Planning a 4th of july party can be overwhelming, but with these tips, you’ll be able to easily put together a festive and fun celebration!

Start by sending out invitations in advance so that your guests can plan their schedules accordingly.

Next, think about what kind of food you’ll want to serve. Traditional barbecue fare is always a hit, but you could also get creative with patriotic-themed snacks and desserts.

Don’t forget to have some fun 4th of july-themed games on hand to keep everyone entertained. Water balloon tosses, three-legged races, and scavenger hunts are always a hit.

Make sure to have plenty of red, white, and blue decorations to really get everyone into the patriotic spirit! streamers, balloons, and banners are all great options.

Another fun option to add some patriotic pizzazz is to use inflatables to create a fun and festive ambiance is a great option as well if you really want to go large with your patriotic decorations.

Inflatable Uncle Sam, bald eagles, and American flags are all excellent choices for making your party stand out.

Use giant 4th of July inflatables on your front door to greet your guests as they arrive for an extra special touch. There are numerous choices available that are guaranteed to impress, ranging from massive fireworks displays to oversized eagles.

With the right decorations, you can throw a truly unforgettable Fourth of July celebration that your guests will remember for years

Check out for more DIY plans and DIY ideas!

More 4th of July Party Ideas

Here’s a 4th of July Party Idea for the whole family. It is packed with fun, games and lights! This summer holiday is a huge reason to gather the family and all of our friends together and here are some great Independence Day party foods, decorations, favors and games! It will easily adapt for Memorial Day or Labor Day Weekend.. a fun way to kick off or end your summer!


When sending out invitations, be sure to include the following information:

  • The date, time, and location of the party
  • What type of food will be served
  • What games will be played
  • Any other relevant information (such as whether or not alcohol will be served)

There are so many cute ones online, some that cost and some that are free. Save postage and use a small flag that you deliver to the house with an invite tag attached!

See how we used flowers for this DYI invitation idea here. Use your creativity and get them out early.

One word of caution…if you can’t host it indoors make sure you have a RAIN DATE. Always ask for an RSVP, “regrets only” is tough to plan. If you are creative you can even name your event for the creation of an annual party!


Decorations are key to setting the tone for your party. Make sure to have plenty of 4th of July-themed items like streamers, balloons, and banners. You could even set up a photobooth with patriotic props!

  • Red, white, and blue streamers
  • Balloons in patriotic colors
  • Banners or posters with 4th of july-themed sayings
  • Stars and stripes tablecloth or napkins
  • American flag

Our porch is draped with red, white and blue bunting. We have our flag proudly displayed. You can even decorate yourself with a fun DIY sunhat. Learn how to make a fun 4th of July hat here.

We did them for our daughter’s bridal shower for less than 3.00 a piece. You could even make one to decorate your front door! This is such a festive yet inexpensive 4th of July party idea.

Use these free printables from TweedleDee Designs to make patriotic themed water bottle labels!


Food: It couldn’t be easier! Everyone brings something like an old fashioned picnic. We do the burgers, the beer, the soft drinks plus tons of water! For festive desserts, incorporate the red, white and blue theme with these easy 4th of July dessert recipes.

  • Barbecue chicken, ribs, or burgers
  • Potato salad
  • Macaroni salad
  • Baked beans
  • Watermelon
  • Corn on the cob
  • Popsicles or ice cream for dessert

I just love desserts that you can color theme.. they become part of your decorations! If you are having a 4th of July cook-out.. set up a grilling area and call it the “Patriot Pit”.. read about how we used this idea for our family graduation celebrations!

Our super hostess Courtney at the Gourmet Rooster shares this great idea for serving the always popular vegetable dip by making personalized sized portions. Look at how cute she decorated them! Check out her blog for more creative and easy 4th of July food ideas.

Party Games

4th of July Party Games: These are a must for any July 4th celebration you plan. Here is a great assortment of 4th of July activities and games that will add so much fun to your festivities!

  • Water balloon toss
  • Three legged race
  • Potato sack race
  • Horseshoes
  • Scavenger hunt

4th of July party favors In our state fireworks are illegal but we came up with our own way to “light up the night” for this 4th of July party idea with this Light Up Lei

These were so fun and so safe for the kids. All were adorned..even our Wheaton Terrier, Bailey! Last year I found flashing light up mugs and they were a huge hit. I bought a Lot of 24 of LED Light-Up Flashing Beer Mugs w/6 LEDs for under 3.00 a piece. While you can’t see the chasing lights in these photos, by 9 pm our yard looked like an alien landing zone from a distance with all our guests “lit up”!

Free 4th of July Printable Bingo Game Here’s a great back-up plan should thunderstorms arrive in the midst of your party! A fun round of bingo is a great diversion and here’s everything you need to play free 4th of July Bingo .. just print and play!

Ok.. it’s almost midnight and we still have a full house.. the little ones running wild and the dad and bigger kids immersed in an intense bocce tournament. I am exhausted and send them all home but it has been a blast. I wave and call as all pull out of sight…