Nowadays, everyone wants to utilize their living spaces as much as possible. One way homeowners can save up much space is by investing in trundle beds. Well, these beds are popular options for kids rooms. However, they can also be used in guest rooms as well. But, if you’re thinking of buying one, it’s wise that you understand what they really are. What type should you get? And is it a worthwhile investment? Keep reading to find out.

DIY Or Buy?

If you want to build one, check out Instructables (that’s where the platform trundle bed at the top of this post came from), or buy one from Home Depot or Amazon.

Below, we’ll highlight some gorgeous examples and dive into some more details about these ultra-functional beds.

A DIY Double Trundle Bed From Recycled Pine 

Here’s a gorgeous DIY build:

DIY trundle bed
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Image Source: @recyclemecreations

What is a Trundle Bed?

Trundle beds are low beds. They get this name from the trundles or casters that are attached to the feet. They’re also called truckle beds. They’re additional beds that are stored beneath a normal one. Most people usually buy them for providing extra space for guests or their kids. They’re just like bunk beds only that since they’re located underneath your normal bed, they don’t use much space. These beds are usually placed on rollers which allow easy pull-out and pop-up. Their mattresses are thinner because they need to fit underneath your main bed.

Trundle Beds Types

The Furniture Manila Instagram account listed out some popular examples:

types of trundle beds
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Image Source: @furnituremanila

  1. Perseus Captain Trundle Bed Frame
  2. Galvin Trundle Bed
  3. Osmond Bed Base with Pull-out.
  4. Yassi Bookcase Bed with Storage
  5. 18803 Daybed
  6. Athens Bed Frame
  7. Jeff Trundle Bed with Drawers

Captain beds– They have drawers in the headboard which provide storage spaces. They’re mostly best for studios or small rooms and come in full, twin or queen sizes.

Daybeds– they look like a couch as they have three sides. Designers advise homeowners to place these kinds along long walls for an elegant look. Some people even use daybeds as couches in their sitting rooms. These kinds become trundle beds if there is space underneath a bed’s frames for an extra mattress. They mostly come in twin size, but you could also find them in full/queen size too.

Bunk beds– some incorporate a trundle hence providing more sleeping space. It’s perfect for kids who share a room. But individuals should provide a means of getting to the top.

Sleigh beds– have a headboard and footboard that curl out to resemble a sleigh. Because they’re taller frames, one can turn them into trundle beds. However, some models have a trundle already.

Temple And Webster Trundle

Here’s an elegant design- a space-gray daybed couch with a pullout Trundle. 

trundle bed
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Image Source: @templeandwebster

A perfect option for sleepovers and unexpected guests.

Trundle Bed Uses

Individuals buy trundle beds as they provide sleeping surfaces without using too much space. As you’ll only be using the extra mattress when need be, you’ll save much space. A trundle bed is best for kids or teenagers sharing the same room or for guests too.

Manufacturers of this bed, however, usually target kids. Children can invite many of their friends to sleepovers without worrying where they’ll sleep. However, since this bed is close to the ground than an ordinary mattress, it doesn’t offer much support. It’s therefore not suitable for older adults and people with back or arthritis problem.

Les Touches Trundle Bed

A blue and white floral pattern makes this a particularly striking design:

Les Touches trundle bed
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Image Source: @livenupdesign

Are They Separate From the Main Bed?

Yes. However, most models appear as if the trundle is attached to the mainframe. There are other models with a free-standing trundle. For such, someone can pull out the trundle completely, and take it to another room if he/she wants. So even if your kids don’t like sleeping together, it can allow some separation in between them.

But some sellers also sell the lower part of the trundle separately. However, finding them is rare since many people love matching their main and under-bed, hence purchase them as kits.

Trundle Bed Frames

These beds have metal, wooden or upholstered frames. Homeowners choose their materials depending on their interior décor and style. The frames have different styles, durability, creakiness as well as maintenance requirements.

Are These Beds Comfortable?

If you don’t have much space, you should work with and make most of what you have. Trundles are comfortable for adults and kids, as long as individuals have a good mattress. When buying a mattress for this bed, ensure that its thickness matches with the space within your bed.

Maine Cottage Trundle Bed

maine cottage trundle bed
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Maine Cottage writes “Expecting company this weekend? Our Trundle Bed is handy for sleeping extra guests when you have little space!”

Image Source: @maine_cottage

Many homeowners often find their trundle beds uncomfortable because they bought low-quality mattresses without considering its thickness. Always purchase memory foam mattresses for comfort. However, individuals can also consider getting a regular mattress and a memory foam topper.

How to Keep Your Bed from Separating

With modern trundles, their frame has an under-bed which rolls out on casters and rollers. Then it pops up to be the same height as your main bed. But sometimes, this under-bed moves or separates from your daybed. Fortunately, there are several ways of preventing that, including:

  1. Add locking wheels to them- Once you’ve rolled out and set up your bed, lock its casters in place.
  2. Use rubber bands or zip for immobilizing your bed- Depending on the caster’s design, one might wrap a rubber band or zip tie around its wheels to lock it in place. Once you’re ready to move again, just cut the zip.
  3. Buy large straps which wrap around your bed and prevent it from moving away.

Benefits of Trundle Beds

First, before we talk about the advantages of trundle beds in general, one should know that there’re pop up trundles and normal pull out ones. These two have pros and cons of their own. But, trundle beds in general:

Save space and costs- normal beds plus their mattresses are somehow expensive. But homeowners can buy under-beds plus their mattress even under $500. Both adults, as well as kids, can use both types of trundle beds. Also depending on which model you purchase, you can get one with extra features like storage drawers.

Moreover, these beds are excellent for kids. They offer two sleeping surfaces but take up the space of one, until you roll up the second mattress. So instead of a bunk bed which uses much space, this one presents a great option.

Again, trundle beds are excellent for guest rooms. Well if you don’t have frequent visitors, you’ll find them very convenient. You can be using this room as a home office or storage until you have people visiting, and just roll out the bed and set it up.

Moreover, they’re excellent for rooms which serve different purposes like bedrooms or office. When you expand them, two or more people can sleep comfortably there. But, if one decides to fit three regular beds in these rooms, even if they fit, they’ll use so much space until one has no room for other things like furniture.

Summing Up

A truckle bed is a flexible piece of furniture. Not only does it save space, but it’s also versatile. You can, therefore, use it as a couch in your living room. But whether they’re worth it, depends on an individual and his/her needs.