Bringing beautiful birds to your yard is one of the best ways to feel energized and positive. With a bird feeder, you will be able to provide food to birds, some of which come from unique and stunning species depending on where you live.

Be sure to check out some of the species that are available in your area and some of their food preferences to attract a wide variety of birds. If you’ve been thinking of getting a feeder for a long time, you know that it’s important to get something that is highly durable and sturdy to be able to withstand all the elements.

Fortunately, it is not all that difficult to build a bird feeder yourself using a few easy materials.

As a quick aside- if you’re building a bird feeder, you might want to learn how to build a DIY birdhouse to keep your new feathered friends sheltered!

Here is a list of some of the best home DIY projects to get your creative juices flowing and give you some inspiration.

39 DIY Bird Feeder Plans You Can Make At Home

1. Parrot Impression

Bird Feeder Bird

Here is a unique way to feed the birds that grace your yard- you can create a parrot impression from bird seed that is colorful and sure to attract a variety of species to your yard. All you need to do is use bread as a base and peanut butter as glue, while covering the bird in seeds. Then, you will need a coat hanger or other heavy gauge wire and a baking sheet.


2. Recycled Materials

Bird Feeder

Who said that you have to go out and spend tons of money on materials in order to build an efficient bird feeder plan? This one specifically uses recycled materials, such as a cord or small rope, plastic or mason jar with lid, and frisbee. You can also get a PVC pipe, dowel, glue, and paint or markers to decorate the final result as you please. Fill it with some wild bird seed and you’re good to go!


3. Modern Google SketchUp

Bird Feeders

For those who prefer to use technology to create your wooden birdfeeder blueprint, here is an option that uses Google SketchUp to develop a 3D model. These detailed instructions will enable you to specify dimensions and make corrections, then print out the blueprint. Next, all you have to do is get some ready-made spruce board from a building center, specify all the dimensions from the blueprint, and cut the board accordingly. Great for larger birds!


4. Cheap and Sufficient Design

The Bird Feeder

Once again, if you don’t want to break the bank while making a beautiful bottle DIY bird feeder, all you have to do is use some recycled materials and these basic instructions. It’s a step up from a paper plate bird feeder but a bit below a jar DIY bird feeder. For the most part, these can be things that are lying around your home that you have no need for. This particular model uses a recycled water bottle and is a great project for kids. Birds will be able to sit on the pencil while they eat, and the food will come out the end of the water bottle through the holes.


5. Easy and Elegant

Bird Feeder

For this next option, the author used ply and dry grass to build a small hut. The water and seeds can be kept in small plastic containers that are fixed to the ply using wooden adhesive. The final result will then be fixed to the tree using two screws. It’s not too complicated, with its basic instructions, to build and won’t take a long time. Check out the material list and download the pdf to get a sense of how hard it is.


6. Rustic Design

Bird Feeder

What a beautiful way to make use of something that you thought you no longer had any use for. This old-style bicycle was repurposed as a plant stand. It can be moved easily, and the seat can be used for sunflower seeds. You will also need a clean out cover, copper cap, saucer, liquid nails, soldering supplies, and drywall screws.


7. Plastic Container

Bird Feeder

Once again, you do not have to look far and wide to find the perfect materials. This project focused on using an old (and washed) plastic container and half a plastic bowl. Simply duct tape them together, cut a hole in the top of the container and add a wire, and add the bird food!


8. Milk Jug

Bird Feeder

All you will need for this next project is a large milk carton and two wooden rods. The rods will cross the bottom portion of the jug around 2 inches above the bottom. Then, you can fill the bottom with seeds and hang the jug from a tree by the cap. Definitely one of the more simple plans we’ve seen for our feathered friends.


9. Easy and Convenient Plate Bird Feeder

paper plate bird feeder

This next style also makes use of old materials, such as a paper plate, plastic bottle, and plastic spoons. Some of the other materials that you will need include a glue gun, scissors, and string. It’s rather simple to create and will only take a matter of minutes, tops. The garden birds can sit on the plastic spoons and eat.


10. Sweet Birds Window Sampler

Window Bird Feeder

Here is a solution to the issue of animals besides birds eating from the feeder you’ve made. With this option, you can have it hanging on the wall of a second-story building, for example, and this is much more elegant than some of the others due to the fact that it uses wood as the main source. Attract a variety of species of bird with this one!


11. Wooden Bird Feeder Station

Simple Bird Feeder

You can also rely on this next wooden DIY bird feeder to look stunning and make your backyard a favorite spot for birds. This is a great project with step by step instructions for anyone who is just starting out in woodworking, so it’s not very difficult to complete. You will need a table or miter saw, drill press and bits, nail gun, sander, tape measure or ruler, pencil, cedar, dowel, waterproof wood glue, nails, wood screws, and paint or stain. What a gorgeous roof! There’s also a video tutorial below.


12. Adorable Wooden fCharmer

Wooden Bird Feeder

What a stunning design to make all the birds in your neighborhood happy! You don’t only have to resort to something boring and simple; this project is the perfect way for you to come up with something unique that will make your yard and your creativity shine. This is especially a wonderful asset to flower gardens.


13. On the Cheap

Wooden Bird Feeder for Birde

While we’ve emphasized the importance of using sturdy materials, sometimes the sturdiest materials are just those that you can find in the recycling bin. After washing everything thoroughly, you will soon find that you didn’t need to use some of the more complicated materials or lots of time in order to implement this idea.


14. Advanced TARDIS Style

TARDIS Bird Feeder

You can also choose a special theme for your final product! Here, the author chose to go with a Doctor Who theme and use the show’s famous TARDIS as inspiration. You can check out the link provided for a template that will give you the proper dimensions. Keep in mind that this will need to be accomplished by hand, so it can take a little longer than expected.


15. Autumn Tweeting Feeder

Tweeting Bird Feeder

Here is something completely innovative that you likely haven’t thought of before. For this option, the feeder will take close-up pictures of any birds that come by and posts the pictures to Twitter. You will simply need a Raspberry Pi and Pi Camera to accomplish this, and you will get a customized bird-related caption, too.


16. Beginner Juice Box Craft Tutorial

Juicy Bird Feeder

Not feeling particularly creative or excited to build? No need to worry! With this picture tutorial, all you’re going to need is an empty juice box, a ruler, craft knife, glue gun, short piece of waterproof tape, and some bird feed. Simply cut small holes in the bottom of the juice box and fill with seed as necessary. Great for bird watchers!


17. With Monitor

Bird Feeder Monitor

For those who want something that will enable you to put your technical skills to the test, this option also comes with a monitor to help you determine how many birds visit and how much time is spent feeding. For this, you will need an Arduino Yun and capacitive touch sensor. The data will then be sent to a spreadsheet and enable you to conduct your research efficiently. Keep in mind that the monitor will operate during the time prior to sunrise and after sunset.


18. Do It Yourself Tutorial

DIY Bird Feeder

This is a fun way for you to get your family members and small children involved in all the fun! All you will need for this next choice is a pine cone that has been opened, a jar of peanut butter, a piece of string, birdseed, a few cups of food, and a piece of sandpaper or rasp. You can easily find the pine cones in your yard, and it has to be the largest one that you can find with scales that are fully opened.


19. My House

My Bird Feeder

You can also get the kids involved in all the fun with this one. It’s a great project for birthday parties, slumber parties, and so much more. The link also provides a PDF of the template that you can use, complete with measurements and design options for cutting out the wood and assembling the pieces as necessary. You may need to help the little ones out somewhat with some of the more difficult portions, such as nailing.


20. Using Pinecones

Pinecone Bird Feeders

Simple and easy- what could be better? Here, all you need to do is collect pine cones from outside (perfect if you’re on a walk or if you have many pine trees in your yard), and then roll them in peanut butter. Once that’s done, roll the pine cones around in seed. Tie a string to the cones and hang them up anywhere in your yard.


21. Upcycled and Handy

Upcycled Bird Feeder

All you will need for this are a few materials that can easily be found in your pantry. The final result will also be waterproof and protect the food from the weather. There is also a removable dish for the food, and it is colorful enough to make any bird want to flock to your yard!


22. Fruity Option

Fruity Bird Feeder

The main premise behind this next choice is that you can use a larger fruit, such as apples, oranges, or another similar-sized fruit. There is a bamboo skewer that will hold the fruit in place, which is then zip tied to a horizontal ring to prevent the fruit from sliding around. You can hang the feeder from a branch using string or wire.


23. Pumpkin Design

Pumpkin Bird Feeder

If you’ve got some leftover pumpkins from Halloween and just don’t know what to do with them, here is a great way to repurpose them. Instead of just throwing them out, you can easily attract some cute animals to feed. All you need besides the pumpkin is a stick and some string.


24. Shelter Project

Bird Feeder Shelter

Do you have dogs or cats at home? If so, you most likely know that they love to watch birds in their free time. That’s another reason why you should consider taking on this project- it can be some cute entertainment for your dogs and cats, especially on those cold wintry days or those sweltering summer days where you don’t want to take them outside for too long.


25. Unique Layout


The next guide is more unique in terms of design that some of the others. It’s great for someone who wants a result that is out of the ordinary. You will need several sizes of pine, as well as waterproof wood glue, dowels, chain, accessories, exterior sealer, drill/driver, spade bit, jigsaw, router, cutting bit, wood chisel, tape measure, and pencil.


26. Quick and Accessible Platform Feeder

Accessible Bird Feeder

The premise behind this is that it can be perfect for someone who has more difficulty moving around, so it can be easier for them to fill the feeder when necessary. You can check out the design and some of the specifications in the guide.


27. Orange Option

Orange Bird Feeder

You can also easily make this next option with your children or family members, turning a DIY project into a way to form some bonding time. All you will need is a spoon, knife, popcorn, peanut butter, birdseed, bowl, measuring cup, string or pipe cleaner, and a cutting board if you’d like.


28. Suet Sample

Suet Bird Feeder

With this project, you will need to use scrap pieces of wood in different sizes, chicken wire, wood screws, wood glue, wire, a staple gun, staples, saw, drill and bits, screwdriver, and wire cutters..


29. Painting Frame

Bird House and Feeder

You can trust this next option to be a fun painting project for anyone who loves a bit of creativity. For this, you will need any kind of paint, paint brushes, jumbo sticks, a bottle, hot glue gun, glue sticks, string, and bells for an added accessory.


30. Simplest Plan

Simplest Bird Feeder

Only 30 minutes is all you will need to construct this option, as all you will need is common household waste and some basic skills.


31. Oriole Attracter

Oriole Bird Feeder

Orioles are beautiful and colorful creatures that are spectacular for viewing in the spring, summer, and fall. Orioles like colors such as orange and foods like grape jelly and oranges.


32. Grain Feeder

Easy Bird Feeder

Did you know that it is rather difficult for birds to find food in the summer? As the weather is getting warmer, it might be a good idea to help out these beautiful creatures.


33. Materials Misused

Hanging Bird Feeder

You really don’t need much for this that you won’t be able to find easily. All that is necessary to create this include a plant hanger with three chains, a crystal ash tray, and a gas stove burner grate to make the final product.


34. Grab a Slinky

Bird Feeder Slinky

Remember those slinkies from childhood? Now you can repurpose them for this project! All you will need besides that is a wire, pliers, and spray paint.


35. Use a Water Bottle

Bottle Bird Feeder

We’ve featured many plans that use a water bottle as the main source. You will need a plastic two liter bottle, sticks, zip ties, a cutting utensil, and plastic lid as materials.


36. Year-Round

Bird House or Feeder

This can be repurposed as a house or feeder depending on the time of year. Since this involves some woodwork, keep in mind that you will need to get out your power tools.


37. Chopsticks Galore

Chopstick Bird Feeder

All you will need for this is a wide variety of chopsticks that you can glue together in any design that suits you. You will also need a dremel or saw and q-tips.


38. Hangman Style

Gallows Bird Feeder

Definitely not for the faint of heart, you can easily take this next style and create something similar for Halloween. It is made using materials that can be found around the house, such as wood, garden twine, and hand tools.


39. Coconut Top

Coconut Bird Feeder.

A half a coconut is surely a material that will withstand all the elements in any season. You will also need a wooden stick, piece of wire or rope, fat, seeds, and glue.