JackmanWorks Adirondack Chair

 Adirondack chairs (also known as Muskoka chairs) are elegantly simple, outdoor garden furniture. They were invented in Westport, New York by Thomas Lee in the Adirondack Mountains in 1903 (Source).

Lee was looking for comfortable outdoor furniture for his country cottage and hit upon this simple design. The chairs are typified by flat, gently slanted backs and seats, and broad armrests.

They’re commonly made from Cedar, Teak and Pine woods, as well as polyethylene plastics. These chairs are synonymous with outdoor leisure and have remained enduringly popular since their inception.

We’ve collected a list of the best Adirondack woodworking chair templates below. They commonly take a weekend to build and are ideal for beginner to advanced woodworkers.

There are a variety of styles available. There are dual position chairs, rocking chairs, portable options that easily disassemble, seating solutions for children,   love seats, and even giant-sized Adirondack chairs.

Check out our list below and click the View Plans button to examine the building plans. You’ll find some of the best Adirondack chair plans with links to pdf downloads. Check out these DIY bar stool plans if you’re in the chair-building humor!

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38 Adirondack Chair Plans

Adirondack Chair Plan Builds

1. The JackmanWorks Adirondack Project

JackmanWorks Adirondack Chair

This attractive outdoor chair is produced by Jackman Works. It features a curved back and seat and is advertised as an easy and efficient to build option. It’s built from western red cedar and is assembled using stainless steel screws with an attractive urethane finish.

The instructions cover sizing materials, cutting out the parts, final shaping, sanding, finishing, drilling, and assembly.


2. The Canvas-Backed Portable Adirondack Blueprint

The Canvas-Backed Adirondack Deck Chair

This canvas-backed deck chair is designed to be especially accommodating. The builder engineered it to be easy to disassemble.

All the parts can be stored in a handy travel bag so that when you go camping you can assemble this chair for use around the campfire.

It’s coated with Omso 420 clear oil for its anti-fungal and UV protection properties.


3. The Adirondack Chaise Lounge

Adirondack Chaise Lounge

This style of chair is sort of a chaise lounge interpretation of an Adirondack- style deck chair. It’s built from pressure-treated wood and coated with varnish.

The designer provides instructions- including a cut sheet that helps you figure out how to cut the armrest, design the front legs and brackets, build the bridge cross support, construct the back fan and assemble the back brace, slats, and front legs.


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adirondack chair plans

4. The Badlands Pallet Style Design

Adirondack Style Chair (pallet Wood)

This is another pallet wood all-weather project. It’s built from shipping pallets that are readily available from local businesses. The builder says that most local businesses are fine contributing the wood as long as you ask them first. He does recommend that you select unbroken pallets because you will need longer bases to construct the legs.

His guide includes some common safety protocols, instructions for laying and cutting out the seat frame, assembling the seat back, building out the seat slats, finishing the chair back, how to mount the armrests and chair back and images of the finished product.

To protect the wood, he used a Kilz sealer after employing a belt sander to create smooth curves. For fun, he built a footstool to accompany the chair- this makes it especially comfortable for lounging out of doors and taking a summer’s slumber.


5. The Dual-Position Armless Design

Adirondack Beach Chair W 2 Positions

This 2 position, arm-less, Adirondack beach chair is another popular plan. It has an upright locked position and a reclined position. So it can accommodate you if you are socializing by the campfire or want to settle in for a nap in the shade.

The builder says he was looking to construct camping chairs, and ultimately purchased the plans from Etsy and created the Adirondack chair you see in the image above.

The buyer limited himself to using hand tools because his power tools were temporarily inaccessible-in particular he employed a Japanese pull saw and a hand operated drill to get a majority of the work done.

He chose to finish it with a Danish oil.


6. The Upcycled Cushioned Deck Seat

The Adirondack Cushioned Deck Chair

Another unique option is this stylish deck chair. It’s actually an upcycled lawn chair from the 1950s that has been salvaged to reuse its seat and back.

The builder says that he had this old lawn chair that he didn’t want to throw out so he searched around the Internet to find some building plans that would allow him to recycle it into a modern alternative for his backyard.

His plan lays out all of the materials and tools he used. That includes how he disassembled his antique, rusted lawn chair and adapted an existing DIY instruction plan to create this attractive converted Adirondack lawn chair.


7. The Muskoka Rocking Chair

Muskoka rocking chair

The Canadian Home Workshop provides instructions for building this unique rocking, all-weather, Muskoka chair. They provide a template with additional resources outlining the instructions, tools and materials and plans to guide you in constructing this unique chair.


8. The Ana White Adirondack Design

Ana's Adirondack Chair

This dark brown Adirondack chair is inspired by polywood furniture. It is an inexpensive build designed to be both comfortable and stylish in your backyard. You’ll want to invest in a quality hammer, speed square, circular saw, drill, ear protection, level, pencil, tape measure prior to beginning work on this Adirondack chair project.


9. The Lowe’s Painted Garden Chair

How to Build Adirondack Chairs Easy DIY Plans

Lowes provides instructions for this low-lying Adirondack chair with attractive of the colored back slats and seats.

It’s an intermediate-level woodworking project that takes about two days to complete but is not too expensive. It’s made from cedar and they recommend using 100 grit sandpaper to smooth all of the surfaces down as you assemble it.


10. The DIY Garden Chair

Adirondack Chair Plans

The DIY Garden Plans Adirondack chair can be purchased for a dollar and provides concise shopping list of all the materials you’ll need. It’s assembled using including carriage bolts, exterior screws and the guide lists the different lumber required to assemble this handsome outdoor seating option.


11. The Scrap Material Modernist Chair

Scrap Adirondack Chair

This handsomely varnished, scrap material Adirondack chair is a rustic take that has an angled back seat and cantilevered arms.

The builder say it’s ideal for sitting in the sun beside the pool or lounging out doors in front of your cabin.

The slats can be purchased from wood shops, purchased in bulk for cheap. People who’ve assembled this chair enjoy it’s attractive style and the creative ways they have recycled scrap lumber.


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12. The Redwood Chair

Redwood Adirondack Chair

This redwood Adirondack chair plan provided by GetRedwood.com is advertised as an economical and durable seating option that is resistant to insects and decay.

It’s primarily constructed from one by sixes and one by fours. Some unique features include the extra large armrests, the rounded wooden slats and the comfortably slanted back.

They designed this chair plan to harken back to the 19th century when these chairs were a mainstay of summer camping retreats and lakeside cabin lawns.

Redwood, they say, is one of the best quality woods to use-it’s frequently employed for fences and decks because of its attractive appearance and its shrink and swelling resistance. With Redwood, you can add a finish which enhances it’s natural beauty, or leave it unfinished with the wood bleaching over time to a driftwood-colored gray.


13. The Giant Adirondack Chair

This novelty, gigantic Adirondack chair could be a massive addition to your backyard garden.

Hahabird.com outlines how to build it, providing some informal blueprints. The outline provides the dimensions of the lumber materials you’ll need to build the back rest slats, the armrests, the front vertical supports, the seat frame, the seat slats, the upper rear support and the rear vertical supports.


14. The This Old House Simple Backyard Lounge

This Old House How to Build an Adirondack Chair

This Old House contributes an Adirondack chair a plan. It is a spacious, white-picket style, reclining option with an attractively fanned back and wide armrests built from weather-resistant lumber.

Their design is pretty simple and they emphasize the integrity of its structure. For example, the way it’s constructed the armrests actually hold the back support and the seat supports are also the back legs.

The simple and intuitive instructions guide you through how to assemble the base, build the seat, make the back, attach the arms and attach the slats.


15. The Comfy Pallet Chair

Comfy Pallet Adirondack Chair

This pallet-built Adirondack chair is an especially easy to build option. The materials include scrap wood, sandpaper, a drill, a random orbital sander, and screws.


16. The Extreme How To Design


This orange-stained Adirondack chair is provided by ExtremeHowTo, from Birmingham, Alabama denizens, who enjoy basking in the outdoor sun of their backyards.

The planners say that they decided to build this spacious seat because their family kept increasing in size. These cedar lawn chairs are the outcome. One is a single seater and the other is bench-style double seater.

As opposed to the plastic traditional Adirondack chairs are manufactured from, these cedar DIY options are an attractive alternative, especially if you are handy.


17. The Family Handyman Adirondack Chair

Adirondack Chair and Love Seat

Family Handyman provide instructions for building an Adirondack chair as well as a matching love seat for more spacious accommodation.

If you enjoy lounging outdoors, basking in the sun while reading your favorite local newspaper, you also will be pleased to discover that the extra-wide chair arms can hold your beverages.

They recommend you build this Adirondack chair from pressure-treated, un-knotted lumber. They comment that while wood furniture is traditionally built from teak or cedar, you can get by with treated boards purchased from a lumberyard or your local Home Depot.

They recommend that you select boards that don’t have any knots and are completely straight. You should also perform some measurements to ensure that they are dimensionally consistent.


18. The YellaWood Double Adirondack Chair

Double Adirondack Chair

The YellaWood double Adirondack chair is another unique option that features back splats and contoured seats. Perfect for married couples who want to enjoy their golden years in their spring garden or relaxing on their porch.

The woodworkers confide that to do this plan right will take you around 14 hours. You’ll need to be comfortable dealing with both your regular and symmetrical curves as well as configuring the angles and contours to properly align with each other.

Don’t worry, though, their instructions are pretty thorough- and they provide a full materials list along with a cut list and a tools list.

In terms of the tools you’ll need, you’ll have to have the following items in your garage: a miter saw, table-saw, jigsaw, a driver, an 1/8 inch drill bit, a countersink bit, a socket wrench set, a carpenter framing square, a combination square, clamps and a damp glue rag.


19. The WiltonTool Classic Adirondack Chair

Classic Adirondack Chair Plans

The Woodworking plans from WiltonTool.com will help you build a classic Adirondack chair.

It’s advertised as a comfortable, elegant option with a contoured back and seat. The assembly and planning instructions include a robust parts list, cutting diagrams, three-dimensional assembly diagrams, step-by-step instructions, and a foot rest plan.


20. The Outdoor Double Adirondack Chair

Double Adirondack Chair Plans

Myoutdoorplans.com provides building instructions and inspiration for constructing a double Adirondack chair. The two chairs share a table between them.

They advise prospective builders that constructing the whole thing will take the weekend. It employs common handyman tools that you likely already have lying around your garage.

It’s best to use cedar wood or another style of weather-resistant lumber to ensure these outdoor garden seats stand up for the long term.


21. The HomeTime Adirondack Patio Chair

Homemade patio furniture

HomeTime.com provides building plans for this evergreen-colored Adirondack patio furniture.

These chairs feature wide armrests, a rounded backrest, angled supports and a slatted seat built from cedar. The instructions also provide guidance for building a footstool with boomerang-shaped feet to make it sturdy when you kick your own feet up.

Also included his plans for an Adirondack side table.


22. The Popular Mechanics Adirondack Footrest Chair

This option is provided by Popular Mechanics and built by an Instructables user who says that they used cedar wood, with pine as an alternative. The builder says that the entire chair is held together by deck screws, which means you won’t have to do any complex joinery. It’s sanded with 120 grit paper and finished with Sikkens oil.


23. The Adirondack-Style Rocker Chair

The Adirondack-Style Rocker Chair

Another Adirondack rocking chair option, this Chiefs-Shop option requires a table saw, miter saw, jigsaw, compass, belt sander, driver, pocket hole jig, clamps and a square to build.

MotherEarthNews.com built the chair from the book DIY Wood Pallet Projects by the author of Karah Bunde. Built from scrap lumber, you’ll want to do a lot of sanding to make sure it’s smooth and pick comfortable cushions that are weather resistant. —another double Adirondack option, this build includes a side table so that you could share food and drinks with an outdoor-loving compatriot.


24. The Adirondack Pallet Chair

Instructables provides DIY instructions for a pallet Adirondack chair with a minimalist look. The author says his motivation for designing this chair is he didn’t have a lot of money to spare, it’s an easy way to recycle scrap lumber, plus he enjoys the challenge.

He encourages people who follow his plan to modify it to the way you like- you can fan the back, add attractive curving to the seat, and either increase or decrease its size depending on your needs.


25. The Black & Decker Simple Lounger

How to Build an Adirondack Chair

Black and Decker provides plans are for this option. They recommend them as elegant and attractive chairs- a must have if you have a spacious patio, porch or deck.

They have designed this to be a particularly simple to build option- saying that there are not any difficult compound angles to create and no intricate detailing required.

It’s made from cedar and they’ve used a clear wood sealer on it. You can choose different colors with the most popular being forest green and a battleship gray.


26. The Woodworker’s Journal Chair


Woodworker’s Journal provides building plans for this chair- advertising it as a fun, easy project whether you are a beginner woodworker or more advanced. Sit back in your chair and enjoy these DIY whirligigs in the summer breeze!


27. The HowToSpecialist Tutorial

The HowToSpecialist Adirondack Chair

Howtospecialist.com provides this do-it-yourself build.

They emphasize how simple it is and how basic the materials are. They recommend installing this garden chair in your backyard, saying they look particularly stunning on decks and patios.

Another important tip, make sure that you sand any rough edges down so that they don’t scrape your bare legs as you pass by chair.


28. The Build Something Design

Build Something Adirondack Chair

BuildSomething.com provides step-by-step instructions for assembling these elegantly designed Adirondack chairs that are ideal for outdoor living spaces.

They walk you through how to create the back legs, create the front legs, assemble them, build the front apron, attach the front apron as well as how to construct the seat slats and assemble the whole thing together.


29. The Minwax Wide Blueprint

WOODWORKS advanced project

Minwax.com provides instructions for this build. This generously proportioned and laid-back option is advertised as an intermediate to an advanced level project, though ambitious beginners could probably get it done, as well.

Before you begin working on it, they say, it sometimes makes sense to consult a more experienced woodworker, as well as studiously scrutinizing all of the instructions.

They also emphasize safety, telling prospective builders that you need to wear safety goggles and employ a respirator, especially when dealing with thinners or sawdust in the air.


30. The StartWoodworking Cedar Project

Start WoodWorking How to Build an Adirondack Chair

StartWoodworking.com provides instructions for this cedar Adirondack chair. They say this is ideal for beginners as well as more advanced woodworkers who want a weekend project.

It’s pieced together using outdoor wood screws that are either galvanized or stainless. This means you don’t need to deal with any wood glue.

Featuring a classic recumbent design, the armrests are wide enough to function as beverage coasters.


31. The Adirondack Love Seat

DIY Adirondack chairs

MyOutdoorPlans.com provides instructions for this Adirondack loveseat. Make sure you have common household woodworking tools available. It often makes sense to invest in a miter saw as well as a sander to expedite the construction process.


32. The Adirondack Lounge Chair

[tcb-script async=”” src=”//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js” charset=”utf-8″][/tcb-script]

This attractive Adirondack chair is complemented by weather resistant cushioning that makes it a comfortable lounging option on verandas as well as in gardens. It’s made from cedar fence boards upcycled into a rock solid chair designed to stand up for many summer seasons.


33. The Carriage-Bolted Option


SkipToMyLou.Org follows the Lowes Adirondack chair build with their own unique spin on it. It’s assembled using 2-inch carriage bolts as well as deck screws. You’ll want to lay out all of the templates before you begin cutting and sand down before you assemble it.


34. The Extra-Large Cape Cod Solution

How to build a Cape Cod Chair

This attractive Adirondack chair is marketed as a Cape Cod Chair. The builders have incorporated a good deal of user feedback to create the current version of this build that’s available for purchase on BuildEazy.com. This is a larger design than other options with a more dynamically angled recline making it appear more modern.


35. The Wood Gears Reduced Recliner

Lawn chair plans

The Wood Gears Adirondack chair has less of a recline to it. The designers of this plan say that the reduced recline makes this lawn chair more suited to socializing rather than kicking back and napping by the lakeside.


36. The Rona Children’s Garden Lounger


The Rona building plan guides you through how to construct this children’s garden chair.

It includes integrated cupholders and is ideal for backyard gardens, providing a comfortable place for the child in your family to lounge.

It’s built from pressure-treated pine wood and carefully sanded. They recommend using a combination of glue and screws to make it hold up for the long-term- using a damp cloth to wipe away excess glue.


37. The DIY Painted Lawn Chair

The For Mere Mortals Adirondack chair is marketed as an incredibly simple-to-assemble design that doesn’t take a lot of tools to construct.

Indeed, all you’ll need is a drill and driver, a pocket hole jig, a jigsaw and a random orbit sander. It’s coated with latex paint- a bright yellow that makes it a striking addition to backyard gardens and cottage lakeside properties


38. The DIY Shanty Chic Beach Goer

DIY Shanty Chic Adirondack Beach Chair

The ‘shanty chic’ DIY Adirondack beach chair is unique because it includes a foot rest.

You can adjust and install the foot rest to match the height of the user-even installing multiple foot rests for individuals who are short and tall.

To accomplish the curved effect on the edges they recommend you trace a spray paint can.


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Oregon Chairs Overlooking Beachgrass

Upcycled Ski-Backed Adirondack Chairs

These attractive Adirondack chairs, coated in a dark varnish, overlook beach grass and an ocean. They’re positioned around a fire pit with just enough space to access a portable ice chest with drinks and snacks.



One enterprising builder who is evidently a skier has constructed the rear slats out of bisected skis. This gives the chair a punk rock, up-cycled vibe that would be at home in a hip section of Brooklyn, but might not be your cup of tea.

Waterlogged Beachside Adirondack Chairs


This pair of ocean-side chairs has evidently been surprised by oncoming tide and houses a surprised pet.

Carved Back Adirondack Chairs

Someone evidently skilled with a cordless jigsaw blade has cut into the back seat slats to create an arresting pattern that draws your eyes to this innovative construction.

It demonstrates that you can take a lot of artistic liberty, especially when you get more comfortable as a woodworker building different styles of projects.

Sun-Setting Over Muskoka Maine Chairs

This Instagram user has posted a gorgeous shot of Lake George with a pair of Adirondack chairs silhouetted against the evening sunset. It reminds that this style of outdoor furniture is not just functional, but it is an attractive complement to outdoor areas.

Main Street Cape Cod Complimentary Chairs

This pair of chairs has an attractive color combination- an evergreen contrasting with a honeydew wood that looks great on a small-town Main Street.

Indeed, the complimentary champagne and confetti-filled gift basket invites local tourist to take a seat and enjoy the afternoon sun after a hectic day of shopping.

A Comfortable Porch Evening

Perhaps the ideal place to situate a pair of these chairs is on the front deck of a suburban house. Here we can see a couple rose-colored Adirondack chairs that attractively contrast with the blueberry-colored house paint.

Indeed, it is a slice of Americana and you can almost imagine a married couple enjoying some wine on the front porch in the summer months saying hello to passersby who enjoy the bucolic scene.

You might want to even consider reclining designs- ReclinerFaq discusses those.

Overlooking The Golf Course Fairway


These white Adirondack chairs are situated overlooking the golf course fairway. They are a comfortable place for golfers and their family to lounge around after playing a draining round of golf.

Building An Adirondack Chair Swing

The Bold Abode provides instructions for building this upcycled pallet porch swing.

Common Builder Questions

Below we’ve assembled some common advanced woodworker questions and concerns. These are common stumbling blocks prior to building. Think them over before you start to ensure you don’t run into a troublesome obstacle.

  • How can I build full-sized and children-sized Adirondack chair set?
  • Is a table saw necessary to build one?
  • What is the best way to build an extra-sturdy Adirondack chair that can hold the weight of a 300-pound adult?
  • What is the best wood finish to use?
  • What is the best project plan to use to assemble a Westport Adirondack chair?
  • If I’m looking to build a curved back Adirondack chair, what is the best word to use for that?
  • What is the optimal height from the ground to the armrest, from the ground to the top of the seat back?
  • Is it worth it to build a wooden chair or just purchase a weather-resistant plastic option from Amazon or Walmart?
  • In terms of the screws and fasteners, should I use wood or steel metal for long-term durability?
  • What is the best stain color to use, or should I just use a clearcoat it without any stain?
  • Should I buy a footstool or make one to complement the chair?
  • What is the best color for an Adirondack chair- is it white, red, green, black or blue?