you start working on your end table is to get the required materials. By then, you should have already measured the available space where you’ll put the table.

This means that you are aware of the measurements you require for the diameter of the two bins as well as the wooden or plastic top that you’ll fix on them.

Note that, using two bins is not a necessity. One bin may be enough but for a more stylish and beautiful end table, two bins are better.

2. Spray paint on the bins

The next step is to spray paint the bins. Choose the colors that suit your taste and preference as well as the design of the room where the end table will be placed.

While carrying out this activity, it is advisable to be in an open place. However, if you are spray painting your bins inside the house, place some material underneath them so that you don’t damage your floor. Open the windows and doors for proper air circulation.

3. Glue the bins

If you settled for two bins, one way to attach them together is by putting glue on each of their bottom sides then sticking them together.

Alternatively, you can attach them with screws if you intend to put heavy objects on your end table to avoid crumbling.

Place one bin upside down and put the other one on top of it by attaching its bottom side to the bottom side of the first bin.

4. Attach the tabletop

Depending on what you need the end table for, you can either choose to glue the top to it or attach it to the bins using screws.

Again, the top can be in any shape of your liking. You may choose any material that is not heavy on the bins.

Before carrying out the attachment, you can decide to paint the top to any color you like. Let it dry before proceeding to glue or screw it onto the bin.

5. Test the strength of your end table

You have made your table and now it’s time to see the outcome. DIY end tables can be very strong, depending on the materials used.

Place something on the table and see how that goes. Finally, move the table to the room you made it for and start enjoying the fruits of your labor.