My nephew, Little Timmy, was excited. He had been planning for weeks to build a whelping box for his dog Trixie and finally, today was the day!

With my help and guidance, we gathered all the supplies we needed, including wood, screws, and paint.

Then we designed and built the perfect home for Trixie’s upcoming litter of puppies. Along the way we learned about carpentry, painting and construction – not to mention patience! Finally our hard work paid off – Trixie’s puppies were safe and comfortable in their new home. The lesson?

Building your own whelping box for your dog with a DIY plan is an easy way to learn some new skills – plus it’s good fun!

Check out some of my favorite dog whelping box plans below:

DIY Dog Whelping Box Plans & Ideas

1. Cheap Whelping Box for a Large Dog

Whelping Box for a Large Dog

The time has come! Your dog is due to give birth in the next few days, and you’re not entirely sure how to prepare. A dog whelping box can be an incredibly useful piece of pet furniture, providing your dog with a safe and comfortable place to have her puppies.

View plan

2. Whelping Box for My Fur Love

Whelping Box for My Fur Love

View plan

3. DIY Detachable Whelping Box

A homemade whelping box will be much more cost-effective than buying one from the store or hiring an expert to build one for you (who may or may not be familiar with your breed of dog).

4. How to Build a Whelping Pen

Learn to build the perfect home for your pup: With a DIY whelping box plan, you can build the perfect environment for your dog’s upcoming litter of puppies!

5. DIY Whelping Box For Small & Large Dogs

Get creative and have some fun: Designing and building a whelping box for your pup is a great way to let your creativity shine!

6. Whelping Box On A Budget!

Gain new skills along the way: Working on a DIY whelping box project will teach you carpentry, painting, and construction skills – all while bonding with your pet!

7. Easy DIY Whelping Box

Be patient as you plan and build: Building a whelping box for your pup requires patience and focus – but it will be worth it in the end!

8. Ken Wignard’s DIY Whelping Puppy Box

A lasting reward: Your hard work will pay off with a safe and comfortable home for Trixie’s puppies – plus it’s good fun!

9. Puppy Whelping Box 

10. Whelping Box for Pregnant Dog

11. DIY No-Cost Whelping Box

In this DIY dog whelping box tutorial, you’ll learn how to build a safe and comfortable home for your dog and puppies using materials available at any home improvement or pet store.

What Materials Do You Need?:

1. Building material

There are many different options, such as plywood, cedar boards, cedar shingles, and so forth.

2. Insulation

Comes in many different types, including recycled newspaper, paper towels, bubble wrap, and so forth. We’ll use styrofoam insulation sheets for this DIY dog whelping box project because they are easy to find at most local hardware stores (plus they are inexpensive).

3. Padding

Make sure to purchase some carpet or old rags/sheets as padding for inside the whelping box. Dogs love to feel cushioned when giving birth, and these items are easily found at most thrift stores.

4. Paint

If you want your dog’s whelping box to look nice and function well, pick up some chalkboard paint along with foam brushes and stencils.

How to Assemble the Box: step by step guide

1. Cutting the Plywood/cedar board

Using a circular saw, cut two pieces of wood about 4 feet wide and 8 feet long (the size of the whelping box depends on the size of your dog).

Cut them both from the same board. Stack them together and mark a line 3 inches in from each edge. Line up the marks on each side of the board and clamp them together, so you have a straight line down the center.

Once clamped, use your circular saw to run down the line between each pair of marks, making sure not to go too deep into either side of the board.

2. Constructing the Box

Once you have your plywood cut, you can begin assembling your DIY dog whelping box.

Step 1

Line up one of your 8×4 foot sheets of cedar/plywood on top of one side so that it runs perpendicular to it. Be sure that all edges line up correctly (the two pieces should fit together), and screw or nail them together using 2-inch nails or screws. Do both sides.

Step 2

Put the other piece of cedar or plywood in the opposite direction, line up the edges, and then screw or nail them together.

Step 3

Flip over your dog’s whelping box so that you are facing the outside.

Step 4

Take a small scrap piece of wood and attach it to one of the ends. This will be used as a door for the whelping box. You may need to adjust the length depending on your door size, but be sure to measure twice and cut once.

Step 5

Nail or screw in place with 2-inch nails or screws.

Step 6

Now you have the frame of the DIY dog whelping box.

Now we need to insulate and cover it with carpet or old rags. We’ll use Styrofoam insulation, which is readily available at any local hardware store.

This makes for an inexpensive and simple DIY project, which will keep our pregnant dogs warm and comfortable during the birthing process.

Step 7

After the insulation has been placed, get ready to put the rug or cloth on top.

Using your staple gun, secure it around every edge.

Step 8

Paint paint paint!- A great way to show how proud you are of your DIY dog whelping box is by painting it. Use chalkboard paint, a foam brush, and stencil it with your dog’s name.

3. Position and maintain the whelping box

Position your whelping box in a quiet space in your home where it won’t be disturbed often. Place plenty of food and water near the whelping box, as well as a litter pan if necessary.


A whelping box is a must for any dog owner who wants their pup to feel safe and cozy. Building the box yourself also saves money, which is always a bonus.

It’s easy enough to make, even if you’re not the most crafty person.