Playing Christmas games is fun because it gets everyone in the holiday spirit. Some popular Christmas games include charades, creating gingerbread houses, and gift exchange. Playing these games with family and friends is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit!

One of the best things about playing Christmas games is that it gets everyone into the holiday spirit. There’s nothing more festive than playing charades with family and friends or making gingerbread houses together. Gift exchange is also a great way to get everyone in the Christmas spirit. These games are sure to get everyone into the holiday spirit and make lasting memories.

Name That Carol

This is a fun Christmas game idea: Name That Carol! It is a clever game that renames Christmas songs. Read the clue and guess the couldn’t be any easier. Just print and play and you will be remembered as the Holiday Hostess who knows how to light up the Christmas dinner table with fun!!

Print the free game cards below. Snip off the answer from each card. Decorate envelopes or buy the small holiday goody bags. Place the clue, a scratch off lottery ticket and a penny in each bag. Make a cute tag with each person’s name, attach with ribbon and you have place cards too.

Put one with each place setting at your Christmas dinner table. After everyone is sitting, settled and grace has been said, ask each guest to open their bag and begin the game.

They read the clue aloud and make their guess. If they are stuck, they can ask a fellow family member to help them out! The answer key is also below. You print and hold it at the table to confirm the correct answers. If the song is correctly named, the lottery ticket is scratched off.

Click below for your free Print and Play Name That Christmas Carol game! It will be a fun addition to your holiday dinner.

Name That Christmas Carol Clues & Answers

Enjoy the fun you will be adding to your Christmas dinner celebration!