I thought BBQ was just a way to cook a nice piece of meat with some good sides. I was wrong.

BBQ is really more than that.

It’s like a whole new way of cooking food.

It’s easy enough to buy a grill from Amazon, but if you really want to customize your BBQ experience, you can build your own DIY grilling station.

If you’re building one of these stations, you might also be interested in this list of DIY smoker plans, these DIY smokehouse plans, and these DIY rocket stove plans.

Check out some of my favorite plans:

DIY BBQ Grilling Station Plans & Ideas

#1. DIY Patio Grill Cart BBQ Station

DIY Weber Grill Cart BBQ Station

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With three kids (two boys and a girl) and no outdoor cooking space, I am constantly searching for ways to get a few good meals out of my oven- this plan is an amazing option for outdoor, portable grilling.

#2. DIY Outdoor Kitchen Built-in Grill Station

I never have time to grill. But when I have, it’s usually something easy and quick like a chicken or steak sandwich. I’m guilty for having a quite messy grill station, where parts of food are stuck to my grill and get burned in the process. This is not good for the health of your body and the environment, you know? This DIY grill station build is simple enough to use but still looks nice.

#3. Cheap Stone BBQ Island Station

This grilling station is really more of a display piece- it’s gorgeous! The easiest way to make the best of my grilling station would be with an outdoor display case, like this one. It’s just wood and glass, and I can dress it up or down as I feel like it will help me display my favorite meats and spices- check out these spice rack plans, if you need an area to organize your spices!

#4. DIY BBQ Grill Station Idea

The grill is a great way to quickly and efficiently cook food, but also a great place for mess or to burn your fingers. I’m a big fan of simple grilling, so this easy BBQ station is a great solution!

#5. Outdoor Kitchen with RumbleStone and Quikrete Countertop Build

During the summer, when Fall is inching its way into the backyards of many Americans and the weather is getting cooler, I love to put together impromptu grilling stations. They’re easy to make and can be made with whatever you have on hand. The only thing you need to be sure of is that they are structurally sound.

#6. Outdoor BBQ Grilling Station Surround

If you are in the kitchen cooking and making a delicious meal, chances are you have a grill. It is probably the best tool you have to make these meals taste like they were made on the beach, and if you have one, it’s really important that it’s in good shape.

Even though I love me a good steak or some chicken wings, I do enjoy my grilling. And, as a growing family of four, grilling is perfect for feeding every member of our family.

Building your own grilling station is a great way to save money on gas, and it will allow you to have some fun with food experimentation.

#7. DIY Modern Outdoor Kitchen Station

If you’re a grill aficionado, you may have wondered if you should build your own backyard grill station. I hope you do. You’ll save money, add a little character to your home and make life a bit easier for yourself by being able to cook outside on your own private patio.

#8. Backyard Brick BBQ Station Plan

#9. Amazing DIY Outdoor Kitchen with Grill and Sink

If you’re a grill aficionado, you may have wondered if you should build your own backyard grill station. I hope you do. You’ll save money, add a little character to your home and make life a bit easier for yourself by being able to cook outside on your own private patio, with a sink!

#10. DIY Weber Grill Cart BBQ Station

There are some serious benefits to having a grilling station. I’m not saying you should go buy a $500 grill, but you can save a little money and get the same quality of food if you build your own. Check out this article that covers the basics of how to build a grill station.

#11. Grill Workstation with Concrete Countertops

Every summer, my husband and I go to our favorite beach in the South of France. The weather is hot and sunny, but we always make sure to bring a grill with us. We love grilling anything from fish to meat to even veggies. And the best part: It’s easy! All you need is a grill, a gas stove, some charcoal and some kerosene.

#12. Brick BBQ Grilling Station

#13. 20 Minute Outdoor Grilling BBQ Station

How To Make DIY Grill Station

smoked meat on brown wooden chopping board

Materials Required

  • grill
  • steel pipe
  • concrete
  • bricks
  • sand
  • tools: saw, drill, level, tape measure, hammer, screwdriver, chisel

1. Decide on the size and shape of your grill station

You can build it to the size you think will fit your needs. You can also go for a compact design, or an elaborate one with many shelves and compartments.

If you prefer not to have sharp edges, use bricks instead of steel pipe for support or to fill in gaps between boards. You should then take into consideration whether you want it to be permanent or portable.

2. Mark out the dimensions of the grill station on the ground

Using a tape measure, mark out the length and width of your grill station on the ground. Then, using a level, draw a straight line across the marks to create your station’s base. If you’re creating a permanent station, dig holes for the bricks and put them in place.

If you’re using a portable grill station, drill small holes on either side of each board where you would like the steel pipe to go through.

If your space is too small to accommodate multiple boards (if you want your grill station to be divided into several compartments), make an L-shaped grill station instead.

3. Assemble the grill station

Using a drill, secure your steel pipes into a place where you’ve drilled holes on either side of the boards. Repeat this process for each board. If you want to put sand in any compartmentalized area, fill up all spaces between cracks and bricks before inserting the grill.

4. Paint or seal the grill station

If you’re using untreated wood, seal it with paint or sealant to protect it from the elements. You can then choose to further decorate your grill station with a coat of paint in your favorite color. If you’re using bricks, you won’t need to do any additional sealing.

5. Grill away!

person slicing a meat on brown wooden board

Now that your DIY grill station is complete, you can start grilling to your heart’s content. It’s the perfect place to store all of your grilling tools and accessories, and it makes cooking outdoors a breeze.

NOTE: One important thing to note is that if you’re using a portable grill, it’s best to place the station on a hard, level surface like concrete or asphalt. This will help prevent the grill from wobbling and keep it stable while in use.

Building Tips 

  • Instead of using bricks or sand, you can also use concrete to fill in gaps. This will make the grill station more sturdy and durable.
  • If you are building a permanent grill station, you can have someone help you by lifting the boards into place while you drill screws into them.
  • For additional support, secure L-brackets to the corners of the grill station.
  • You can also create a storage rack for your grilling tools and accessories on the side of the grill station. Just make sure that it’s at a safe height so you don’t have to reach too high when grilling.
  • Experiment with different shapes and sizes to see what works best for you and your needs. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to DIY grill stations!


1: What are the necessary materials?

Answer: The necessary materials vary depending on the size and shape of your grill station. You will likely need a grill, steel pipe, concrete, bricks, sand, and tools like a saw, drill, level, and tape measure.

2: What are the dimensions of the grill station?

Answer: You can choose to make a grill station of any size. The most important thing is that the total area is elevated so your grill isn’t touching the ground. Try measuring out the dimensions on the ground with tape before moving forward, just to get an idea of how big you want it to be. You can then give it more shape and size once you start assembling it.

3: How do I assemble the grill station?

Answer: Before you can start assembling, you should have already decided on the final size and shape. Measure out the dimensions on the ground to get an idea of how big it needs to be. Then you can lay down your boards, secure them in place with screws, and drill your holes for the steel pipe to go through. You can then secure it with L-brackets for additional support.

4: Is it difficult to make a DIY grill station?

Answer: It’s not difficult to make a DIY grill station, but it does take some time and effort. If you’re handy with tools and know-how to use them, then you should be able to put one together without any problems. Just take your time, measure twice, and have fun!

5: How do I place my portable grill on the DIY grill station?

Answer: For areas with more space, you can choose to attach the grill station directly to the ground. This will prevent it from moving around while you’re cooking. If you want portability, then simply attach it to a tray or platform that sits right above your bricks or sand. well as how-to steps for easy building.

6: What are the benefits of having a DIY grill station?

Answer: There are many benefits to having a DIY grill station. It can act as a storage area for your grilling tools and accessories, it can elevate your grill off the ground to keep it clean and dry, and it can provide you with a sturdy surface to cook on. Plus, it’s a great way to customize your outdoor cooking area to fit your needs!


The DIY grill station is a perfect addition to your backyard that provides you with an elevated grilling surface and storage area. By following the steps laid out in this article, you will be able to build your grill station without any problems.