I love lilies in my garden. I love the endless supply of fresh blooms, the soft petals that hang heavy towards the soil, and all the beauty of a lily set in a flower vase. For me, like many people, I think of lilies as a symbol of hope. 

Every year, I plant a variety of lilies in my garden. And every year, I’m surprised at how many different types of lilies I get! Some years they’re the pink-ish purple ones, some years they are the yellow ones, and some years they are the green ones.

Scroll down to see some pictures of my favorite lily types


How exactly you care for the lilies depends on the precise species of the lily. Nonetheless, all lilies require well-drained soils, exposure to sunshine, and just enough water. If you mainly want to grow them for their aesthetics, you have to choose the indoor varieties that can maintain their blooms in winter.

Most species are hardy and tolerant of pests and insects. Be this as it may, you still have to use mild pesticides to kill or mitigate the spread of the pests. Most important, you have to choose a species that s suited to the soil and the environment where you are in.

29 Different Types Of Lilies

#1: Lilium ‘Scheherazade’


This plant has flower spikes and can grow to 7 feet in height. The flowers are rich in crimson color and may serve to decorate your spaces exceedingly. Their borders on the other hand include some pale cream that exudes some halo effects. You will find it a great decorating piece.

#2: Lilium Black Beauty

Lilium black beauty

As the name implies, this comes in the form of a rich black color. Thus, it may be good for the backyard that does not really require excess beauty and aesthetics. Though predominantly black, the species is truly beautiful and breathtaking to behold. It does bloom in the early fall and late summer.

#3: Lilium ‘Heartstrings’

Lilium ‘heartstrings’

If the area you are based in does not experience full sun, all is not lost. You may still count on this flower as it is capable of growing in areas of partial shades as well. When fully grown, it gets to 4 feet in height. This makes it a great one to look up to for the hedges and the boundaries.

#4: Lilium ‘Forza Red’

Lilium ‘Forza red’

This Forza Red is great for garden or interior décor and aesthetics. Indeed, the red hue is truly breathtaking to behold with the naked eyes. That makes the flower a nice companion for the front yards and the colorful events like weddings and anniversaries.

#5: Lilium ‘Tom Pouce’

Lilium Tom Pouce

Want to imbue your spaces with some fragrances? This Tom Pouce flower to set your eyes on! It gives some sweet fragrances that are truly great to smell. That is not all though. The flower boasts of cream blooms, a delicate ink appearance, and some darker spots that adorn the leaf structure.

#6: Lilium ‘Dizzy’

Lilium dizzy

All factors considered, the Lilium ‘Dizzy’ grows to full heights and has exceptionally large white flowers. Its flowers are also beautifully decorated and bear some deep red spots and stripes. The petals on the other hand curl backward and have some slight ruffles. All these make the flower good for interior décor.

#7: Lilium Casa Blanca

Lilium Casa Blanca

Casa Blanca is a hybrid flower of the lilies species. When fully mature, the plant exhibits an enormous amount of snow-white blooms. Due to its exceptional beauty, this species is for all purposes great and awesome for adorning the living rooms and the front spaces. Plant it along the hedges to spruce up your gardens.

#8: Oriental Lily Acapulco

Oriental lily acapulco

If the area you set up your garden in is generally dry, we can’t recommend a better kind of plant than this Oriental Acapulco. It is on the whole dry, tolerant to limited precipitation, and able to bloom even in the exceedingly hot summer months. Also coming along is some delightful fragrance that makes your area truly comfy.

#9: Lilium ‘Bright Star’, Lily ‘Bright Star’

Lilium ‘bright star’, Lily ‘Bright Star’

Of all the lilies we have under our consideration, this is the brightest and subsequently the most beautiful. It exhibits some bright yellow or orange appearance that occupies the central portion of its blooms. Then, a star-like spike radiates from the center to give off exceptional elegance to the eyes.

#10: Lilium Pink Perfection

Lilium pink perfection

From the designation of this species, one thing stands out. That it is excellent for the matters of décor. Why? Its pink appearance is indeed very breathtaking. Add this to a 10-inch diameter and you get a flower that really makes the places it grows in really spectacular.

#11: Lilium ‘Golden Splendor’

Lilium ‘Golden splendor’

This Golden Splendor grows fully into stunningly giant-sized yellow blooms. Its buds on the other hand come in the form of muted purple shades that complement the beauty of the golden flowers. The species gets to the impressive height of about four feet. This makes it awesome for covering your perimeters and hedges.

#12: Lilium ‘African Queen’ (Trumpet Lily)

Lilium ‘African queen’ (Trumpet lily)

The ‘Trumpet Lily’ is not called the ‘African Queen’ for no reason. It does well in the tropics and really blossoms brightly and spectacularly. For this reason, this is a flower you want to tap into for the matter of decorating your spaces and areas.

#13: Lilium Longiflorum ‘White American’

Lilium longiflorum ‘white American’

On the whole, the White American is extremely hardy and grows faster when planted in the right conditions. Its stems also thrive uprightly and possess some dark green lance-like leaves. When fully bloomed, the plant assumes the trumpet shapes whose tips are green-tinged. Blend it alongside your other flowers.

#14: Lily ‘Cherrywood’

Lily ‘cherrywood’

The Cherrywood has the characteristic pendent booms. The tips of these blooms are rich red. Apart from the blooms the Cherrywood also bears luxurious whorls of foliage that are equally spaced. This combination makes for exceptionally bright and aesthetic capabilities you may wish to tap into so that you may decorate your spaces.

#15: Lilium Bellingham

Lilium bellingham

Different lilies are used or adapted to different uses. This, specifically, is intended for the matters of deterring people from intruding on your spaces. That is because it contains some spikes that may inflict harm and injuries to any would-be intruder. Its fiery colored bloom is awesome for décor matters.

#16: L. X Dalhansonii ‘Marhan’

L. X Dalhansonii ‘Marhan’

L. X Dalhansonii ‘Marhan’ grows well in sultry and dry areas. Also, it blooms in early summer. For these twin reasons, the species might be a good one to look up to if you stay in areas that have difficulties in matters of precipitation. Due to its zero fragrance, the plant may be really good for décor only.

#17: Denia Pixie Lily

Denia Pixie Lily is a good plant for indoor and outdoor use. Thus, it mainly favors that person who is constantly changing his locations. The petals of this specific plant are large, brushed, and pink in colors. In light of this, the flower as a whole may be good for beautifying your open spaces.

#18: Orange Pixie Lily

Orange pixie lily

From the designation of this plant, you can straight away realize that it is orange in color. Orange is bright, red, and very conspicuous. Because of this, you may set your eyes on this plant if you similarly want to imbue some sense of visible décor. The plant enjoys full and partial sun alike.

#19: Lilium Roma

Lilium roma

Lilium Roma is stately and elegant. As such, it may give forth both charm and elegance in the same breath. Each petal that makes part of the plant bears some large creamy blooms and a delicate mix of bright spots towards the center. It is good for the dry times and areas as it blooms in summers.

#20: Lilium ‘Connecticut King’

Lilium ‘Connecticut king’

The ‘Connecticut King’ is so-called as it spots some large golden blooms that are completely devoid of the usual sots. Then again, its foliage includes bright and contrasting greens. When fully matured, the plant gets to the 3 feet height that makes for great hedge usage.

#21: Lilium ‘Enchantment’ (Enchantment Lily)

Lilium ‘enchantment’ (Enchantment lily)

Most lilies are difficult to grow as they require plenty of attention and effort on your part. Not so with this Lilium ‘Enchantment.’ Rather, it is pretty convenient to grow as it requires less water, care, and attention. Add this to its exceptional drought tolerance and you find an awesome companion.

#22: Lilium Bulbiferum (Fire Lily)

Lilium bulbiferum

First discovered in southern Europe, this Fire Lily grows into stunningly awesome blooms. The flowers that form part and parcel of the blooms are really excellent and breathtaking. Additionally, the species is easier to propagate and does not demand excess care and attention on your part.

#23: Lilium Longiflorum (Easter Lily)

Lilium longiflorum

In a nutshell, the Easter Lily is pure white, in color and gives out trumpet blooms. It also blends well with other lilies to produces super hybrids like the ‘White Heaven’ and the ‘White American.’ For all practical purposes, this plant does well in warmer regions.

#24: Lilium Henryi (Henry’s Lily)

Lilium henryi

Henry’s Lily is no ordinary flower. Rather, it is an amalgamation of flowers as it produces dozens of beautiful tropical orange flowers. Each flower is festooned with dense patterns of raised red bumps. They all give off some delightful textures that are great for your hands and skin.

#25: Lilium Auratum (Golden-Rayed Lily)

Lilium auratum

Tracing its roots from Japan, this golden-rayed species is a true marvel. When properly cared for, the lily gets to the amazing 10-12 inches diameter. Apart from the breathtaking beauty, the lily gives off some fragrances that enhance the comfort of the areas y choose to plant it.

#26: Lilium Speciosum (Oriental Lily)

Lilium speciosum

Also originating from Japan, this lily is outstanding in the sense of being able to grow and last the longest duration of time. It is one of the last to bloom, typically towards early fall. The flowers of the lily are blushed pink or white in color. Each bloom bears some darker pink spots.

#27: Lilium Candidum (Madonna Lily)

Lilium candidum (Madonna lily)

Lilium candidum is a classic lily that thrives well in soils that are well-drained. Beyond this, it does not require that much attention and is hence convenient to handle. Its flowers are wide and large. They bear some crisp white petals that exude exceptional aesthetics. With a 4-5 feet maximum height, this lily is good enough for your rooms.

#28: Lilium Lancifolium (Tiger Lily)

Lilium lancifolium (Tiger lily)

Though originally from Asia, this lily is now widespread in the United States of America. Its most outstanding aspect is the peachy orange petals that curve backward. These are exceedingly breathtaking and elegant to behold with the naked eyes. Choose to use the plant for your interior décor.

#29: Lilium Pardilinum (Leopard Lily)

Lilium pardilinum (Leopard lily)

Rounding the list of the leading kinds of lilies in this Leopard Lily. It is a woodland species in the sense that it does well in the woods. Also, it performs well in partial shade and is hence less affected by poor sunshine. The species blooms in mid-summer and is a good one to look up to for your summer décor.


I’ve always been a flower girl. It’s probably why I love them so much. The simple and elegant beauty of these flowers has always held a special place in my heart. I love the story behind their creation, the many legends surrounding them as well as how they are some of the oldest living organisms.

Lilies are outstanding plants. They may be used to adorn the spaces while also serving to enhance the hedges and security perimeters. You can never claim to be a shrewd homeowner without finding and making good use of them. We would like to help you to do this.

As a way of getting about the matter, we have scoured numerous kinds of lilies. In our post below, we are going to list and then offer brief explanations on the best types of lilies that exist at the moment. Before that, we shall let you know, briefly, how to take good care of the lilies.