One of the most important rooms in the house is the bathroom.

This is where you go when you need to take care of “ahem” business, and it is the place to go to get yourself cleaned up. It is also one of those fun rooms you can design that has “you” written all over it.

C’mon, of the homes you’ve visited, how many of them had you curious enough to check out their bathroom?

Whether you really had to use one or not, it’s just too tempting to pass up. You will likely take a gander at the towels and how they are laid out. Are they neatly folded or hung with care?

(If you like fancy towel folding- check out how to make a paper origami crane!)

Oddly enough, much can be said about a person by simply looking at their towel collection and how they display it.

Bathroom Towel Decor Ideas

1. Animal Kingdom

Believe it or not, they can be used as towels if you really want to go there but these animal creations are so cute that it would be a better option to have another towel around so you don’t have to. Whatever animal you’re into, odds are there is a designer crafty enough to work one out for you.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for how to fold your bathroom towels, check out this video tutorial:

This woman shows you how to create a variety of stylish and decorative towel folds that will add some personality to your bathroom décor. She demonstrates some exceptional folding techniques, so there’s sure to be one that you’ll love.

Also, check out these small bathroom design ideas to complement your towel-folding strategies!

2. Black and White

For something as simple as black and white, this is also a good way to keep everything organized without going overboard. If you also happen to be a fan of cats, this also works.

3. Bundled

Some hotels really know how to give their guests their money’s worth whenever they choose to rent a room. The talent to pull off the bundling of a bath towel by either using a hand towel or facecloth to do it is easy enough once you know how to master the technique.

From there, using it as a pocket to hold something small not only adds to the bathroom decor idea but is a creative means to display something practical. If you want to see something really creative, check out these under the stair bathroom ideas!

4. Colorful Collection

One of the greatest bathroom towel decor ideas is to simply treat turn the collection of linen into a displayable work of art.

5. Cornered

If your bathroom has a corner spot that isn’t big enough to install a large shelving unit, simply install a bar-like shelf that allows towels to hang in an orderly fashion. Nice part about this arrangement is the ability to use the top of this unit as a shelf should you need it.

6. Get Stacked

The opportunity to have some fun with a stack of towels can either be used seasonally or as an everyday option. For Christmas, the naughty vs nice works. This also works as a “his and hers” option or a “saint vs. sinner” idea.

7. Kangaroo Effect

Create a towel with a pocket that can carry something inside it, just like a kangaroo’s pouch being able to do the same thing. What a genius idea to make the most out of a bathroom that may be on the small side with limited room to work with.

For the added drama to the room, the contrast of colors between the big towel and the little one(s) sitting inside the created pocket would do the trick.

8. Ladder Up

The concept of either using an old ladder or something that looks like one is a rather cool way to decorate the bathroom with a towel layout that also comes across as a rustic decoration idea.

9. Layered

One of the most common bathroom towel decor displays featured in hotel rooms has the facecloth layered on top of the hand towel that sits on top of the bath towel. As a unit, they hang off the bar like neatly folded soldiers.

10. Scratchy Cat

If you happen to be a crazy cat person that has a bit of a comedic streak in you, this towel design is a cute way to go about it.

11. T-Bar

If one doesn’t want to mark up the wall with bars hanging off of it or clutter up a small bathroom with shelves, a simple T-bar holding a collection of towels will do the trick. Keeping it practical and simple is a great bathroom towel decor idea.

12. Throned

As it turns out, a creative hotel staff member decided to use a couple of towels as a work of art. This is taking bathroom decor ideas to a whole new level. Should you have a guest bathroom and you have company coming, what a way to take them by surprise.

13. Tied Up

Whether it is a beaded tie-up or with another material, this bathroom decor idea treats the towel like a tied-back curtain. This can either hang off a bar in the bathroom or off the back of a small chair.

14. What’s My Name?

Personalizing the towel with a name is more than simply a decoration idea. It also makes the item belong to that special person whom the towel has been named after.

More towel decor bathroom towel inspiration

There are plenty of ways to decorate your bathroom towels to give them a little extra flair. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Use fabric paint or markers to add designs or words to your towels.
  2. Tie-dye your towels for a fun and funky look.
  3. Embroider your towels with pretty designs.
  4. Use fabric appliques to decorate your towels.
  5. Make pom-poms or tassels and attach them to your towels.
  6. Wrap a length of ribbon or twine around the middle of your towel and tie it in a bow.
  7. Add some bling to your towels with rhinestones, sequins, or other embellishments.
  8. Use stencils and fabric paint to add unique patterns or images to your towels.
  9. Dye your towels in a gradient pattern for a beautiful ombre effect.
  10. Get creative and come up with your own ideas to make your towels one-of-a-kind!

How do you use decorative towels?

There are a variety of ways that you can use decorative towels to enhance the style of your bathroom. Try using some of the ideas listed below:

  1. Hang decorative towels on a towel rack or bar.
  2. Drape decorative towels over the edge of a bathtub or shower.
  3. Place decorative towels in the center of a bathroom counter or vanity.
  4. Roll up decorative towels and use them as a pretty centerpiece on a bathroom table.
  5. Hang decorative towels from hooks on the wall.
  6. Use decorative towels to create a unique and stylish bathroom rug.
  7. Fold decorative towels into creative shapes and arrange them on shelves or in a basket.
  8. Get creative and come up with your own ideas for using decorative towels in your bathroom!

How do you display a bathroom towel in a basket?

brown towel on white ceramic wall tiles

One way to display a bathroom towel in a basket is by folding it into a triangular shape and placing it in the center of the basket. You can also fold the towel in half and then roll it up to create a more compact shape.

Arranging the towels in a circular pattern around the edges of the basket is another option.

Get creative and experiment with different ways of folding and arranging the towels until you find a display that you like!

Bathroom towel rack decorating ideas

There are a number of ways that you can decorate your bathroom towel rack to give it a little extra flair. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Hang decorative towels on the towel rack.

2. Drape decorative towels over the edge of the rack.

3. Place decorative bottles or jars filled with bathroom essentials on the towel rack.

4. Use the towel rack as a display for pretty soaps or scented candles.

5. Hang a sign or piece of art above the towel rack.

Bathroom towel arrangement ideas

There are a number of ways that you can arrange your bathroom towels to give your bathroom a stylish look. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Hang multiple towels in a row on the towel rack.

2. Hang one large towel and several smaller towels on the rack.

3. Hang towels of different colors or patterns next to each other.

4. Roll up towels and arrange them in a basket or on a shelf.