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how to cut plexiglass

How To Cut Plexiglass | By Hand & Saw

    Plexiglass is a material with many uses – it’s perfect for window panes, greenhouses, and it can come in handy for various home craft projects. Most importantly, it’s quite easy to cut it and mold it yourself. You can cut plexiglass with a range of various tools, including glass cutters, jigsaws, and circular saws. However, […]

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    getting rid of gnats

    How to Get Rid of Gnats | Simple Home Strategies

      Gnats are certainly among the most annoying insects in existence! Although they usually don’t bite, once they get into your house they just keep multiplying and getting rid of them can be incredibly hard. In this article, we’ll show you how to get rid of gnats successfully. What Are Gnats? We all know that gnats […]

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      cleaning dirty leather shoes

      How to Clean Leather Shoes & Boots | DIY Tips

        If you don’t have a favorite pair of leather shoes or boots, you are definitely missing out. But since you’re here, you probably do. Leather shoes are comfortable, stylish, and with the right maintenance, they can last for years. In this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about proper […]

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        cleaning up burnt pan

        How To Clean A Burnt Pan Or Pot

          You’re cooking and you just want to check social media for a second while your meal is preparing. You look up to find that- oh no- the food has burnt! It is absolutely annoying when you are cooking and accidentally burn something, but it’s even worse when you go to clean the burnt pan that […]

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          flagstone path

          How to Lay a Flagstone Pathway | Ideas And DIY Video Guide

            You look at the exterior of your home and it just simply doesn’t impress you. Maybe you want to sell your home, so you need to appeal to buyers. Or you may just want to spruce up the outside of your home and add something different without having to spend exorbitant amounts of money and […]

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            laying sod

            How to Lay Sod | Tips & Video Guide

              One of the easiest ways to have a luscious, green lawn is to lay sod. In the end, it will look like you spent a lot more than you really did. It’s perfect especially when the hotter weather rolls around, if you are planning to sell your home, or if you simply just want to […]

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              Venetian Plaster Decorative Technique

              The Venetian Plaster Decorative Technique | How To

                Whether you’re decorating your home, you have become bored with the way it looks, or you simply want to add a pop of something special, there are lots of different things you could do to make your home look unique and classy. An interesting technique that you could do on your own, especially if you […]

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                installing pocket door

                How To Install A Pocket Door | DIY Tips

                  First, you may ask- what is a pocket door? Pocket doors have been used in homes for centuries in order to help separate two rooms and to create privacy. It is perfect especially for rooms where having a swinging door will take up too much space in your home, according to the Dummies website. A […]

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                  How and When to Paint Over Wallpaper

                  How and When to Paint Over Wallpaper | Tips

                    Wallpaper is often the go-to solution for homeowners who want to give a fresh look to their home. It’s an easy way to cover imperfections and it can do wonders when it comes to revamping the look of a room. However, more often than not, there comes a time when the wallpaper that once looked […]

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                    The Differences Between Oil Based and Water Based Paint

                    The Differences Between Oil Based and Water Based Paint

                      Few things get homeowners across the country quite as excited as being able to customize their home to their heart’s content. This is something that we simply aren’t able to do very often when we are stuck renting an apartment, condo, or even a home. In all of those cases, we are bound by the […]

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