17+ Snug Bathrooms Under The Stairs Ideas [Pictures]

Especially among two-story homes, placing a bathroom underneath the staircase is a great way to make the most out of a spacing area in the house that would otherwise remain unutilized.

This is also rather common in single-story houses and bungalows with a basement as a means to expand their overall living space. 

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Bathrooms Under Stairs Ideas

1. Cornered

This is how you make the most out of that limited space underneath the stairs when you’re looking to install a second bathroom, especially if it seems like you have an impossible corner to work with. If you want to add some style- check out some of our favorite bathroom towel decorating ideas!

2. Do You Mind?

Strategically placed underneath the staircase, this toilet couldn’t possibly find a better spot in the bathroom to park itself. But, when the time comes to go potty, be sure to lock the door so nobody accidentally walks in on you while you’re taking care of business.

3. Dual Worlds

A restroom under the stairs features a bit of contemporary with yesteryear as if two different worlds have decided to collide.

4. Go to Your Corner

Not only is this bathroom strategically located underneath the staircase but in a corner that could almost pass as a secret hideaway.

5. Let’s Do the Twist

If someone thinks they’re limited to designing a bathroom underneath a spiral staircase, think again. This is genius. What? Do you think you have no room to install a sink? Yes, you can do that too as there are designs that act like a two-in-one station where the upper half serves as a sink while the lower half is the tank connected to the toilet.

6. Luxurious

Just because the bathroom is located underneath a staircase doesn’t mean it can’t be a luxurious setup.

7. Maximized

Making the most out of a basement restroom. If you’re building a rental suite for a potential tenant, this is a great idea. That little door underneath the steps next to the washer/dryer combo machine makes it handy for the tenant to store their stuff.

8. Shelve It

Building a couple of shelves underneath the stairs, just above the toilet. What a great idea to make the most out of the space you have at your disposal.

9. Small Wonders

When you gotta go, you gotta go. If there is just enough room to place the primary reason why bathrooms are needed in the first place, then you work with what you got. Underneath the staircase, if the allowance to place only the toilet seat is what you have at your disposal, so be it.

Just be sure to set it up like its own room so that the audience pays more attention to the television screen than your performance on the ceramic throne. Actually, if you really want to be smart about it, merge the sink and toilet together in a manner that works and you quickly clean up after you’ve done your business.

10. Smart Spaces

This is how you create a smart space in the form of a bathroom. Whether you’re looking for a bathroom idea for that basement you are considering renting out to potential tenants or simply looking for a second bathroom for the home to accommodate the family, this is a good way to go about it.

11. Take Your Pick

Between these two design ideas, it all depends on how you wish to set up your bathroom underneath the stairs. Maybe mix and match according to your personal style.

12. Tiny Wonder

For designers looking for tiny home ideas, especially with the bathroom in mind, this is a pretty genius way to go about it. Not only do you install a bathroom here but enough shelving to store the linen.

Or, if it’s simply looking for that right spot to install a second bathroom, this is a good way to make the most out of the spacing option you’ve got.

13. That’s Not a Closet

With the doors closed, it may look like a closet is sitting underneath those stairs. Open up those doors and you find a well-designed bathroom that may be strategically placed close to a television set where you can still do your business and watch your favorite show at the same time.

14. Tubby

This bathroom design under the stairs shows it can even install a tub, but make sure before and after you soak it up to watch your head.

15. Watch Your Head

The design of this bathroom also doubles as a laundry room but the highlight here is the shower stall that has been strategically placed underneath the staircase itself. Be sure to mind how you lather up and rinse off as you don’t want to make the mistake of bumping your head in the process.

This is still a great idea if you need this addition to your home, either as a second bathroom or as a requirement for the basement suite you thought about renting out to potential tenants.

Design Tips & More Ideas

bathroom under staircase

Bathrooms under stairs can be a great way to save space in your home. They are also a great option if you have a small bathroom and want to maximize space. Here are some things to keep in mind when considering a bathroom under your stairs:

The size of your bathroom. Make sure that the space underneath your stairs is large enough to accommodate a bathroom.

Ventilation. Because bathrooms under stairs are typically smaller, it is important to make sure that they are well ventilated. A fan can help with this.

Wood Railings of a Stair

Plumbing. If you are considering a bathroom under your stairs, you will need to have plumbing installed. This can be a bit more expensive than a typical bathroom, but it is worth it if you want to save space.

Privacy. When considering a bathroom under your stairs, keep in mind that it may not be as private as a typical bathroom. If privacy is a concern for you, make sure to consider this when choosing a location for your bathroom.

How to install one a bathroom under your stairs:

  1. Start by deciding on the size of your bathroom. Keep in mind that you will need space for a sink, toilet, and shower or bathtub.
  2. Ventilation is key in a bathroom under stairs. Make sure to install a fan to help circulate air.
  3. Plumbing is a must for a bathroom under stairs. You will need to have plumbing installed by a professional.
  4. Privacy is something to keep in mind when choosing a location for your bathroom under stairs. If privacy is a concern, choose a location that is not visible from the main living areas of your home.

Aesthetic styles to consider

Modern Design of a Bathroom

1.Traditional: A traditional bathroom under stairs is a great option if you are looking for a classic look.

2.Contemporary: A contemporary bathroom under stairs can be a great way to add style to your home.

3.Rustic: A rustic bathroom under stairs can give your home a warm and inviting feel.

4. eclectic: An eclectic bathroom under stairs can be a great way to express your personality.

5. Mediterranean : A mediterranean bathroom under stairs can give your home a relaxed and exotic feel.

5. Minimalist: A minimalist bathroom under stairs is a great way to save space in your home.