If you’re like me, you love board games. I have a small collection of them, and of course, I’m always on the look for new ones to play.

I recently came across a dice set that caught my eye, but I thought, I’m a DIY-er, so why not try to make them myself.

I did a lot of research and settled on this somewhat complicated, yet beautiful DIY dice set below, which can be used with any common board game:

*Iassembled some other plans further down the page that might be a bit easier for you to try.

How To Make Homemade Dice

  1. Nitrile Gloves
  2. Mask
  3. Filters
  4. Premade Dice Molds
  5. Slow 15 Silicone Mold Kit
  6. Sorta Clear 12Food Grade Silicone
  7. Silicone Molding PuttyDixie Cups
  8. Art N Glow Resin
  9. UV Resin
  10. Fast Cast Resin
  11. Silicone Cup
  12. Pearlex Powders
  13. Resin Obsession Dye
  14. Alcohol Ink
  15. Black Pigment
  16. Pipettes
  17. Dropper Bottle
  18. Syringe
  19. Hobby Clippers
  20. Sandpaper
  21. Zona Polishing Papers
  22. MicroMesh
  23. PlastX Polish
  24. White Paint
  25. Citadel Gold Paint
  26. Powder & Glitter
  27. Pressure pot
  28. Vacuum chamber

9 Homemade Dice Guides

1. Pocket Dice Plan

pocket dice

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tabletop dice plan

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3. Aluminum Dice

Aluminum Dice

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4. DIY Cosmos Dice

5. Game Dice 3D Printer

Game Dice 3D Printer

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6. DIY Walnut Wooden Dice

DIY Walnut Wooden DiceView Plans

7. 3D Printed Dice

3D Printed Dice

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8. Gentlemans Dice

Gentlemans Dice

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9. Cast a Die (Or Dice)

Cast a Die (Or Dice)

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Our DIY Guide

Step 1

Before you commence making your dice, you need to find out what you need. There are several materials you require; such as:

A printable dice pattern
Glue/ tape

Step 2

Print out your pattern. Suppose you want to work out scissor skills with your child. This is an excellent chance for them to help you out. You can print out many copies you require to make the die you love.

Step 3

Cut along its outside lines

Step 4

Fold your die along each of the six sides, ensure that it is precisely along these lines.

Step 5

Using small pieces of your clear tape, ensure you tape every age on another edge to acquire an excellent cube.

Step 6

Roll your die and examine whether it works efficiently; then, you can immediately play. Your dice might look lopsided, but they can work excellently. If you do not like what you have made, you can create many to find what you love.

Getting More Dice Templates

In the current generation, Google gives you a solution to all your problems. Furthermore, you can quickly and easily get dozens of templates by googling the dice templates. Most of these templates already have numerals or dots, while some are blank. Many people usually prefer going for the blank because it allows them and their loved ones to use anything, especially on the sides. Moreover, it is easy, but it requires you to master many facts.

Additionally, this method guarantees your children a bonus by allowing them to practice using fine motor precision. For example, you can color each side using different colors. Likewise, you need visual motor skills to cut this out, including motor planning plus bilateral coordination, which helps tape and fold it together. However, if you have a 4-year old child, your assistance will be of great help, but if your child finds the six-sides die easy, try and observe if they can construct.

If you do not like the idea of printing, you can opt for another option. Find a box that is not used, tape, scissors, wrapping paper, or a blank construction paper. You need to make sure it features six equal sides and is not weighted in the middle. This means it will function like the non-bias die. It is an excellent idea because it enables your child to practice wrapping like a gift. It works best for most kids.

Summing Up

Playing dice plays a crucial part in gaming since it has a strategy, counting and taking turns. A pair of dice offers you perfect ways to learn. With it, you can quickly learn subtraction, addition, number recognition as well as counting. Apart from using numbers on dice, you can also use symbols that you require on your dice. However, it is not easy to find a dice that contains what you demand on them, but you can consider printing your dice because it allows you to make what you require whenever you need it.

Furthermore, there are multiple types or kinds of dice, such as:

  • Standard or ordinary dice, which incorporates dots, or even numbers on every face
  • Dice on the Jumanji with pictures on all surfaces
  • Dice with yin as well as yang symbols
  • A few board games also utilize dice with positive and negative numbers on every surface
  • Poker dice featuring King, Queen, and Jack pictures
  • Color dice with varying colors on every given surface

Therefore, this article will guide you on how to make your paper dice at home. Bear in mind that this falls under standard and ordinary dice because it features dots or numbers on every given side. In addition, those who do not want to buy usually consider making theirs at home because it is super easy.

With the steps mentioned above, you should not find it difficult to make dice because these steps are straightforward. Remember. Board games are the best way for you to keep your family busy as well as occupied.