A Dreambox is a game-changer for most crafters.

Apart from keeping your home organized, it also improves your productivity by saving you a lot of time spent searching for misplaced items. It’s pretty easy to set up a Dreambox.

If you want to maintain a clean space with a DIY Dreambox, stay tuned as we go step by step to enlighten you on how to make a reliable craft storage space- and we know about DIY storage!

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13 Free DIY Dreambox Plans

#1. DIY Dream Box: Ikea Upcycled

The main purpose of crafts storage is to keep the materials organized and easy to find. This way, you can spend more time on your craft project instead of looking for the right supplies.

#2. DIY Dream Box: Craftbox Dupe

There are many ways to store your crafting supplies. You can use a shoe box, a plastic container, or even a decorative basket. But what are the most popular ways of storing crafting supplies- a dream box!

#3. Homemade Scrapbox Style

Crafts storage is a tricky thing to get right. So many craft supplies are bulky, and most people don’t have enough space for them. But with the right storage, you can keep your supplies neatly organized and accessible. This is great if you’ve got a DIY sewing table and a bunch of accessories you’d like to tuck away.

#4. DIY: Ikea Into Foldable Workspace

The first step is to decide what kind of crafts you want to store. If you’re only crafting occasionally, then you can use small containers like shoe boxes or cereal boxes and store them in a cabinet or on a shelf in your closet. If you’re crafting more often, then you might want to buy larger containers that fit together into one piece of furniture – like this rolling cart from Ikea – so that everything is all in one place.

#5. DIY Arts and Crafts Dreambox

It’s important that you find a crafts storage solution that’s not just practical, easy to use and provides ample space but also one that suits your décor. Whether it is a wall-mounted storage, a cabinet-style unit or potting table with craft organizer, there will be something to suit your requirements and will look stylish too.

#6. DIY Small Dreambox!!!

Maintaining the creativity quality in your creative process starts with a clean and organized work area.

#7. Craft Storage Box/ Dreambox Dupe/

It’s important to have a designated area for crafts storage, so that everything is organized and easy to find. This will also help you from running out of space in your room or house, because you’ll know where to put things when they come in the door.

#8. DIY Original Scrapbox

Crafts storage is an essential part of any home. It can be used to store all sorts of items like art supplies, craft materials, and even everyday items.

#9. DIY Dream Box\Craft Box Dupe

Keep your crafts and supplies in one place with this fun storage solution.

#10. Building my DIY Dream Box | Christy Carlson Romano

Crafts storage can be done by using a shelf, cupboard, closet, or drawer. It can also be done by using an entire room of the house just for crafting.

#11. Less Than 2 Hour Build

The type of craft that is being stored will determine the best way to store it. For example, sewing materials should be stored in a place that is close at hand so they are easy to get when needed.

#13. DreamBox Room

What is Dreambox?

What is Dreambox?
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A Dreambox is a storage system that is made compact yet spacious. We typically use Dreambox to store sewing and crafting supplies. The simple organizing solution has receptive storage compartments and shelves.

In addition, the other areas offer endless possibilities on what it can store, hold and organize.

Dreambox is mainly for crafters. Therefore, if you’ve too many craft and art supplies, you need to have one, if not two. When the Dreambox is closed, it looks like the regular cabinet. It’s amazing how it opens.

When you flank the doors outwards, the entire length of the cabinet reveals endless storage spaces.

Not everyone chooses to go to the market and purchase a ready-made Dreambox. As a result, you’re not an exemption to that. You can do the construction of a Dreambox yourself because it’s always an easy thing to do. We always have different tests and preferences.

Therefore, we’re only satisfied with what fits our style, personality, and our all-time admirable decoration in an absolute sense—that is why it’s a brilliant idea if you consider building your own Dreambox.

Of course, there are endless accessories within your home that you can use to make the DIY Dreambox. For example, you can use old suitcases.

The easily accessible items are mostly cheaper if not available for free. In addition, with the self-made Dreambox, you can do everything possible to come up with a configuration that rhymes with your module.

Now, let’s make a DIY Dreambox;

How to Make DIY Dreambox from Old Suitcase

How to Make DIY Dreambox from Old Suitcase
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The old and damaged suitcase is typically something that has outlived its intended usefulness. However, you can transform and give it a new life as a craft storage container.

The old plastic suitcases are suitable options because they create the DIY Dreambox that it’s unbeatable and workable for many people.

Making DIY Dreambox from the old suitcases is also a cheap and easy project that can cost you between $1.00 and $4.00.The significant expenditure is the purchase of the acrylic spray and paints.

#Step One: Gather Materials and Tools

  • We need the old suitcases. Don’t mind the appearance because we’ve to paint the case to the color of choice. In addition, choose a spacious variety to accommodate all your craft supplies.
  • Cleaning equipment is essential to help in the removal of grime and dirt.
  • Enamel spray or clear acrylic to cover for three suitcases layering.
  • Finally, we need craft paint, pencil, and stiff craft paintbrushes. Be keen on your selection since the soft brushes don’t work well with the rough suitcases.

#Step Two: Make the Suitcase Ready For Painting

After identifying the suitcase of whichever color and size to be used as your craft storage container and now you’ve all the necessary tools, the next thing is to clear everything else on the inside.

Remove all the items since the chemicals used in painting might cause irreversible damages.

Before painting the suitcase, you also need to do a proper cleaning. That is now where we need the cleaning equipment that is effective enough not to leave any dirt from the tiny depressions.

Don’t mind if your suitcase has some damn stains. That will fade away as you apply the paints.

When it comes to painting, the case needs to be painted white first. A clean white surface is recommended to help you paint your picture easily. Using a pencil, do a sketch image of your favorite theme at any side of the suitcase.

The theme of your DIY Dreambox is likely to be clear if you paint the background white. The only challenge is creating thin lines that act as a detailed outline. It’s also a daunting task if you have an old suitcase made with a rough surface.

Don’t worry because everything will flow smoothly if you’re meticulous in your work. We’ve done it, and you can also do it.

Once you’re done with painting, the next thing is to install a coating that will make the paint last for some time. Therefore, you need to spread a clear coat over the painted suitcase using the enamel spray.

#Step Three: The Final Outcome

Proper cleaning and wise painting result in a well-finished suitcase that everyone admires. When all is done, the name of the old suitcase will have to change to craft storage container or preferentially the DIY Dreambox.

From the exterior, you’ll get to see that it’s something that no one will ever imagine to be an old suitcase.

You have the freedom of creating additional small spaces from the interior if you’ve adequate resources.

However, it’s good to use the suitcase without further interior modifications since it’s compact and can’t easily throw out precious craft items once it’s closed.

What You Need to know on How to Make DIY Dreambox from Suitcase

The old suitcase that is damaged and not used for traveling anymore can be revived and be put to good use. They have a sturdy exterior, which means that your fragile craft supplies are adequately protected from any malicious impacts.

When using the old suitcase to make a DIY Dreambox, you need to focus on details and inspirations.

Notably, it’s not only an old suitcase that can be used to make the DIY Dreambox. If you have an old room that is no longer in use, it’s another suitable option to keep large crafts supplies organized and safe.

Though it’s not something you can move from one place to another like a suitcase, it will still help you with home cleaning and organization strategies. Most individuals prefer a DIY Dreambox that is mobile, and that is why we’ve given you a comprehensive guide on how to make one from an old suitcase.

We hope that our guideline on how to make DIY Dreambox from an old suitcase will work effectively for you.